TURNER SAYS, “Everybody’s Doing A Brand New Dance Now!”



Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Come On Everybody!

 Consistency is the Key Now!


Come On! Come On! 

 Do the Loco – Motion, and See…





VL says, “Fine job by Liberatore!!”

Tru-Mom says, “A very nice come from behind win!”

Oldbrooklynfan says, “Oh Sweet Victory”

(“Both Seager (.277) and AGon (.275) are back up over .275″.)


“Woo-Hoo!!! Nice come from behind win. Great to see Turner getting his groove back. And to a lesser extent the rest of the offense. Bullpen did a great job. I would not be surprised to see Bolsinger put on the DL. When he left the game he was holding his side and Vin was speculating on whether or not he was injured.
Hope Maeda can get us the series win tomorrow. Go Dodgers!!!!!”

Sunday, 5/19 (Happy Fathers Day) at  1:10 pm

RHP  Matt Garza (0-0, 2.25 era) faces RHP Kenta Maeda (6-4, 2.75 era)

The final game of this series is scheduled to be blacked-out to most/millions of (Non-TWC) subscribers in the greater Los Angeles area






25 thoughts on “TURNER SAYS, “Everybody’s Doing A Brand New Dance Now!”

  1. Oldbrooklyfans comment from the previous thread

    I’ll probably miss some of today’s game as my daughter, Claudine and I will take in the Mets/Braves game at Citi Field.
    Happy Father’s Day.

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  2. Beav has been the most vocal about the team in Oklahoma. Maybe he has a thought or two on a guy who spent quite some time on the big league roster in the past and his skeptical (4.60) era while in Tulsa/OKC?


    • The bully has thrown 16 1/3 innings in the past 3 games. 6 1/3 of those came in relief during last nights monumental win!

      Frias to join the bully for the next few days, no decision on whom will be used as a starter just yet.

      Frias last pitched in relief of Jose DeLeon on 5/12/16 throwning 5 1/3 innings. Frias has spent part of the season on the DL, as well as Tulsa and Oklahoma City. He has 25 K’s and 9 BB in 31 1/3 innings so far in 2016 (Info provided by TBLA)


    • If we can grab Beav’s attention for a moment…I’d ask him, whom exactly we should have our eye on over there in Tulsa and what is the typical demeanor of the league? (Hitter friendly vs Pitcher friendly)


      • AA Texas League. I haven’t see where it favors one or the other. Our best positional talent is there – Verdugo, Bellinger, Calhoun and to a lesser extent, Toles and Scavuzzo. Oaks is a sleeper starting prospect. Stewart (starter) got bumped up to AAA. Dirks (reliever) is a sleeper. They started off real slow, then came on like gangbusters until they faltered at the end for the first half title. If I recall, 8 or 9 guys made the all-star team.


        • The Midland Rock Hounds are the closest Texas League team to me. They have a beautiful stadium that’s relatively new. Due to the west Texas heat, attendance isn’t that great though. I don’t really keep up with them, due to the fact they’re an Oakland A’s farm team. They have had some great talent pass through, including Andre Ethier.


          • VL in my neck of the woods we have the Rockies short season ball club. I’ve never been, but I’m thinking about it this season. When they were an Angels affiliate they were pretty good. Then the Cubs took over (Bill Buckner was their hitting instructor), but moved to acquire a better facility. Baseball isn’t real high on the to do list in Idaho. People tend to enjoy the great outdoors/high country, too much to settle into a hot bleacher seat for an evening. I have a distant family member pitching for the A’s farm team in Vermont. I wish he was closer so that I could see him play. Maybe someday?


  3. (More info per TBLA)

    Ryu’s next start will probably come on 5/23 or 5/24 – His pitch count will be in the neighborhood 65 or 5 total innings.

    McCarthy’s next start will probably come on 5/22 – his pitch count will be in the neighborhood of 45 or 4 total innings.

    (Both should make the rehab jump to AAA [Oklahoma City], in order to face higher skilled opponents.


  4. Way to rebound from a very disappointing Thursday night loss and take 3 of 4. At least the offense is showing signs of getting it together. Big test ahead with the Nationals coming in. Go Dodgers!!!!!


  5. Is that what you call a literal walk-off?
    I still won’t take a wild card option to the playoffs. If that’s what it takes, let the fuckers sink.


  6. I’ll take a walk… walk-off win any day. The Giants are making it hard to gain any ground lately, but they can’t keep up that pace forever.


  7. Our can’t miss bonus baby prospect Zach Lee has been traded to the Mariners for no-hit (except for AAA) utility infielder Chris Taylor.


  8. The Giants may be 6 1/2 games out in front and on an 8 game winning streak but the wild card standings show the Dodgers are very much in the thick of it.


  9. Every team hits a bump in the road at some point during the season and the giants will hit theirs at some point. Our guys are showing some life and could be moving into position to make up some ground. Anyway that’s what I’m looking for. That and another reliable starting pitcher.
    I’m mildly surprised Lee got traded, since the team is hurting for starters. He obviously didn’t figure in the FO plans, but we’re not exactly overloaded with starters right now. Maybe something is in the works or they just would by pass him and use a different minor leaguer.


  10. Lee was not working out. The big clue to this was that when Bolsinger got sent down, Frias was brought up. Zach Lee was pretty low on the starter depth chart. Chris Taylor might some day become a regular Dodger second baseman or shortstop. Zach Lee was not going to become a Dodger starting pitcher.

    None of this helps the 2016 team. We are in rebuild mode.


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