TURNER SAYS, Lets Twist Again!!

Justin Turner managed to twist and turn on the baseball again, when he drove a deep fly ball over the CF fence (10) in the 1st inning, giving the Dodgers a 1 run lead with everybody’s favorite “Ace” Clayton Kershaw on the hill. Kershaw went 7 innings, surrendering 1 earned run (Zimmerman scored on a Rendon single to Trayce Thompson in RF), on 6 hits, striking out 8, while walking none. Joc Pederson joined in on the dance party in the 5th inning, when he deposited a pitch from Yusmeiro Petit over the RF wall (13) to update the score at 2-0 Dodgers . The Dodgers scored again in the 7th when Chase Utley drove Howie Kendrick across the plate with a line-drive single to CF.

Joe Blanton entered to begin the 8th inning in relief of Kershaw. Giving up 1 hit, with zeros filling out the rest of his line for the evening.

 Kenley Jansen came in to pitch the 9th inning.

74 – Shut the door! Not just on the evening in sending the Washington Nationals batsmen back to the bench in consecutive order (1-2-3). 74, shut the door on history, surpassing Eric Gagne and his franchise save record of 161. When one door closes, another opens with Jansen now at 162 franchise saves and counting…


Oldbrooklynfan says, “BIG WIN!!!!
Congrats to Jansen.”

“I think we should give some credit to Joe Blanton, whose been doing a great job lately.
He got his 8th hold tonight. I believe Pedro Baez is leading with 11 holds.
Oh, In case anyone doesn’t know it, the Dodgers are leading the wild card by 1 game.”

Lbirken says, “A few weeks ago I wondered if Kenley would ever pitch a three up three down ninth inning. Since then he has.”

Tru-Mom says, “Awesome….Kersh with the win and Kenley with his 162nd save…passing Gagne!”

Vin Scully says, “I’m sorry.”

[In explaining how he was coming down with a sore throat, but was so, looking forward to a matchup between Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw.]

(Strasburg was a late scratch with Yusmeiro Petit taking the hill for the Nationals)

Vinny also says, “We’ll do our best to get through this.”

“Thank You, Vin!”


Tuesday 5/21 at 7:10 pm

RHP Tanner Roark (6-4, 3.14 era) faces LHP Scott Kazmir (5-3, 4.64 era)

The remaining 2 games of this series are scheduled to be blacked-out to most/millions of (Non-TWC) subscribers in the greater Los Angeles area




39 thoughts on “TURNER SAYS, Lets Twist Again!!

  1. Not exactly the way I had this one playing out (I figured Strasburg would struggle with the heat and get beat), but it was another fun win last night, nonetheless…


  2. Is this the first time they’ve won 4 in a row this season? Kersh is getting to be as automatic as anyone could ever hope to achieve. It isn’t wasted on me that every time he pitches I’m getting to see a future Hall of Famer and the greatest pitcher of his generation.

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  3. With the Dodgers win and the Giants loss last night. Both ball clubs have now won 11 of their last 17 games.

    Which covers the month of June for SF. The Dodgers have played 19 total, with 2 coming against Chicago to begin the month.


  4. No Kershaw tonight against the first place Nats, but the team seems to be on a roll.
    I’ll try not to mention the wild card but I think it’s good to have on the side. I prefer, of course, winning the division but if we can’t it’s good to have the next best thing in our reach.

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    • We’re thinking about changing your handle to “Wild Card Joey B!”

      That there’s, Wild Card Joey B, Baby 🙂



  5. That 11 of 17 has mostly been without Puig. Coincidence?

    I get the feeling that maybe he’ll get sent somewhere at the trade deadline. I don’t see this FO waiting much longer on him to get it.

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    • I really think that is the plan. However, if things are not going well for him, I’ll bet his hammy acts up again in a game or two.


  6. I thought Trayce Thompson would be in LF, NO knock on Kendrick, and Kendrick needs his ABs he has been improving, but Trayce Thompson has been Hot. Puig Has to deliver or be delivered somewhere else.

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    • I wasn’t aware of this stat until just a few minutes ago.

      Trayce Thompson sits on Tuesday, his first time since May 30, when he missed two games with a sore back. Thompson started 20 straight games and 31 of the last 34 games, and is also in a 5-for-33 (.152) skid with 10 strikeouts in his last nine games.

      (Info provided by TBLA)

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      • Here is another stat from the comment section of TBLA

        TODAY’S OPS
        OPS By The Month
        April, May, June/19 of 28 Games, Season (AB)

        .707, .892, .989, .853 (279) Seager
        .697, .955, .795, .828 (174) Thompson
        .858, .761, .801, .805 (213) Pederson
        .654, .699, .985, .767 (234) Turner
        .815, .778, .555, .737 (230) Utley
        .800, .790, .554, .731 (251) Gonzalez
        .710, .593, .000, .643 (186) Puig
        .903, .464, .626, .637 (150) Grandal
        .809, .310, .713, .635 (122) Hernandez
        .333, .723, .765, .628 (190) Kendrick
        .422, .000, .656, .585 (30) Van Slyke
        .617, .606, .353, .549 (94) Ellis
        .000, .000, .472, .472 (8) Venable
        .369, .000, .200, .333 (19) Barnes


  7. This was definitely looking like a loss tonight. I was at the general just hoping Grandal would get a hit and then “bam”, he hits it out and Kenley gets the save. The Nationals are still wondering how they could loose this game.

    As for Kendrick, be bas played left field far better than I expected. He may not always look great but he gets the job done. He made a perfect throw to home tonight that turned out to be a crucial play.


    • I am very tired of playing guys just because they have a big contract and/or are veterans.
      Put the best team on the field Dave. Even if you are just a puppet for the Freidman/Zaidi regime. Make a stand.


  8. I can’t remember Kendrick making an error in the outfield

    I can with Trayce. I like Trayce though, he’s my boy.

    Now Grandal! He’s the freak’n man!!


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