The Dodgers were out-hit (12-8), but they managed to put those 8 hits (1 each from Utley, Seager, and Venable – 2 from Gonzo – and 3 big shots from Turner) to good use in plating 3 runs, winning the contest in extra- innings [10], 3-2 on a rope a dope single with the bases loaded, by Justin Turner.

Lbirken – Whom is usually the “written comment of reason” around these parts, chimed in afterwards, cautioning us all not to get too down this early in the season.

“Glad Justin Turner showed up tonight. Folks, we are all frustrated watching our Dodgers continue to struggle offensively. The pitching has not been great but it has not been all that bad if the boys could help out the pitchers. However, I think what frustrates us more is watching the Giants continue to win with an offense that also struggles. They are winning the close one run games while the Dodgers are not. We can always hope that a win like tonight is the start of a big turnaround.”

D4 says, “I’d like nothing better than for this to be the case! However, sensible money says, otherwise.”

I just don’t think they have enough muster to get everyone going at the same time, with consistency. Whether it’s on the mound, or with the stick. However, again, I’m often wrong!

Tru says,” Thank-you JT for carrying the team tonight!”

Oldbrooklynfan says, “That old red magic.”

Griz says, “Looks like Turner has decided to fish.”

Fishing is fun…

“So Come along with me…Come along with me…”


Saturday, 5/18 at 7:10 pm

RHP Chase Anderson (4-6, 4.42 era) faces RHP Mike Bolsinger (1-4, 5.76 era)

The remaining 2 games of this series are scheduled to be blacked-out to most (Non-TWC) subscribers in the greater Los Angeles area




69 thoughts on “WALLY SAYS, “WOO-HOO!!! WIN STREAK!!!”

  1. Here’s hoping Tru-Mom doesn’t retrieve some white-out and a sharpie, before changing Aces to POS.

    Keep her on the sweet side tonight Mikey!


    • He throws a bunch of off speed stuff, a few are bound to float through the zone. He may be replacing somebody out in the pen here before long?


      • He ought to be replacing somebody driving a cement truck. Not that there’s anything wrong with someone driving a cement truck, but they don’t make anything like half a mil. dollars a year, and most of them do their job a lot better than Bollsinger has done his so far.

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  2. It would be great to see the Dodgers keep the ball rolling tonight.
    I don’t know if anyone else is paying much attention to it but we’re only a 1/2 game back of the second wild card position. I know most people don’t want to hear about it, right now, but I thought it might be nice to pay some attention to it, while we hope to catch the Giants.

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    • I know how you feel about the wild card, and it has been part of the game for how many years now. With the payroll that our vaunted ownership/management has at its disposal, frankly if it comes down to competing for the wild card as our entry into the post-season, I’m going to root against the Dodgers. That may be unseemly, and I wouldn’t have thought of that before the Googenholes took over, but that’s how I feel now. Sorry to offend anyone’s sensibilities.

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      • To me, It doesn’t matter how the Dodgers get into the post season. If they win the wild card playoff game, they’re in. I don’t see what difference it makes.


    • Well, maybe the Teamsters have a baseball team, and Bolsinger can pitch for them occasionally while his cement truck is being loaded up.


  3. The hell of it is, what do you replace him with? There has got to be someone in the organization that can pitch through the sixth. There are way too many duds on this roster.


    • Montas is doing well in AAA

      Ryu needs about 2 more rehab starts

      McCarthy needs about 3 more rehab starts

      They can all most likely out-perform Bolsinger

      Stripling would be another option in a pinch


        • Other times it will act weird if there is high traffic…this usually only happens when the east coasters are active.


          • I’m watching it on the tube, not my PC. My Cable provider added it before the season started.
            I’m catching about 4 out of every 5 words Vin says. I couldn’t decipher his little story on Koufax & Berle & it really burned me. No one can spin the old yarns like Vin!

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  4. I hope some official is waiting in the Brewer dugout to hand Braun a cup to piss in for testing. I wonder how often he gets tested now since he got busted.


  5. As for trade rumors, no Braun. McGwire was bad enough. Do sabermetrics take character into account? I’m out of the country but this franchise still reeks a bit a half world away.


  6. Woo-Hoo!!! Nice come from behind win. Great to see Turner getting his groove back. And to a lesser extent the rest of the offense. Bullpen did a great job. I would not be surprised to see Bolsinger put on the DL. When he left the game he was holding his side and Vin was speculating on whether or not he was injured.
    Hope Maeda can get us the series win tomorrow. Go Dodgers!!!!!


  7. I’ll probably miss some of today’s game as my daughter, Claudine and I will take in the Mets/Braves game at Citi Field.
    Happy Father’s Day.


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