Ryu’s Return


Hyun-Jin Ryu is finally back after his shoulder surgery from May 21, 2015.  Hyun didn’t pitch at all for the Dodgers last year, having setback after setback, finally culminating in the surgery.  His first two years with the Dodgers were quite productive, yielding a 28-15 W/L record, a 3.17 ERA, and a 1.198 WHIP.

Ryu’s return to the starting rotation comes at a great time for the starting rotation, just four days after McCarthy’s marvelous return.  However, given that Ryu will not pitch many innings tonight, the bullpen will be extremely taxed after yesterday’s 14 inning game.


36 thoughts on “Ryu’s Return

  1. wow the Pessimism. I hope your wrong Tru, but I am a realistic, its possible. But Im thinking, like Norris, McCarthy in their first starts as Dodgers this year were satisfactory, Ryu will be a competitor, a Warrior and Doc will cut him after 5 innings. and then super bull pen will take over.

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  2. I’m assuming they sent Avilan back down and will bring in a fresh arm for tonight?

    Ryu will be fortunate to go 5. He only averaged 86 on his FB his last outing in single A, so I look for him to get bombed, though it is only the Pads.


  3. Pinch Hitter Hopes

    Sung to “High Hopes” by Frank Sinatra
    with apologies to song writers everywhere

    Next time you need – a pinch hitter to hit
    There’s not many who can, they are all shit

    Just what makes that old Mark Sweeney
    Think he’ll he’s not just a weiney
    Anyone knows that he, can’t
    Get a hit when I can’t

    But Joe had high hopes, pinch hitter hopes
    He had high apple pie, and blue sky hopes

    So any time your gettin’ low
    ‘Stead of sayin’ blow
    Just remember Sweeney
    Oops there goes another pinch hitter weiney

    When Colletti calls, and picks up a Velez
    A hitless wonder named Eugenio

    Once there was a silly Donnie
    Thought he could manage a Dodger team
    He put in Eugenio to hit
    Thirty seven times

    ‘Cause he had high hopes, pinch hitter hopes
    He had high apple pie, in blue sky hopes

    So any time Roberts feels bad
    ‘stead of feelin’ sad
    Get your friend Will
    Say go get a hit Venable

    All problems are the Guggenheims
    They’ll be busted soon
    They’re just bound to go pop
    Oops there goes another owner kerplop

    Cause he had high hopes, pinch hitter hopes
    He had high apple pie, in blue sky hopes

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  4. Chug-a-lugs, Like-a-slug.
    Makes ya’ want ta’ fire Friedman & Co.
    Team swings like mummies don’t ya’ know
    Chug-a-lugs, Like-a-slug…


    • Photoshop a glove on my mummy and it would look just like Puiggy did as the ball sailed over his Charmin entwined head.


  5. It is disappointing to see this team lose all the momentum of the past few weeks but I doubt the FO will stop trying to do what it can to make the playoffs. Hopefully Ryu just had a rough first game back and can help the Dodgers but once again the Dodgers cannot do anything against a quality pitcher.


  6. Neither Seager, nor any rookie for that matter, should be allowed to participate in the Home Run Derby. This is another Pederson fiasco waiting to happen.

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  7. Faz went all in on the PED fueled cubans and it is not panning out… Sorry ass bastards were looking for a quick fix… Well, it ain’t working, is it assholes….. I’m with Bear, our GM’s (we don’t even know how many or who is in charge) are inept and full of shit…..

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  8. A couple of flat low, as in no, scoring games. I think they’ve run into a couple of good pitchers and they are not going back to that low scoring offense we had to put up with for most of this half. Good shake down game for Ryu to be out there since they were not going to score anyway, but I’d rather we picked up a game or two on sf before the break.


  9. Puiggy needs a change of scenery.

    Utley was missed in the line-up last night. Can’t they get him some of Steve Austin’s bionic body parts? They must have some pull in Hollywood.

    Reinvented Ryu needs more work.

    I kinda like the Rally Mummy. Maybe I’ll get him some new gear today?

    It’s time to get back on track!!

    All Aboard…


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