GRANDAL SAYS, “I Walk the Line”

Yasmani Grandal showed heart in taking 4 balls with the bases loaded. “Walking the Line” that stretches towards 1B plating Scott Van Slyke to make it 2-1 for a scorching 9th inning win

Grandal’s “Walk of Desire” may have been cause of celebration, but it was Kike Hernandez and his bat that propelled the game and energized the stadium just one inning before (8th). Kike who’s been struggling with the bat as of late, and displaying his “White Falcon Fuzz” of a buzz cut, made a Will Smith pitch soar deep into the Dodger pen to even up the score at 1-1.

Since embarking upon San Francisco June 10th, the Dodgers have won 6 of the 10 games played. They took one out of three against the Giants losing 2 games (3-2, 2-1), by one run each. They strolled into the desert of Arizona for a 3 game series with the D-Backs next, taking 2 of 3, losing the other by 1 run (2-3). They hopped a silver winged bird back to Los Angeles after that series for a 4 game set with the Milwaukee Brewers,  a Kershaw-less series, where they took 3-4. The sole loss (6-8) coming when Pedro Baez threw up a watermelon sized fastball to Jonathan Villar with Ramon Florez on base. The Dodgers fought back to load the bases, but came up empty on a game ending K from the young Seager.

The Boy’s are showing subtle signs that leads a team to become labeled as, “gritty!”

Messagebear says, Is that what you call a literal walk-off?
I still won’t take a wild card option to the playoffs. If that’s what it takes, let the fuckers sink.”


The Washington Nationals (43-27) take on the Los Angeles Dodgers (38-33)

Monday 5/20 – 7:10 pm

RHP Stephen Strasburg (10-0, 2.90 era) faces LHP Clayton Kershaw (10-1, 1.58 era)

Tuesday 5/21 – 7:10 pm

RHP Tanner Roark (6-4, 3.14 era) faces LHP Scott Kazmir (5-3, 4.64 era)

Wednesday 5/22 – 7:10pm

RHP Joe Ross (6-4, 3.13 era) faces LHP Julio Urias (0-2, 4.50 era)

Thursday 5/23 – Travel Day (Pittsburgh)

All 3 games of this series are scheduled to be blacked-out to most/millions of (Non-TWC) subscribers in the greater Los Angeles area


Messagebear also says, “By fuckers I mean the Guggenholes and all their Front Office bastards – not our players.”


61 thoughts on “GRANDAL SAYS, “I Walk the Line”

  1. Oldbrooklynfan
    The Giants may be 6 1/2 games out in front and on an 8 game winning streak but the wild card standings show the Dodgers are very much in the thick of it.

    June 20, 2016 at 10:25 am Edit
    Every team hits a bump in the road at some point during the season and the giants will hit theirs at some point. Our guys are showing some life and could be moving into position to make up some ground. Anyway that’s what I’m looking for. That and another reliable starting pitcher.
    I’m mildly surprised Lee got traded, since the team is hurting for starters. He obviously didn’t figure in the FO plans, but we’re not exactly overloaded with starters right now. Maybe something is in the works or they just would by pass him and use a different minor leaguer.

    Lee was not working out. The big clue to this was that when Bolsinger got sent down, Frias was brought up. Zach Lee was pretty low on the starter depth chart. Chris Taylor might some day become a regular Dodger second baseman or shortstop. Zach Lee was not going to become a Dodger starting pitcher.

    None of this helps the 2016 team. We are in rebuild mode.


    • All true. I might add, and this is “hearsay” of course, but I’m certain I read somewhere that Lee was entertaining the idea of returning to college to play football. This gives him another shot at becoming a useful addition to a Major League team.

      Best Wishes to Mr. Lee!

      Let’s hope Frias can throw quality strikes and not become intimidated by success.


  2. I admit I was a bit surprised to see Zach Lee traded although clearly he did not fit into this front office’s plans. It is the fact another first round Dodger pick was wasted on a player we all thought would never sign in the first place. I started to wonder if Zach regrets his decision to sign with the Dodgers rather than play college football but then again, didn’t he get about $5 million to sign? Such is the life of a premier athlete and the risks organizations take based upon high school.


  3. I was a little bit out of it last night in dealing with some of the after effects of surgery (My upper thigh went numb). So I didn’t get a chance to thank Beav, for his assessment of the team in Tulsa.

    “AA Texas League. I haven’t see where it favors one or the other. Our best positional talent is there – Verdugo, Bellinger, Calhoun and to a lesser extent, Toles and Scavuzzo. Oaks is a sleeper starting prospect. Stewart (starter) got bumped up to AAA. Dirks (reliever) is a sleeper. They started off real slow, then came on like gangbusters until they faltered at the end for the first half title. If I recall, 8 or 9 guys made the all-star team.”

    I will try and keep an eye on these players as well as the team.

