Free Bird


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  1. Free Dre:

    I heard ‘Dre on the radio yesterday talking to David Vassegh, but they did not discuss when Dre will be back.


  2. Hmmm first series after allstar break and the Dodgers lose it, only good news is the Gnats got swept, so we picked up a game, but going to DC and then St Louis, I wonder? Like to see the Dodgers pick up one game in the standings each week, and be set up for our late season stand-off with the Gnats.
    McCarthy pitched well, Seager still hitting, Norris has not lost, and as Kershaws’ fill in that is huge, I guess Im counting down to the trade deadline, and what will pop open.
    They are holding back Kershaw, disappointed, Yes, but I guess it is payback as Strasburg was out when he was suppose to face Kershaw last time we played them. Really disappointed in Maeda yesterday, with the rest he had, he still got beat up. So Joc is coming back, dont know what we see with that, last year is last year, so show me that Joc’s Bat can still make good contact with the pitched baseball. This Dodgers Train is rolling along, staying at a pace too overtake the giants, about to restock the lumber car, get the boiler Hot and get all the players that want to excel and push harder in the passenger cars! Woo Woo
    Those players that dont want to contribute can stay behind and be trade bait.
    Just kinda of thinking of start of the year deals or non deals: Remember we passed on seattles Iwakuma, now he has won his last 3 games pitching at least 6 innings in each, a 4.01 ERA, whip 1.29, has not been on the DL. Dodgers thought his arm would come off. Chapman, had the deal about done, then domestic abuse thing, we passed, Yanks got him, and his stats speak. Now Iwakuma could land on the DL still, and Chapman I can understand why the Dodgers would not want an explosive personality in the clubhouse that carries a loaded gun around. With the returning pitchers, Mc Carthy, perhaps Anderson, I hope they can bolster this SP. Been rather amazed lately at the BP, in Wow good job, and then there is Hatcher, the ouch from kenley saturday, I wont scratch that sore. Our OF is funny, we are stocked, yet cant get anything consistent, except for Kendrick, which in itself is pretty amazing what he does in Left, after being at second base for about ten years. With the early wounded now getting better, Kendrick, Turner, I can only hope that JOC returns even better, I cant hold out much hope of DRE getting it together to be a force, but certainly would like to see that chance given, because Puig has had opportunities to be a game changer, but failed. Whatever deals come by the 31st of this month, I hope FAZ looks long term, at 2B, 1B, Pitching everywhere, and yes 3B and Catcher.
    Excuse my random missive, but IM Fing frustrated with this recent series, could of sweep those snakes, gained 3 games on the enemy, but NO, this is Dodgers Baseball, from Brooklyn to LA they still make their Fans walk a tightrope, I get it, its not easy, but this year, was to be a the “deep roster” team, a safety net as to this tightrope we tread, but there is nothing I can count on, be it a Wild pitch, or a SO from hitter that shouldn’t, or baserunning blow it, to a Start that last 3-4 innings. Nothing is Automatic or dependable.
    SO FAZ and your FO I challenge you to make the deals that put Dodgers as clear winners, because I dont want to look back at the time Geineke and Kershaw pitched in Tandem, as the best team of that last 27 years.

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  3. The Dodgers never seem to do anything “easy”. Hopefully this series in Arizona is just a blip and is not indicative of things to come. I have heard the reports on Ethier and I would be surprised if he came back before September. We saw how difficult it was for Kendricks to get into playing shape after missing most of spring training and I wonder if the Dodgers would risk the same thing for Andre. Of course, it depends on his recovery and how the team is doing but deep down you have to wonder if management would like Andre back now in place of Puig, who while not playing all that poorly, seems to be out of his league in pressure situations. The one thing we can say it is better to be a Dodger fan than a Diamondbacks fan this season even with all the great offensive talent the D’Backs have.


    • Yeah, and it is not as good to be a Dodger fan than a
      Giant fan with all of their offensive talent. Good grief, so you are just happy to finish in front of the D’Backs. Weak!!!!


