Attack Their Stern


Any good Pirate knows da best way to scuttle yer foe is to pull in behind ’em.  Dat’s wat de boys did last night before the fireworks, dey cum from behind!  Dat’s me fav-rite ting to do!  Den de fireworks go like de cannons!

Now, mateys, we seems to got a bevy o’ startin pitchers all a sudden.  We gunna let McCarthy stay on wit his wife, as long as he pitched like he did on Sunday.  His wife?  She be here wit us no matter wut.

Den comin’ in on Thursday, will be our good matey from Korea, we calls him Hyun-Jin Ryu.  Known for his noodle advertisements and singin’ abilities, Ryu also happens to be a startin’ pitcher just now comin’ back from da cuttin’ dat wuz done on his throwin shoulder.

Wat ta do wit dese guys – Urias, Stewart, McCarthy, Maeda, Kazmir, Ryu, Kershaw, etc, etc?  Silly question, parrot, dat’s a good problem to have.  Today, Maeda-mate will have at it, and may de offense give him da run support!


40 thoughts on “Attack Their Stern

  1. Got to say there have been some HItting going on, you look batting averages over the last 10 games, and recently hitting with RISP, and not; as with last night’s Kendrick Double to score Taylor from first.
    Pitching; I’ve been waiting for reinforcements, well they have arrived, Norris was impressive, McCarthy even more impressive and Julio got a taste of the BIg show at age 19 and he has a lot of Upside as he heads back to AAA, the same can be said about Brock Stewart( in a short shore leave). Now Ryu gets his test to impress.
    What this adds up for me, is the Dodgers as a group, will not hold up a white flag, even as their ACE went to the DL, along with CF. Pushed to the corner, they have come out fighting, the implosive BP of May has got on track and delivered some shut down relief of late, The manager churns the line-up, and all hands were on deck to deliver. The FAZ have made deals to support the team ( yea venable is odd deal) and the trickle down results in wins. GO DODGERS!

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  2. I was at the game last night and the announced attendance looked right to me. We have attended a number of July 4th games and usually they are sold out but there were some empty seats in the upper corners. The game itself was quite entertaining and it was the sort of game the Dodgers lost on a regular basis just a few short weeks ago. I read in the paper today the Urias implied he was squeezed on the strike zone but he tried not to use that as an excuse. I could not tell from where I was sitting where the location of his pitches were but my guess is he is leaving to many in the zone and hopefully some day he will learn better location. The Orioles fouled off a lot of pitches and that definitely hurt his pitch count. Perhaps we are all asking or expecting too much of Urias.

    The fireworks show was teriffic (as it usually is) and it was great seeing some of the players on the field with their families enjoying the show, especially all the kids running around playing on their own special playground. I cringed a bit when I saw Kershaw pick up his little girl.

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  3. Justin Turner gets the day off.

    Utley 2b
    Seager ss
    Trayce cf
    A-Gon 1b
    Puiggy rf
    Grandal c
    Kendrick lf
    Taylor 3b
    Maeda p


  4. Well, it appears the Cubs fans got into it & voted abundantly. Their entire infield minus the catcher is on the starting NL roster. I’m glad Seager got in, but he really deserves to start.

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  5. Can’t get too down…The Orangebills are a good adversary.

    Send em’ away reekin’ of bung-hole bumboo tomorrow!!

    Dain we’st can gain a measure on dem cackle fruits up yonder…

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  6. Maeda has struggled the last few times out.. I think they should sit him out for a start or two.. I think he is just out of gas at this point,

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