    I’m currently borrowing a laptop from a family member, who’s out of town at the moment (One of mine needs a new motherboard, which cost nearly as much as a new device, the other one needs a new screen and someone more skilled than I to put it together. I broke a bracket, so I guess it needs a screen and a bracket and probably some new screws too). So it’s been much easier to create new threads while Crash takes a breather…(Hopefully he’ll feel rejuvenated here before long?)

    I might try and figure out how to add a spot in the sidebar for updates on minor leaguers in the system, so that we can all become better informed without having to do a bunch of legwork.

    I broke my glasses, then someone gave me a pair they thought were mine, just left behind, so I tried ’em on. They work well at long distances (I use them to watch the game and drive safely at night) even know I passed my eye test, thanks to the very generous young lady helping me. Problem is they have fast forwarded the deterioration in what’s left of my vision. I can barely read the dang phone now. So trying to do anything on my smart phone is highly challenging….I am 80 percent deaf to high decibels in both ears, so I can’t hear the dang thing ring as well.


  4. What do you say we conduct a little mid-season poll…

    Do you think this squad will make the post-season?

    One day I think they’ll finish 15 out, the next, I have them in the World Series…

    Today, I’m going with World Series…


    • No, they won’t. They don’t got the horses to get them there. They only got one horse, his name is Kershaw, and he only plays one game out of five.

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      • They’d be in if the season ended yesterday…

        I’m channeling the two part, 81 season…One reason I like to guess 100 games a year…is because it’s more challenging to go against the grain, which is kinda the way I was brought into the world. Safe money isn’t my style (which may be why I’m broke most everyday.) I don’t need to be right all the time. Just elated as hell when I am.


  5. I just surfed through the blog stats and noticed that our comments have been trending upwards since Urias made his debut.


  6. I didn’t realize that Strasburg is 10-0 this season. Tonight’s Kershaw/Strasburg matchup will be a classic pitcher’s duel (with the added help of an anemic Dodger offense).

    Too bad nobody will be able to see it on TV (well 70% anyways).

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  7. Duel tonight to see who starts the all-star game?

    So I see the Zach Lee era has come to an end. I am surprised he never got much of a chance when you see Bolsinger get lit up game after game. He must have shit in Farhan’s Wheaties once too often. Doubt he would’ve been any better then Bols anyway, but still surprised they totally gave up on him without giving him a few starts. Unfortunately the hype of a $5M bonus led us to believe he was better than he was.


  8. PBC – Pathetic Batters Club – stats are BA/OBP/SLG/OPS over the past 28 days:

    Grandal .163/.369/.306/.675 – “The Walkman”
    Gonzalez .264/.330/.374/.704 – “BatBeGone”
    Utley .220/.309/.354/.662 – “Uhhh?”
    Kike – .211/.231/.474/.704 – “Kan’t Hit It”
    Pederson – .205/.231/.420/.651 – “Joc Mendoza”
    Kendrick – .238/.338/.349/.687 – “Howie Can’t Hit”
    Thompson – .230/.337/.446/.783 – “Hit N Miss”
    AJ Ellis – .148/.226/.148/.374 – “I Am So Done”
    Van Slyke – .190/.227/.429/.656 – member of “Can’t Hit Shit” club
    Venable – .125/.222/.250/.472 – newest member of “Can’t Hit Shit” club

    Dodgers are being carried by:

    Seager .302/.376/.573/.979 – “I’m on the Wrong Team”
    Turner .279/.344/.535/.879 – “Just Turned it Around”


    • Pederson – Thompson and Seager have almost as many HR as the rest of the team. Thompson has two walk offs and Joc just finished belting two in a game. Plus Gonzales has picked up the tempo. If they can start doing this on a consistent bases…we’ll have something in the makings. Something tells me tonight they’ll buck the trend and rattle Strasburg. He’s gonna have a bad outing sometime. No time like the present, I’m banking.


  9. Lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Trayce Thompson (R) RF
    6. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    7. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    8. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    9. Clayton Kershaw (L) P


  10. Utley being an East coast guy, as far as his career is concerned, has been overly productive against these teams. I think he can keep it up…


  11. I’m glad it’s only 3 games, right now, with the Nats. I think it’s going to be a tough series but you never know.


  12. If I were forced to bet any kind of money, I’d say the Dodgers make it as the second wild card. I’m hoping for a better finish, but they will have to score more consistently and come up with a pitcher or two. These things are possible

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  13. Belt was doubled up at first on a Posey fly ball to RF, PLUS Posey grabs his hamstring as he’s motoring to 1B.

    Streak over!!

    Posey was livid in the dugout…he seems to be hurt bad.

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  14. Poor Vinny is so disappointed tonight that Strasburg could not take the mound. Vin even said the only reason he came to the ballpark today with a sore throat was to see this matchup.

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  15. I think we should give some credit to Joe Blanton, whose been doing a great job lately.
    He got his 8th hold tonight. I believe Pedro Baez is leading with 11 holds.
    Oh, In case anyone doesn’t know it, the Dodgers are leading the wild card by 1 game.

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  16. I threw up a new thread, as I believe, I’m gonna trek on down to the local fishing hole bright and early in the morning…


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