Movin on up…


23 thoughts on “Movin on up…

  1. I was at the game tonight and it was moving along until the 7th inning when all the Dodger pitching changes happened. Still, this was another type of game this team was losing earlier in the season. Glad to get the win. I will be out there again on Wednesday.

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  2. AGone sucked again.. Kendrick wasn’t any better… I am tired of AGon getting a free pass… He is a weak link right now… The Dodgers went all in on “The Trade” to get him. I will say once again it was a stupid dope fiend move.


    • It’s hard to follow what you’re saying. Kendrick just ended a 16 game hitting streak and Agon is about one of the best hitters (players) the Dodgers ever picked up in a trade.
      I wouldn’t want to think where the Dodgers would be without these two guys.


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