Orange and Black


Arrrgh, mateys!  There’s another orange and black ship on our bow and it ain’t the Gnats.  But it is another first place team name o the Orioles.  These boys ain’t any scuttlefish, they be real ballplayers.

On Monday the lad Julio Urias will be pitchin’ again.  Let’s hope he throws some cannonballs at those Orioles.


47 thoughts on “Orange and Black

  1. Clear the decks and get some hits for the lad. If ya don’t, there’ll be some fireworks later. What? Oh yeah, there’ll be some fireworks no matter what ya say! Arrrgh!

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  2. Finally home after three weeks abroad…but I was reading all the comments. All it took for the Dodgers to get hot was for me to leave town. Hey, whatever it takes… I did have an ominous feeling about Kershaw’s injury, basically on his “window of opportunity,” and how the FO may have wasted his most productive, healthy years. Let’s hope those years aren’t in the rear view mirror.

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  3. Kahli, hope you had a good trip. Before smart phones and tablets it was a big challenge to keep up with the Dodgers while traveling. Now, it is much easier and great fun to wake up in the morning somewhere overseas and see the game is still in progress.

    I know nothing about the Orioles and did not even realize they were in first place until I took a look the other day. Hopefully the Dodgers are up to the task of taking on a good team and can continue winning games at home. The starting pitching has been good and the bullpen has been able to hold on to leads. It would be something to see the boys get Urias some early run support so we can see how he pitches with an early lead.


  4. I was surprised about the announced attendance at just over 47,000. It sure looked well over 50,000 to me. It looked like a pretty full house.


  5. Was nice to see the boys pick-up Julio after having an off night. I had a feeling they would. Its a feeling I don’t get any too often with this team. That’s probably going to be it for the kid for now though with Ryu coming back. He did alright for a 19yo his first time out.

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    • Urias flashes moments of superiority. He also doesnt get too rattled, as displayed by what I thought was a subtle grin on his young face coming off of the mound during last nights learning expierence. I arrrgh-ree again Beav.

      Good work, kid…


  6. That was a big win last night, with the Giants and Mets also winning. I got home last night to find the Dodgers trailing 5-4 and was lucky enough to watch them triumphantly march to victory.

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    • That was a FUN WIN last night. It didn’t finish in the classic walk-off style, but it didn’t need too.



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