Move Over Julio, Here’s Brock Stewart


Julio Urias is no longer the New Kid on the Block.  That title now goes to Brock Stewart, who will get his first major league start on Wednesday in Milwaukee facing the Brewers.

Brock Allen Stewart was drafted by Dodgers in the sixth round of 2014. He was originally drafted by the Mets in 2010 in the 40th round straight out of high school, but Stewart elected to go to college at Illinois State University.  He started out as a third baseman.  The coach of the team was his dad, Jeff Stewart.  Brock converted to a pitcher during his senior year of college (2013/2014 college year).

After the Dodgers drafted him in 2014, Brock pitched okay, but not great in 2014 and 2015 in the minors (WHIPs of 1.544 and 1.358, respectively).

In 2016, Stewart sports a WHIP of 0.826 and has rocketed up from A+ to AA Tulsa to AAA OKC. He’s a right hander, and Geez we know we don’t have many good right handed starting pitchers, so here’s looking forward to his first MLB start in Milwaukee on Wednesday.


68 thoughts on “Move Over Julio, Here’s Brock Stewart

  1. Hope we’re not all making that face after we’ve seen him pitch.

    I’m excited about this kid. He’s been killing it each new stop and lets face it, I’d rather they at least give a kid a shot rather than the likes of Tepesch and other crap. One good thing is, this kid’s stretched out. I think he went 8 his last outing, so there shouldn’t be a pitch limit. I say bring it on and see what he’s got.

    I still wish they’d throw in the towel and go whole hog into the youth movement though.

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  2. In 2014 the San Francisco Giants finished the year at a .543 clip. As I type this our beloved Dodgers are winning at a clip of .538.

    This team has issues and I’m not predicting their future. I’m merely stating a fact. That fact being ain’t nothing etched in stone yet. The 2016 season is still evolving…

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    • Yes, it is evolving. And, right now we cannot compete with the really good teams. This is a .500 team at best and that is with Kersh. Without him this team is flirting with the Puds for last place.
      He is going to need some help. Last year they went out and got Latos.. Yea, that worked out well. Everything our FO braintrust did at the trade deadline last year failed. So, I for one don’t have a lot of confidence that they can pull of some good moves to make us real contenders….. I am with Bear. Our ownership and FO SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Y’all better start writing songs again, before crash runs out of little diddy’s to post in the sidebar.

    Be productive now…
    Do work son!


  4. Maybe we can collaborate like they did in that, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke commercial.” Say Crash or Beav or anyone chooses a title and scripts the first verse, then we pass it along until it’s completed? It sounds like fun to me.

    And to be truthful we’re a lot like our team these days. We don’t have enough fun, playing our game.


  5. Coming soon:

    DB@daBTB refreshment coolers.

    They’ll work like a music box…when the lid is opened they’ll play one of our many theme songs.


  6. I found a small sample of B-Rocks delivery. It’s pretty straight forward. Not a lot of things going on. At first I thought it may have resembled Bulldogs. Orel displayed more of a shoulder turn and behind the rubber leg kick though. I’d be curious to see how he makes the comparison during the broadcast tomorrow.


  7. I’m also curious and anticipating the day, young Julio can hit the upper left hand corner of the strike zone with controlable power.


    • If that pitch and his off speed stuff begin on the same trajectory. He’s gonna fool the best of them consistantly.


  8. well you got me going, here is my start to the new catalogue:

    Id like to see the dugout in harmony
    No squabbles with Puig to see
    No injuries, swollen knee and all are pain free
    On the bench Turner can jaw at Grandal
    But on the field somebody has to call for the foul ball
    The Dodgers as a team are not living the dream
    Although FAZ is trying to make it seem
    We all know this is not the real thing

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  9. Dodgers FO went dumpster diving today, picked up 29 year old Cole Figueroa off waivers from Pittsburgh. Figueroa, a 2B/3B guy, has played 820 games in the minor leagues and 45 in MLB. Bats .208 in the majors. The FO was quoted as saying, “He’s our kinda guy!”

    Figgie was promptly dumped into AAA OKC.


  10. Lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    3. Corey Seager (L) SS
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Trayce Thompson (R) RF
    6. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    7. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    8. Chris Taylor (R) 3B
    9. Julio Urias (L) P

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    • Is it:

      a) He’s going to become a CPA
      b) Time for his annual physical – don’t worry, he wasn’t gonna pitch in Milwaukee anyway, still starts on Friday
      c) He’s got a little bump that the docs gotta check out, no big deal
      d) oh my god OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! Sell all the other players, we got no ACE!


