Maeda and Crew Try and Right the Ship



Otherwise it’ll be off the planks ya’ go…

Avast, ye mateys, we got a sinking ship of losers that can’t hit straight.  Now off the plank ye go!  You first, Mr. Puiggy!  Now Hatcher!  Now Baez!  Now Grandal!  Now Howie man!  Now A-Gon be gone me lad!  And Utley!  All ye old farts that kinnit hit get outa hier!

Rebuild this ship me mateys!  Bring in the youngsters and let’s be goin!  Follow young Corey’s lead, he’ll show ya how to hit the ball!



69 thoughts on “Maeda and Crew Try and Right the Ship

  1. When the front office constructs a lineup using their “advanced” analytics that put too much emphasis on on base percentage, you’re gonna get nights like last night where we get just two hits (and two walks). It’s happened so many times. And it usually seems to happen against the worst opposing pitchers.

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  2. Game time 11:10 PDT (2:10 EDT) – Lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    6. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    7. Trayce Thompson (R) CF
    8. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    9. Kenta Maeda (R) P


  3. Chad Moriyama of Dodgers Digest captured the essence of the Dodgers:

    “The offense totaled two hits and two walks on the evening and were completely useless all game.”

    Kinda like the 125 GM’s in our front office have been completely useless for the past 20 months. Longer than that if you include Ned’s reign.

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    • I believe it’ll be a month. Van Slyke said he wasn’t right after his epidural for a month.
      We can all just hope for the best, while expecting the worst. Different players react differently to treatment. Now with our ace on the DL, I have lowered my expectations even more. The bullpen is over worked as it is.


  4. After today’s game, we’re at the halfway point – how does everybody feel about their pre-season predictions for wins?

    Dodger4life 100
    trublu4ever 92
    koufax1963 92
    vl4eccjr 91
    The Beav 90
    griz 90
    JhallWally 89
    zonadodger 88
    oldbrooklynfan 87
    kahliforni 86
    crash24now 85
    dodgerstrigirl 84
    messagebear 82


    • If they win 50% of the remaining games. The iron-clad-gal formerly known as [Nelly] Dodgerstrigirl will have the honor of being the prediction warrior-ess.


  5. Looks like my prediction of 90 wins will be a little high. Easy to figure that out after today’s news. Doesn’t look like this is going to be our year, still if there is an honest to God starter to be had, I’d go get him. Not a rental, but someone that’ll be around a year or two. We’ll need such a person going forward.
    Hard to know what the FO might think. Try to patch things up for this year or have a plan B for getting players in place for next season. I don’t think you can do both.

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  6. Without Kershaw, the Dodgers are 29-35. If they continue that pace and IF Kershaw does not return, the Dodgers would win 80 games in the season.


  7. Kershaw on the shelf clearly takes the wind out of our sails.
    Therefore, Puig, Hatcher, Baez and a few others to be selected shortly must now be designated to man the oars and paddle this boat along – since they can’t hit or pitch, maybe they can row.

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  8. I don’t think it is hard at all to know how this front office thinks. Dylan Hernandez said it in his column in today’s L.A. Times. Simply put, this front office is bent on keeping payroll and contracts under some sort of control. Didn’t Friedman say he believed he could replace Greinke’s production by quantity? Didn’t Buzzie Bavasi say the same thing when Nolan Ryan left the Angels because the Angels did not think Ryan was worth more money? Hindsight is wonderful, it makes us all look a lot smarter.

    In reality, the depth the Dodger front office has bragged about since spring may not in fact be deep enough to overcome not just the deficiencies going into the season but also the injuries that have happened since. Of course, if this team hit better, especially with runners in scoring position, it might not be 6 games back licking its wounds over the most recent rash of injuries and struggles with call ups.


    • And, of course, the Braves are really a team loaded with talent this year. It is hard to believe they are willing to give up someone of Bud Norris’ stature and quality, like they didn’t need him themselves. It does make the Front Office look like they’re really trying to do something. A move like that makes me wish they would STOP trying.


      • He was acquired for two prospects I doubt anyone will miss. He has 1.7MM left in salary and since reinventing his arsenal with a new pitch he has been successful. Frias was next to enter the mix otherwise.

        This team has a decent chance to grab at least a wild card spot.

        There’s no reason to give up just yet.

        I get the negative comments though…and enjoy them as we all do.

        I’m just stating facts.


  9. That was cool. The Dodgers 3rd base coach fielded that foul ball and quickly tossed it to the youngster in the crowd with the LA cap as if they were turning a double play.


  10. Charlie mentioned that Seager isn’t much on the social media thing.
    He just quietly goes about his business, and doesn’t want to get caught up in any hype.
    This young man has his head screwed on straight. We need more like him!

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  11. I have no problem with the deal for Norris. With all the difficulty the Dodgers have had with the back of the rotation, it makes sense to try someone with a bit more experience with Kershaw on the DL.

    Again, it is a depth issue along with trying to stay competitive.

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    • Aw hell! I missed that game! I thought last night’s rainout was rescheduled for tonight.
      Isn’t that a first for Coastal?


  12. If I show proof of insurance with my carier. I get two free tickets to watch the Boise Hawks play. The folks have the same carrier, so that would be 4 free tickets. I was going anyways. Too bad the Northwest League doesn’t have a Dodgers affiliate..


  13. Kershaw out- we shall find out how long ?- lets not panic. Here comes BUD NORRIS, who we faced earlier, but recent pitching from him has his ERA below 3.00, better than some other stuff going on the mound for the Dodgers. I am encouraged by Agon and Puig of late, they are hitting it, and now the balls are dropping for hits. The dodgers need those guys to heat up. and well for those that like music, I got to composing again, need some help but for your eyes only: Lets the kids play:

    Ah Look at all the Kids that play
    Under 25 on the Chavez Ravine field
    Joc, Corey, Trayce, Julio and Yasiel
    Drafted or acquired they want to be the real deal
    They learn from the veterans they replace
    They please the coaches and management at a quick pace

    Ah look at all the Kids that play, although not everyday
    Ah look all the kids that play, soon they will get veterans pay

    They throw the heat, they are quick on their feet
    Errors and mistakes they create, but learning is their fate
    Swinging for the fence is fun, but situational hitting is how it is done
    Soon they will learn their raw talent can’t carry them through
    It takes preparation and practice on everything they do

    Ah look at all the Kids that play, although not everyday
    Ah look all the kids that play, soon they will get veterans pay

    Adrian, Chase and Howie too, give the kids a talking to
    They can see their time is coming and what else better to do
    Soon September call ups will be here, and today’s kids will see how far they have come
    In Playoffs they will have no fear, because they have carried the team all year
    Soon all the fans agree Let the Kids play at the Ravine

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  14. I kicked around the notion of rewriting the Prince song: “When Doves Cry” titling it “When Doc Sighs”. I’ve stared at the lyrics, but so far I keep coming up with: listening to Charley Brown Steiner – deliver his corny one liners – Oooooo-wooooooo-oooooo – this is what it sounds like – when Doc sighs- [bum-da-bum-bum-bum] [bum] [da-bum-bum-bum]

    Nice job Koufax.


  15. It’s all you today crash. I’m working on my truck and going to the pub.

    If it were up to me (and it’s not)…

    Dodgers turn to Medicinal Bud as Kershaw looks to rehabilitate ailing back.

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