Shield your eyes…


Uglier than…

A home plate collision between Pete Rose and Ray Fosse. Less brilliant than Bud Seligs imagination. These throwback uni’s are so bad, Corey’s gonna look like he swallowed a quarter and broke out in pennies.

Who is your pick

In the Home Run Derby tonight. Can young Seager make it past his fellow competitors? Some of which are so big they could bear hunt with a branch!


Should he…

Even be attempting this feat to begin with?


Has posed the question of whether the Dodgers should buy or sell…

What do you all think?



31 thoughts on “Shield your eyes…

  1. Wally said…

    Should we buy or sell? Well, I think it is a forgone conclusion that we will be buying… I would shop AGon and Puig for the right price.. I would be looking for anyone to take AGones contract. As for Puig, he is doing well coming off the DL. His value may not ever get this high again.. I don’t believe that he will ever duplicate his rookie season or develope into a superstar.. I would use him to get an ace pitcher.. Sonny Gray? What do you all think?


  2. I also think those are the ugliest jerseys I’ve ever seen. I know San Diego thinks they are being cute getting back to their roots….but, good God, you got rid of the ugly ass things a long time ago!

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  3. I agree those uniforms are horrible and the Dodgers are definitely buyers. They can still catch the Giants but if they don’t they’re out in front when it comes to the wild card.

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    • Things to smile about in this photo…

      A) White Sandy Beach
      B) Rally Girl
      C) Corona
      D) Da’ Bums Rum Bar
      E) Woo-Hoo Win Streak Refreshment Cooler
      G) The Seagerfied Look Alive Rally Mummy

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  4. Now that the Dodgers web site stated a PUIG to Trade, it just may happen. I have clear picture of what I would like to see if deal goes down, It would be a pitcher with the upside of a Sonny Gray, young, cheap and talented. What I would not like to see is rental property for the rest of the season.
    I hesitate to trade Puig for a few reasons. 1. currently there isnt a OF that hits better than puig, although Kendricks recent surge puts him there. 2. Puigs arm keeps the baserunners honest, only the fast and daring go first to third on him. 3. Puig has much potential and he is trending in the right direction.
    I have reevaluated him this year, and realize he is not the second coming of Clemente, perhaps a 265-275 hitter that smacks 15-20 HRs, also I dont hear/see poor behavior in the clubhouse/dugout, he is a different type, not quite a Manny, but reminds me of Mike Marshall, that lack of consistency and bouts of DL.
    Dont know what JOc will be like when he returns, DRE is in that same boat only farther below deck, Kendrick is probably not our LF for future, Trayce Thompson has now leveled out (not as impressive) and SVS needs to play consistently to get his groove back, or has he lost it completely.
    Just saying the post Puig Dodgers OF of Kendrick, JOC and Trayce with SVS or Kike doesnt impress much.
    Yep perhaps Puig is our best trade chip to get a front line starter, because this staff has no chance in the play offs.
    It will be interesting, If the deal goes down, I just dont want to see Puig as a perennial Allstar for some other team.

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  5. I’m not anti Puig. I just think it’s time to move on. I think they’ve diverted enough energy towards his cause and that it would be better served somewhere else. This front office doesn’t seem shy about the advancement of youth. Toles and Stewart are the latest examples of this. They also have been creative in acquiring youngsters they believe can fit in, whether that’s immediately or in the future. So trying to pencil in an outfield or anything for that matter isn’t akin to etching something in stone. I agree that if they can get a good package for AGon they should pull the trigger. I don’t think they will…plus isn’t he one of the main field Generals?? Why mess with that if your making a play for the post-season?


    • Plus half a season of Dre means his body won’t be beat down. It may take him however long to get the engine fired up again. But I’d be willing to bet he gets that and more fired up by the time post-season comes around. Providing they’re performance allows such an adventure…


  6. Those uniforms are indeed ugly, such as those taco-like things the pads had. Are they really going to wear that shit? I’ll bet Johnny Callison wouldn’t wear one.
    They’ll be buyers and I wouldn’t give up Agon or Puig for a rental either. If they go it should be for someone under team control for several years. Someone seen as a big piece of the team. That might be expecting too much, but right now I wouldn’t be overly eager to trade either one. It would have to good.

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  7. First, those All Star uniforms are indeed ugly. Didn’t the Padres change their uniforms on the insistence of Steve Garvey when he signed with them? Oh well, the players wear their own team uniforms for the game so we will not have to look at these things much.

    Like him or not, I think it is time to accept Puig for what he is rather than criticize him for what he is not. At least at the present time, he is not the power hitter we all hoped he would be, and perhaps his torrid start to his career blinded us. He is most likely a streaky hitter which makes him similar to many major league hitters. He has a terrific arm even if that gets him (and the team) into trouble when he believes he can make a play that does not look like the smart play. Then he will throw a runner out at third on an unbelievable throw that no one else could make and most would not try. He will slide headfirst into home when it is not necessary and he will score from first on a play that most other players would not even attempt. He will get thrown out on some of those attempts as well. He is exciting and frustrating to watch, sometimes on the same play. But he does seem to care and he does seem to make the effort. He does not argue with umpires and as far as we know, he has been a solid citizen and a good teammate. He may very well be susceptible to hamstring injuries due to his body type and he will always go out of his way for kids. So if you were a GM, what would you be willing to give to get him should the Dodgers actually want to trade him?

