Kazmir vs. Cashner

Kazmir, Cashner, Cashmere, Kashmir.  I’m hoping the great Vin gets a little confused by all this, and just launches into singing the Led Zeppelin Kashmir song.  That would be great.

What else would be great?  If Kazmir can go more than six innings.  If the offense could get more than two hits.  If the bums could hit some dingers, and Kazmir prevents the Puds from hitting dingers.  If the bums could stop their losing streak at three, and start a new winning streak.


38 thoughts on “Kazmir vs. Cashner

  1. Andrew Toles is a Los Angeles Dodger!

    Some things he did this year:

    Hit .370 in 22 games at A+ league Rancho Cucamonga
    Hit .314 in 43 games at AA Tulsa Drillers
    Hit .303 in 8 games at AAA OKC Dodgers

    Combined OPS of .882 in minors in 2016. Has power, can steal bases, bats left, plays all three outfield positions.

    What did Koufax1963 say in his song? Let the Kids Play!

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  2. I’m all for trying some of our minor league successes and seeing what we’ve got. Toles deserves the chance. There are no doubt others – some who will fail, and some who will make the most of the opportunity. I tend to follow our minor league clubs and players, this year in particular. I would rather watch them than guys like Kendrick, Venable, yes and even Puig. I think VanSlyke has had his chance and been found wanting. There are probably a number on our pitching staff. Add a guy like Gonzalez, who’s had his best years, gets paid too much, and could still bring some return if he’s traded now while there’s still some value. Ellis also should be shipped out, or shit-canned. Forget about Ethier – I think it’s the end of his career, or at least his end as a useful Dodger.

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  3. Toles has speed, so naturally he bats 8th. Seager’s our best hitter so naturally he bats 2nd where he has the pitcher and Utley ahead of him to ensure no one is on base when he bats.


  4. From the Yasiel Puig School of Baserunning. Lesson #3 – get caught stealing second when your down 4 runs with the heart of your lineup due up and no outs.


  5. Puig Puig Puig: Geez compare his recent stats, yes since return from DL, and put that up vs any other OF, and he has been the most productive. We need this guy to delver, I get the cuban flair that is prominent in the carribean islands, they are entertainers, the crowd buys in to it, PUIG has not had the ” TMZ” moments as much this year, albeit I s till remember the not taking 3rd base on a bunt bt Ellis; but I have heard he a much better teammate.,


  6. Morning folks…

    Before I turned the game off (forget which inning, I just remember being worn out physically). I seen the new kid Toles, rope a dope to center for his first hit. He looked like a savvy veteran in doing so. (Congrats and good job!) I also managed to see Yaz go deep, not once, but twice (Atta Devil).

    I do believe a Woo-Hoo Win Streak is in order and maybe even a beer later today. Great game and way to look alive gentleman.


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