McCarthy’s Return


This tale will chill ya to the bone, lads n lassies.  With our brother Clayton Kershaw in the brig due to his ailin’ back, we got another scallywag pitching tomorrow.  This one is by name of Brandon McCarthy, of whom ya heard before.

Will this bilge rat be worth a damn?  Will he get anybody out?  Are ya wantin to know any of dis?  Then ya might wanna turn yer screens to the beisball game tomorrow at 1 pm Pirate Time (PDT).  That is, if the Dodgers allow their little game to come to yer screen.  Fer ya see, they don’t care much fer the likes of you and me.  They care about one thing, and it’s green, ya see.


31 thoughts on “McCarthy’s Return

  1. The bat rack has started to show some life and we have several pitchers who look capable of keeping us in the race. Of course losing Kershaw for any length of time is going to hurt badly, but so far the sky is not falling. We’ve picked up a couple on the giants and I’m hoping we can stay steady to the break. I’m very curious to see what shape we’ll be in on the 24th, after the two series with the Nats and Cards. I’ll be hoping we have Kershaw back by then and our other pitchers will do their part to make it a race.

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  2. Arrr mateys. How many of us even noticed there was a ballplayer in the pix above?

    Speaking of walking the plank, I see they’re deciding if Ryu needs another rehab start of if they should bring him back. The guy went 6 innings in A ball, topping out at 90, but hovering around 86. Guile and junk may be able to get out A-ball hitters (though he still gave up 2 runs), but damn, he’ll get killed against real hitters. Ryu will make Hatcher look good if they start him.

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  3. I’m a little late to today’s party, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find the game on MLB TV.
    Did they bring their brooms?


  4. One thing I’ll miss about Vin and that’s his old stories about Brooklyn.
    I wonder how many of you are old enough to remember Hugh Casey.


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