    I also would not trade Agon at this time. He may very well be in decline but some of you have been saying this since he came to the Dodgers. I do think it is a concern that his power numbers (actually all of his numbers) are down this season and it very well could be due to his body just not cooperating. If the Dodgers did trade him, who would play first as good as he does? Van Slyke? And again, what would another team be willing to pay for him? How much would you?

    Speaking of Van Slyke, I agree his offense has been hurt by not playing on a regular basis. However, would you replace Howie Kendrick with Van Slyke? I wouldn’t. Howie has impressed the heck out of me with his play in left field and his offense has been good. I am not saying Van Slyke cannot contribute if he were the starter but at the present time I think he is stuck. I like having him around, especially with Ethier’s absence.

    I doubt the Dodgers will be sellers come the end of July assuming the playoffs, even if it is the dreaded wild card, are still possible. I would not be surprised if the Front Office makes some deals but I doubt they want to rent anyone. The FO seems to be in long range mode even if at the same time it wants to try to win with the roster it has. I never want to be told by our FO as a fan to be patient and accept losing as a strategy.

    The key to success for the Dodgers is consistency in the front office and field management. The Dodgers have had too many ownership changes and screw-ups since O’Malley sold the team to Fox and too many changes of field management compared to the Alston-Lasorda years. Dodgers fans were spoiled by all those years. Do you realize Alston and Lasorda worked on one year deals? Would anyone do that now?
    Yet with all of these problems, the Dodgers have still been competitive. Yes, that might be enough for some organizations but it is not good enough for the Dodgers or the fans. Still, it is not easy watching the Giants outclass the Dodgers or know that the Florida Marlins have won a championship since the Dodgers last played in the World Series. No one said being a fan is easy.

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  8. Nice thoughts and input gang. I gather from your remarks that you know we are going to be buyers. Pretty much a foregone conclusion. Also, that you would not trade AGon unless the take was preally overwhelming…. And as far as the most violatile trade topic, Puig, it sounds like most of you are still in his camp and would not deal him. I would not trade him unless we got back an incredible haul in prospects or major league ready to go above average players.
    It is going to be very interesting to see what our FO does. I am hopeful, yet, a little pessimistic because of their incredible failure at last years deadline.. Latos and company. Geez… What a complete fail…

    Anyway, Go Dodgers. We are still very much in the race…… Much better than the teams that have to go thru a painful 2-3 year rebuild…..

    Excelsior, True Blue Believers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Well, at least Corey gave it a good shot.. If I recall correctly, Puig didn’t even hit 1 home run. I am glad he went down early…. Save it for the second half….

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  10. They won’t trade Puig unless they get an OFer back unless they have another ironclad trade in place for someone like Bruce. I doubt they want to have a Toles-Thompson-Kendrick OF for down the stretch. Joc will be sapped of power coming back and I doubt he even makes much contact when he does. Trayce is a good back-up bench piece, but not an everyday starter. SVS is what he is. Kike isn’t that good to begin with. Verdugo’s not ready. Just can’t see them moving Puig without something bigger going down for another OFer.

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  11. If any of you have netflix, there is a new film called “Fastball”, a history and comparison of hard throwing pitchers starting with Walter Johnson. Of course Koufax is in it, but the biggest take away for me was the Nolan Ryan. I don’t really remember him throwing that many pitches for so long. They attempted to prove he was the fasted ever. Certainly the most durable.


    • Nolan Ryan threw the ball fast, but didn’t know nor care where it was going. That made it terrifying for hitters to face him. Here’s an interesting stat: Ryan’s career hits per nine innings was 6.6, same as Kershaw. The difference? Ryan walked 4.7 hitters per nine innings, while Kershaw only walks 2.5.

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    • The late great Satchell Paige talked about flame throwers in his era. He said nobody threw harder than Smoky Joe Wood. I realize this was in the era before video, but Paige did get to see a lot through his lifetime.


  12. I think if the Dodgers trade Puig it better be for someone special, no matter what position he plays. I can’t see Puig going for an unknown minor leaguer. An NL win, tonight, is important for the Dodgers only if they make it all the way to the World Series which is 20-1 odds..


  13. My thoughts on the Home Run Derby and All Star Game: The Home Run Derby is entertaining and I like the new format. It takes about as long as a regular game and the participants definitely take it seriously. Does it mess up swings? Clearly, Dodger fans believe it because of recent events but remember, Joc Pederson was already sliding when he participated last year while Puig was obviously unprepared. I will say I did find it entertaining watching the kids shagging balls in the outfield run into one another and I was also wondering if MLB is missing an opportunity to feature a three flies up competition.

    I do not like the idea that the All Star game determines home field advantage for the World Series. However, if in fact that is what this game decides, some changes need to be made to make it more of a real game than an exhibition. Fan voting does not necessarily guarantee the “best” players make the squad but that is ok if it is truly an exhibition game. Players still are competitive enough to play the game as if it were a regular season game. However, I believe there are too many players on each side which gives the manager pressure to make sure as many players as possible get into the game. Is this how a game that actually matters should be managed? I do believe the DH should be used no matter the venue.

    In any event, I am happy most of the players get some time off this week and come back strong on Friday. And the All Star Game on Tuesday means that Wednesday (and Thursday this year) will be the worst sports days of the year, unless one is a huge WNBA fan.

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