New Winning Streak


Arrrrghhhh, mateys!  Pe’haps ya thot I was dun, didya?  Joost becuz da old winnin’ streak be dun?  Nah, I be back for mo’.  Let’s start a nu winnin’ streak t’day, mateys!

Buddy boy will get us goin’, but I tinks t’day he will need da bats ta help ‘im.  So get yer lumber out ‘n fire at will!


50 thoughts on “New Winning Streak

  1. Lineup for Tru

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Trayce Thompson (R) CF
    6. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    7. Scott Van Slyke (R) RF
    8. A.J. Ellis (R) C
    9. Bud Norris (R) P

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  2. Blow me down! Dat pikket fence da O’s r puttin’ up doan look no good. Fire all cannons! Broadside ’em! Bombs away!


  3. Aye, mateys. Me ships has been adrift of the dock for about 5 innings. I’m moored to the plank now though.

    Come now little pinch hitting Puiggy…


  4. I went to the store this am to get an envelope. I forgot my wallet, so I downloaded an app, and put in my info. My bank noticed this was unusual activity and blocked my account.


  5. Chase has six hits, but nobody helping him get across the plate (since the fifth inning, that is).

    Corey at the Bat has dun struck out 😦


  6. When I went to today’s game I never expected it to last 14 innings and 5+ hours but that is what happens when two teams strike out 36 times between them and one team has relievers who can go more than two innings while the other team squanders opportunity after opportunity to win the game. Neither team seemed to want to end this game and I am sure both sides were happy the game finally ended. The Dodgers had their best hitters at the plate at the right time so many times that it seemed just a matter of time before one of them would come through. Unfortunately, that did not happen. And I do not think it is fair to put this game on Hatcher, especially when he had the unfamiliar task of coming up with the game on the line in the bottom of the 14th inning. And is it really fair to dump on Roberts for burning up the bullpen considering the front office gave him a collection of pitchers who cannot go deep into games (besides Kershaw)? What is he supposed to do?

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  7. It doesn’t matter what inning it is…Hatcher blows!!

    His history of sucking…leads to discovery.

    At this time if it pleases the court.
    I’d like to call Baez to the witness stand “Your Honor”.

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  8. I also remember Vinny bringing to the forefront that when “Doc” was out of position players. His adversary “Buck” still had 2 remaining. I’d say that you need to do better if you plan on carrying 9 relievers or using a 6 man rotation.


  9. You have to give credit to the Orioles bullpen. They used that sinker to its utmost ability, in luring the Dodgers into an aggressive swing. When the Dodgers were patient. The Oriole relievers placed a magnificently thrown fastball on the inside corner. They did this the game before as well.

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  10. Overall, a pretty shitty effort from everyone except most of the bullpen…. And an acceptable effort from Norris. 1 for 14 with RISP. Unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. The pitch that “Doc” argued by running out of the dugout, was a strike (albeit borderline) if you were to ask me. I do give credit to him for arguing it though. At that juncture in the game/series he was out of options and facing a relief corps who displayed excellent control throughout. It was a last ditched effort to rally his troops. I do like “Docs” character. Only one thing matters however…thats winning #7!

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