3 1/2 Back

Scott Kazmir vs. Mike Mayers


22 thoughts on “3 1/2 Back

  1. Interesting how lately the Dodgers have faired well against pitchers making MLB debuts. In past years it seems the Dodgers struggled against newbies.


  2. Interesting the Dodgers have been successful against pitchers making MLB debuts this season. The Dodgers used to struggle when facing newbies the past few seasons. The Dodgers have had their own disappointments when forced to start a rookie this season.


    • Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!!

      Taking the series against the Nats and the Cards on the road is more than I expected. This team does seem to have some gonads……. Unlike the Dildon Dodgers that just rolled over.


  3. Every game seems tough and considering all the roster moves needed so far the Dodgers we should be pleased to still be in contention for the division.


  4. I wondered where we would be in the standings after these series with the Nationals and cards. You can hope for good results, but I really didn’t expect to win both of these series. All in all, we’re in good shape and I don’t think we’ll be sellers, but I don’t think we have enough pieces to go deep into the playoffs. The FO has shown they will not sell the farm, but I expect something. The season is getting more interesting.

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  5. Caution: The Dodgers scored all 9 runs off Mayers the rookie, not a single run off the rest of the red birds pitching, left several opportunities for the knock out. Don’t want see that as a trend, otherwise its back to lack of hitting with RISP. Celebrate: 3 back! Anticipation: the Rays are coming to town perhaps more than a game or two will be played, perhaps a trade?


  6. While we sit, pace, meander, think, wonder what the front office has in store for the future…I have put up a new post to change things up a bit. Give us something fresh to discuss. After all I don’t think I’ve heard many comments about our new skipper and his coaching philosophy… Now’s as good a time as any…


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