Meet Me In St. Louis

Dodgers St Louis

Trading Deadline and Injuries

Question #1 is about #1 – Is Kershaw coming back this season and when?  I don’t know and you don’t know.  I doubt the team knows, and I doubt that Clayton knows.

So my first inclination would be, how can the Dodgers compete without Kershaw?  They are a sub .500 team without him.  But at the same time, the Dodgers have closed the gap to four games behind the Giants without Kershaw.  If they could pick up a #2 or #3 starter to go along with Maeda, McCarthy, and Kazmir, then maybe they can be competitive through September and into the playoffs.

Once they get into the playoffs, it’s open season.  Any team could get hot.  Even the Dodgers?  Maybe they need a little help.  The outfield has not been productive offensively this year.  So perhaps the Dodgers should be adding another bat in the outfield.  Who is that going to be?  Jay Bruce’s name has been bandied about quite a bit.  I just hope the Dodgers understand that he would be a three month rental, and not give up too much in the way of prospects.

Heat in St Louis

Yeah, it’ll be hot this weekend.  How hot?  92 degrees today, 97 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.  How humid?  About 70%.  Drink your Gatorade, boys.



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    • Hottest July on record here. Stats go back to 1930. Average daily temp is 90 degrees so far between the highs & lows.


  1. Nah The dodgers played tough, with the giants loss this game became a gimme, would like to be 3 away, but a Joc error, kenley BS, and Norris coming into a situation he is not use to, ready for,? and there you go, 4 back like yesterday


  2. We’re wasting opportunities, boys. SF has hit their soft spot as we knew they would and we should be a game or two closer. According to the box score 28 were lob. Jansen is starting to concern me, but all said and done, nothing to do but hit it again today.


  3. Earlier I said we didn’t have anyone who could carry the team for any length of time, but if Turner keeps this up, I’ll be changing my opinion.


  4. Good to see the boys score again after the Adams home run. Thank you Adams for the lame throw to home allowing Towles to score.


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