Look Alive Rally Mummy – Pulls Team From Skid



27 thoughts on “Look Alive Rally Mummy – Pulls Team From Skid

    • Do to the starting time of the game I’ll miss most of it tonight, I’ll be at the feast. Same goes for tomorrow, I’ll be somewhere else. Well I’ll be rootin’ no matter where I am.

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  1. With all the talk about how many innings the Dodger bullpen has thrown and the problem with the starters not named Kershaw going “deep” into games, I decided to take a look at yesterday’s box scores to see how the starting pitchers did. Here is what I found by number of innings by starters:

    8 innings: 1
    7 innings: 3
    6+ innings: 4
    6 innings: 7

    The balance of yesterday’s starters went 5 or under innings.

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  2. Sounds like I have Hershiser and his buddy?

    The local Fox broadcast was showing the Cubs and Pirates. I’m streaming another Fox broadcast.


  3. This thread has produced the lowest blogger turnout in the history of turnouts. At least from this group I do believe. Mark my words (XXX) when it’s all said and done…when they’ve finally closed the door on 28 years of heartbreak. When the euphoria of winning that all elusive 7th Commissioners Trophy is at its peak. Kershaw will call upon the Look Alive Rally Mummy to help him hoist the award.

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  4. Last game before all star break, our BP needs the rest, even Kenley going to the AS game will be break compared to what he has been doing lately. Good to see Kersh throwing on flat ground, hope he returns with Joc soon.

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    • I know what the history has been for our players the past few years in and after this event. That being said, everything we’ve heard about the mental makeup of Seager has been top notch. If he would like to participate in this, for whatever reason, I’m at ease. He’s earned that right and gets to have his father participate as well. I hope he has a blast or 40. Also how old is the kid? Physically he should be fine. Just my two cents. Not trying to be a wisenheimer here.

      Besides he has the Look Alive Rally Mummy in his corner this season.


  5. Other than that one curve he hung to Norris, Maeda was pretty much dialed in today. First pitcher not named Kershaw to go seven in over a month and a half!

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  6. (51 -40)
    11 games above .500. I’d call that impressive improvement.

    Of the 7 meetings with the division leading Giants, all in the month of April. The Dodgers are 3-4. 2 of those 4 loses were 1 run games, with a lone 1 run win.

    Say what you will…
    Say what you may….
    Our Boys have decided to play…

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  7. Very nice heading into the break on a positive note. A month ago, I couldn’t imagine this team having a 51-40 record at this stage. The pen gets a much deserved long rest!

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  8. Back to the hot weather after after a couple of days in the high country in Colorado. Good to see Maeda’s strong outing today. I’d hoped to be closer to the giants by now, but the team is showing some life with a lot of ball left to be played.

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    • It’s been nice and toasty in the mornings around here. Makes me want to head up to higher ground soon too. I love waking up to a little chill, then warming with the sunshine.


  9. Should we buy or sell? Well, I think it is a forgone conclusion that we will be buying… I would shop AGon and Puig for the right price.. I would be looking for anyone to take AGones contract. As for Puig, he is doing well coming off the DL. His value may not ever get this high again.. I don’t believe that he will ever duplicate his rookie season or develope into a superstar.. I would use him to get an ace pitcher.. Sonny Gray? What do you all think?


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