  11. Far be it for me to defend this front office but I think they know exactly what they are doing. This front office is doing pretty much the same thing Ned did: try to win and develop at the same time. Ned had some budgetary restraints and the current front office pretends it does as well. I believe this front office is determined to build from within and still be competitive on the field. It remains to be seen if this will work but clearly the front office has more patience than most of us do. I am tired of the highlights from Gibson’s home run because it happened so long ago and pretty much nothing has happened since. Meanwhile, our rival Giants have won three championships in 5 years and working on number 4. In that time they have chosen to let popular players leave (Panda and Timmy, although in Timmy’s case he says he could have stayed as a reliever but that is not what he wants at this point in time) but they have had stability in the front office and field staff.

    To be fair, the Dodger ownership is still relatively new and the front office even newer. Time will tell if these folks know how to bring consistent winning back to the Dodgers. But let’s look at things from their perspective:

    They did not know for sure when Ryu would be back but before spring training they seemed to expect him back by now. They did not know they would be without both Anderson and McCarthy this long as well. They did not know how Justin Turner would respond to his injury and they had every reason to expect Grandal to hit better than he has. They did not know Agon would go into a month long slump just as they did not know for sure how Seager or Pederson would do. They certainly did not expect Utley to be the everyday second baseman and they were hoping Puig would somehow magically regain his form from his first six weeks as a big leaguer. They did not know Ethier would hurt himself in spring training and be out as long as he has. (I wonder if he will comeback at all this season.) They did not know Wood would also hurt himself and be lost although some would say so what. They did know there were going to be issues with the pitching and hoped the likes of Bolsinger would be more effective than we have seen. I am sure they did not expect a lot of innings out of Kazmir or Maeda but hoped the bullpen could pick up the slack. Again, many doubted whether the Dodgers had enough arms in the bullpen to back up a starting staff that other than Kershaw could not be counted on to go much past the 5th or 6th inning. We all thought the Dodgers had discovered something in Kike Hernandez but with Joc Pederson’s outstanding defense and his improved hitting, and Kendrick’s better than expected play in left field, Kike has nowhere to play, and that hurts him. But we have been surprised at the play of Trayce Thompson, although his offense has sputtered lately.

    All of this does not get the front office off the hook. Every move is calculated even if we do not always understand. And blaming only this front office for drafting/signing players who have had (or end up having to have) Tommy John surgery is silly as it seems just about every pitcher we see in the big leagues has already had it.

    So has this team really underachieved? Given the loss of Greinke (and I understand why and how that happened) and all the other issues with injuries, the Dodgers are probably fortunate to be only seven games back as of today.

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  12. Geez, lbirken, you’ve done it again. You have stated everything quite well, most of which I agree with.

    A couple things I would discuss further. They have built the starting rotation with a lot of question marks regarding health. For example, Brett Anderson has never been a picture of health. This year (2016) is beginning to look like a “disguised” rebuilding year. I add the “disguised”, because teams with less monetary resources would just let loose all the older players and go with a very young team. The Dodgers have enough money to cobble together a .500 or a .540 team while rebuilding.

    The team is hanging in there, and only are as far behind as they are because the Giants have been very hot lately. I wonder how the Kershaw news is going to affect all of this. Hopefully, it’s no big deal and the team will continue to chase the Giants. We’ll find out more by Friday.


  13. ah Look all the youngsters at play, #3 and #5 spots not sure TRAYCE is in the right spot, but seager is, play him like a number 3 stud and I think he will hit like a #3 Stud.
    I just have a feeling that a deal for Sonny Grey of Oakland is in the works.

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  14. I too think that lbirk’s explanation above about the team makeup and problems we’ve experienced is valid and very well laid out. However, all you have to do is count the number of times he has to use the phrase “they did not know” with reference to our Front Office actions, and that tells you exactly what’s wrong with the Front Office. Admittedly many things can go wrong with personnel selection and anticipating who is going to go on DL and who’s going to underachieve, but I think that our Front Office has had too many of these “they did not know” instances, particularly considering the large assembled brain trust (if you want to call it that, and I don’t) and given the huge payroll that’s been available the last couple of years.
    So I say, “shame on them because they did not know” and get accountable with the fans for your shameful results, and for all I care GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN, ALL UMPTEEN OF YOU!

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    • Although, I don’t believe Roberts is ultimately in charge. I think FAZ is dictating the lineups and who plays…
      Roberts was given the position to be a rah-rah guy in the dugout and a puppet for the inept FAZ….

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    • Don’t kid yourself folks. That is why Donny chose to leave without a fuss. He wanted to have a chance a being a real manager.



    It wasn’t all that B-A-E-Z, but they got it done…

    His name is Julio Urias, MLB game winner Julio Urias, MLB hit producer Julio Urias, and I belong in blue Julio Urias, got it done…

    Hey (I feel like a crashed and burned Supercross star today) Joc Pederson…Hell of catch kid!

    To the rest of the run producing cast…Y’all kicked ass!!

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