Baseball is Back


Wrong Norris?

How ’bout this one?


That’s not Bud, but we will need the Rally Mummy tonight.

After a long, insufferable absence, America’s pastime is finally back.  Four days without major league baseball is hard on fans.  Yes, the players need a break.  But after ninety-one games (more than halfway!) fans like me become almost addicted to the daily grind.  Well, we’re finally back for the last seventy-one games of the regular season, and hopefully eleven to nineteen playoff games after that.

Bud Norris gets us going again versus the Diamondbacks in Phoenix.  Bud faces lefty Patrick Corbin, who, at 4-7 with a 4.94 ERA, is arguably having the worst season of his career.


71 thoughts on “Baseball is Back

  1. First lineup in days…

    Howie lf
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    A-Gon 1b
    Puiggy rf
    SVS cf
    Grandal c
    Taylor 2b
    Norris p


  2. And the ITD girls go:
    ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre
    ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre
    ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre, ‘Dre

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    • This be my 8th season around these parts. That goes way back does it not?

      I just seen the date. That was about the time I came on board.

      Aaargh! Well done, matey!!


    • old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …porklinks

      from back in the day – 2008

      I love his song – been stuck in my head all afternoon.

      And we really could use Dre back.


    • A choice comment by westernmost_in_flavor aka porklinks:

      “I want Chad to fling the rosin bag at second base! I want Russell Martin to hurl his body at the backstop screen! I want Nomar to flap his wriststraps until they break off! I want Kent to burn slowly inside until he collapses like an imploded building into a heap of dust! I want Broxton to heave a baseball into the CF stands! I want Pierre to climb on the dugout roof and rend his jersey! Wanton emotion people!!”
      By porklinks on August 26, 2008 8:21 pm – Reply

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  3. Trivia question

    We all know the 88 Dodgers won the World Series. Can you name the team that won in 87 and also the team that won in 89?


  4. When I fell asleep the Dodgers were ahead by a field goal. Glad to see they scored another touchdown, even if they did miss the extra point.

    Bars open early. There’s free rum on the beach 4 everyone. Make sure young Mr. Taylor gets a swig or four.


  5. wow! So trayce thompson is sore, so Roberts revamps line up, and boom Chris Taylor is now Known.
    Some good stuff, my only blip on the Dodgers roster was Seager, only one hit, hope that is met with more hitting today. Seems like the DL list will be dwindling this week, with Kershaw and Joc returning. And the cherry on top, the Giants finally lost a game. So glad to see Dodger ball on again. Lets get this second half going.Go Dodgers!

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  6. I notice Puig,Gonzalez,Turner, Kendrick, Utley and Seager are all hitting over .250 which is better than when I last looked. I’ll most likely miss tonight’s game as this is the next to the last night of the feast. I’ll miss most of Sunday’s game too but very few after that..


  7. Wonder if ‘Zona will make the Dodgers take BP in the 108 degree heat with the roof open again. I’d actually complain to the league about that – its utter bullshit. That owner has a massive complex when it comes to L.A.

    Take one little dip in their pool…

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  8. Never fails. The next game after scoring over 10 runs, the offense slumbers.
    Same old same old. Too many left on base!


  9. This game falls squarely on the inability of the offense to plate runners and some bad base running.


  10. 1-15 with risp seems all too familiar. I don’t think you can lay this one off on Jansen. How perfect can a guy be?


  11. I’ve been curious to see the standings a week from today after the cards series. I’d hoped we were going to be steady on this half, not much encouragement so far. We’ ll see in a week.

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  12. I see the Dodgers were greeted by their old friend and Achilles heel again, having trouble hitting with RISP.


  13. Please tell me why AJ Ellis is still starting. He is abysmal.. He needs to be DFA’d. Move him into another phantom FO position. Geez… He sucks…

    And, Puig is another waste of a roster spot in my opinion..

    The two of them managed to go 1 for 8 with 6 SO’s and 9 LOB..

    Roberts is a moron.


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