      • Just trying to take any positive I can find in my frustration. But definitely not to be taken as being happy to finish in front of the D’Backs if that means finishing behind the Giants or anyone else in the division.

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  4. I seem to be alone, at the moment, at least not many are saying much about it. The Dodgers are still leading the wild card race. I guess people have no interest in that until they lose faith in the division race.
    Well I hope they can hold on there, in case they can’t catch the Giants.


  5. I think most of us are not speaking about the WC race for the reason you mentioned but also because making the WC under the new arrangement just gives a team one game to make the playoffs after a 162 game race to finish on top to avoid a one game playoff.


  6. Who the hell had the bright idea to give Seager the day off?

    Utley 2b
    Kendrick lf
    Turner 3b
    Gonzalez 1b
    Grandal c
    Pederson cf
    Puig rf
    Taylor ss
    Kazmir p


  7. Regarding the wild card scenario, the only problem that I have with it is that it would greatly lessen the chances of the Dodgers getting to the NLCS (and therefore to the World Series).

    (1) The chance of winning the WC game is roughly 50/50, therefore reduces the Dodgers odds by half of even qualifying for the NLDS.

    (2) Kershaw would pitch the WC game and therefore could only be used once in the NLDS. If the Dodgers win the NL West division, then Kershaw can pitch games 1 and 5 of the NLDS.


  8. I’ve got to wonder why Seager is getting the night off after a travel day.
    News on the pitching front continues to be bad.
    The wild card, assuming you win that game, is going to put you at an disadvantage as far as setting up your pitching for the playoffs. I look at it as better than nothing, but I’d much rather overhaul the giants.


  9. The bad news – Kershaw shut down until he has no more pain.

    The good news – He told the team about his pain before the trading deadline. Now the front office (that’s you, FAZ), can sell all the sweaty old veterans for a bunch of new kids.

    Bye, Bye A-Gon.
    This is How-We do it, later!
    Who can we get in Turn for Justin?
    This little Puiggy goes to Market!

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  10. This team buying scares me.. Another Latoes… Good Grief…..

    I wish they would trade Puig and AGon. I am tired of their acts….. I don’t believe either of them would have a significant impact going forward. Get what you can now… Wake up FAZ!!!!!!!


    • I guess I just don’t have any faith in our new and improved FO. So far, I think they have not done better than Nedcompoop…….p


  11. Everybody on the starting position players drove in a run or scored or both. Since Kershaw went down, and I wouldn’t expect him back any time soon, we’ve gone 12-6 and cut into the giants lead by 3.5 games.
    Too early to sell. If we could get great value back for Puig, that would be one thing, but I don’t know about Agon. Who would play first? On any account, no rentals for those two.


  12. Terrible news about Kersh… If he is lost for the season or any significant time, it is time to sell. Make AGon, gone. Purge Puig. Anybody but Kersh and Segar should be on the block… Yes, even Jansen. Get what you can for him now….. If you really want him badly, sign him in the off season….


  13. So Kazmir had a great game 7 innings, very encouraging. Seems like the Dodgers are stepping up, knowing that The ACE is sidelined. Utley is really having an impressive season. My surprise.
    Random thought: It has been all over the media for a couple of weeks that Puig is trade bait. I dont know whether I have seen such a pointed trade talk single out a certain player before by the Dodgers. Have to wonder what the impact on Puig’s mindset must be?
    I have seen malcontents dumped rather quickly(e.g: Milton Bradley) and Prima Donnas aka Malcontents also traded in a protracted method without a lot of prior media attention (e.g Matt kemp)
    If this Puig Trade talk is real why hasnt been done. Or was this trade talk some weirdness to perhaps stimulate production out of Puig. Because prior reports of trade talk of Puig was shut down by the Dodgers, and Puig was reassured that he is not on trading block, but that hasn’t happened either.


  14. It seems every day another player is injured or an injury becomes worse. And this team is still in contention for a playoff spot. I am not sure there are enough deals available to make over this team at the non-waiver trade deadline.


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