Let Us Fast Forward – To The Final At Bat – Of The Ball Game

With 1 out and on an 0-1 count, Yasiel Puig drove a pitch for a ground ball off of Shawn Kelley just left of middle infield that squeaked past the diving short-stop, scoring Howie Kendrick from 1st base which was the game tying run.

Here Come The Kinks 

Superman, superman, wish I could fly like superman
Superman, superman, want to be like superman
I want to be like superman
Superman, superman, wish I could fly like superman

Only Michael Taylor the Nationals center-fielder failed to scoop-up the outgoing baseball. Enabling Super-Puig to fly around the bases and save the City of Metropolis. Okay maybe he didn’t save Metropolis, but he did save the game when he rounded not only 1st base, but 2nd base, then 3rd base, and did a head-first Super-Puig slide across home plate, giving his team from the City of Los Angeles the victory.

Harry How/Getty Images
“Quotes From the Crowd”
“Vinny said the crowd was quiet as if holding its collective breath. I think they call it the Pedro Baez syndrome.”
“Baez does seem to give up crucial home runs. Who will step up for the Dodgers to secure a win in this game?”
With my luck, it will probably be Puig with the walk off!
“This was one of the most surprising endings in our favor that I can remember. At least the oddest.
I don’t think anyone expected this.
Holy Moly.”
Thursday is an off day

There will be more live feeds available to beloved Angelinos from the team flight to Pittsburgh, than actual live feeds of the 3 game series itself.


36 thoughts on “PUIG SAVES THE GAME

  1. These last two make up for a couple of the games they should’ve won earlier this year.

    AND they didn’t quit.

    I was surprised to read before yesterday’s game that they had the exact same record as they had last year after the same amount of games.

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  2. I was thinking of typing something positive about the Dodgers after a seemingly loss after a 5 game winning streak.. What to my surprise appearing on my TV screen was a sight to behold. WOW what a win.

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  3. Gotta feel for Taylor. 5Ks and then overrun the ball for a 3-base error to lose the game in the bottom of the 9th. About the only thing he can take away from last night is that its the worst it will ever get.

    That game with all its quirks was one the boys usually lose in bizarre fashion because, Dodgers. I can’t ever recall a game like that that they won.

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    • I watched it live. Seen the whole shebang unfold. I had to watch the video about 4 times to understand what it was I witnessed. It kinda wiped my memory cache, clean of everything before the Baez fiasco.

      Julio Urias pitched didn’t he…

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      • Julio Urias pitched another fine game, and they let him go to 94 pitches – the highest so far.

        Is there a real reason they can’t let him pitch 90-95 pitches every five to six days for the rest of the season?

        Did the Mets molly-coddle Dwight Gooden? Did Gooden blow his arm out? No, it was the blow that went up his nose that ruined him.

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        • I was thinking about this today. Let’s say they shut him down. Then after some rest and towards the post season, fire him back up…


          • He’d have this experience to reflect upon
            And would still be rather new to opposing hitters. Especially if he learns how to hit the outside corner with his high fastball.


          • Deja Vu – Didn’t they shut him down in the middle of the season last year to do the eye operation? Then when he came back late in the year, he didn’t do so well. Perhaps because he was not in proper condition. Why shut him down, then bring him back? Maybe, instead, keep him warm by moving him to the bullpen. He could certainly do a better job than JP Howell.

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            • He’s 19. Throws breaking stuff and heat both. I have no problem with them treading lightly. But yeah, he’s barely getting started and bestows flashes of dominance.
              Gotta think he’d be handy later, if him and the team progress.


  4. And TRU called it in an earlier post, “Puig will probably hit a walk off”, there was alot acrobatics in this game: The missed catch in foul by by Turner/Grandal, If your not going to catch it then shut up!, that is what I was thought in Little league, the fantastic foul catch by Gonzo off utley’s glove, and the final hit of the game, a single that got misplayed. Geez Puig is fast for his size.
    What kept me interested, was the interviews they had going with Valenzuela and Jaime, dont usually like the ESPN broadcasts but that was special.

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    • Puig was running so fast…No-one saw him change out of his Batman Suit and into his Superman Cape!!

      Kendrick on the other hand was truckin’ like Mr. T from the A-Team.

      He looked like he was trying to catch the fool that shot the tires out on his van.

      You don’t rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose.

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  5. 1) I can’t believe that TruMom called it.

    2) In the top of the eighth, my wife was like, hey, didn’t this happen yesterday? And I replied, well they need some heroics in the bottom of the ninth, yesterday it happened in the eighth.

    3) I was jumping up and down when poor Taylor muffed it.

    4) After the game, Puig said that he asked his hamstring if it would be okay if he went into over-drive to get around the bases. Interesting fellow. Just wish he would relearn to hit the ball consistently.

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  6. 5) Did Puig really need to do a head-first slide when no throw was coming? Where was Kendrick, he should have been holding the “stand-up” sign. Maybe Kendrick did, but Puig ignored him.

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    • I didn’t notice who it was, but somebody was telling him to get down. Presumably that was Kendrick. I think he figured a relay throw was coming, but Murphy muffed it. Might’ve been close had he gotten it out of his glove.


      • Looks like it was Ellis telling him to slide.

        Easy to see how I couldn’t tell Ellis from Kendrick, what with them looking so much alike and all.

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  7. I’m sure one of us already said this, but worth repeating – the Dodgers just swept the NL East Division leading Washington Nationals!

    Sweep! Sweet!

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  8. Julio Urias walked just one batter last night, which makes for five straight games in which he’s walked just one batter. He trails Kershaw by half a walk. Kershaw has walked one batter every OTHER game for the past eight games.


    • With his off speed stuff…when he gets that high fast-ball located on the outside of the plate, he’s gonna be hard to figure out. It’s gonna look like the sweeping curve, and then Steeee-Rike!! And even if they plan for it, its humming across the high outside corner of the plate at 95+…

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  9. I added Tru-Moms called “Walk-Off”. As well as some other quotes leading up too and going away from her gem…

    Sorry it took so long Tru…


  10. Sunday, June 19 – Maeda
    Monday – Kershaw
    Tuesday – Kazmir
    Weds – Urias
    Thurs – day off
    Friday – Tepesch
    Saturday – Maeda

    Sorry, JhallWally. Let’s hope Tepesch holds down the fort.

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