WALLY SAYS, “There ain’t no magical beans gonna can save this years team!”


Wally is advocating, “That Grandal take a seat and the Dodgers insert Barnes behind the dish!!”

His plain as black and white sibling Beav states, “That this teams playoff chances are about as likely to happen as Lumpy doing a full-on Ozzie Smith backflip!” Which should leave the always sensible Front Office no choice, but to work on selling some of it’s assets.

D4 says, “Baez throws like his uterus is barren!”

I’m sure Messagebear made a comment as well, but to be truthful, he’s kind of been lacking with his bearlike character as of late…If he can pull it together in the future, I’ll begin a Messagebear series as well.


Griz says, “Every lineup is rubber-stamped by the main office before it is brought to the attention of the home-plate ump.

Oldbrooklynfan says, “There ain’t a soul in blue that can hit .282!!”

(When Seager struck out to end the game he finished with his average under .275. Now no one is hitting .275
Seager, Gonzalez, Puig, Utley and Thompson are hitting between .274-.250, Turner, Peterson and Kendrick are between .249-.200 and Grandal, Hernandez & Ellis are below .200,)

Kahli says, “Is Vinny still around? When I turn on the Dodger Channel, all I get is empty picture, after empty picture, after empty fucking picture…”

(Beav has it right when he says it’s a rebuilding year. The Guggs reinvent history better than Winston Smith in 1984. It’s “not a rebuilding year and Vinny’s absence on TV is not hurting our brand.”)

Tru says, “She loves the new WALLY SAYS, series” …It is kinda fun!

(…You know for a Non-Vinny/Non-Winning kinda year!)

Crash is still AWOL, but maybe he went to find the team a big bat on a tropical beach somewhere??? I mean makes more sense than the newly formed institution finding Venable on a deserted island!

VL says, “Ward was a little hard on the Beav last night!”

(Hmmm…Maybe we should turn him loose on Baez!!)

Tonight we should learn what the Dodgers highly thought of pupil Julio Urias has absorbed between outings.

RHP Zach Davies (5-3, 3.88 era) faces LHP Julio Urias (0-2, 582 era) – 7:10 pm

The remaining 3 games of this series are scheduled to be blacked-out to most (Non-TWC) subscribers in the greater Los Angeles area








38 thoughts on “WALLY SAYS, “There ain’t no magical beans gonna can save this years team!”

  1. Of all people who should be held accountable for this mess including the players, I’m inclined to give at least a hall pass to Roberts. How can you manage with a 4 player bench when that bench consists of Hernandez, Ellis/Grandal, Venable/SVS and Kendrick on a nightly basis?

    The bullpen is like playing Russian roulette, because on any given night one of them is bound to go off, and you never know which one.

    No regular can even hit .275.

    Starters? You’ve got Kersh. Maeda who’s at least decent/good 2/3 of the time. Crap. A kid, whom I at least see makes little improvements each time out and needs to keep pitching and learning. More crap. And 2 injured pitchers whom I honestly don’t think will be able to pitch their way out of a wet paper bag ever again.

    Top all that off with a FO that evidently dictates line-ups.

    I pity poor Dave.


    • Well said, Beav!

      Kazmir’s pitch count last night was (93). Thrown in a paltry 4 innings of work. These 4 innings of work weren’t conducted in a pressure packed environment such as Citi Field. This wasn’t 4 innings against the likes of the league leaders such as the Cubbies. Kazmir who is slated to be paid $11 Million this season and $16 Million in both 2017 & 2018, isn’t some fresh faced youngster just up from some mid-western town. Kazmir began the season as the teams so-called #2 starter. I’m gonna have to steal a page from the WALLY SAYS HANDBOOK and go with TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE !

      The smart money would be to assume that neither Ryu nor McCarthy will amount to anything even remotely resembling a season savior. McCarthy fared okay (at least in the win-loss category) in his short stint last season, relying on mostly breaking balls if I’m not mistaken? What are the chances he can repeat that type of performance coming off of Tommy John and fresh out of the gate to boot. Ryu may not even make it through the weekend.

      I want to know what possessed Roberts to stick with Baez after watching him avoid Grandal’s intended target in the previous inning? (He was lucky he got out of it, not skillful in doing so) The guy was missing by yards not inches!

      I don’t think hitting .275 should be the barometer for great hitting. Unfortunately for this squad, its shooting for the stars! WALLY SAYS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE !!

      I’m not inclined to give Roberts shit!! He can earn it just like everyone else!!

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  2. I almost forgot
    Did y’all notice this tweet

    J.P. Hoornstra ✔ @jphoornstra

    Heated dugout argument between Turner and Grandal.

    It happened after Grandal’s misguided attempt to take second base, that almost cost the team a run.

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  3. In the series with the Giants an observant foe would have noticed that the opponents closer was rushing to the point of balking.

    Last evening an observant employer would have noticed that a member of his crew was off the mark. Especially if it has been an issue in the past.

    Who’s the fucking bench coach? What the hell does he do in the dugout during a game?


  4. Details on Kazmir’s contract:

    $8M annually is deferred for three years with no interest, to be paid out 2019-21, reducing present-day value to an average of $44,954,652 under MLB calculation and $45,335,913 per the MLBPA

    This right here leads to a rebuilding effort your honor…


  5. Now that we’re mostly in agreement that this squad is about as real as a sack of fake dog turds.
    (I don’t like speaking in this manner, but it seems to fit)
    I’d much rather these guys turn things around.
    However until then…

    I pose the question…

    Which current Dodger player needs to step his game up the most, in order to be acquired at the trade deadline by a competing team?


    • I’m becoming like you Beav…last night even know I didn’t put it into script here on the blog. I muttered, this is fried ice-cream. I’m going to sleep! Then turned the tv off. I did this the night before as well. Not even Vinny can keep me interested for the entire game these days.


  6. I have been out of it. That series in SF fried me. Perhaps it was the saturday game I went to, and I had to see it live, yes i cant deny it happened. But I vote for KIKI hernandez needs to step up, I know it is residual from him being thrown out at 3rd, when he was already there, it would of been another run had he not been thrown out. and then there is the Kenley blown save and loss. Ouch
    So on the positive Turner and Kendrick are about to start hitting.


  7. It looks as if Honeycutt is schooling the youngster on his pick off move. Perhaps teaching him that the 1st basemans target will be just above the bag and that he needs to follow through in order to become successful in hitting it?


    • He was as good, if not better than anyone on the staff not named Kershaw. After 3 innings he had thrown 53 pitches. So he can still improve. He looks a bit more at ease on the mound though.


  8. I see somebody loaded all the chambers in tonight’s round of bullpen roulette.

    Anyone care to give odds on this team finishing above .500?


      • Our local disc jockey live tweeted how hot it was in the booth, while wearing her San Francisco cap. I told her she was certain to become much cooler if she took the Halloween bucket off of her head. She laughed and said ouch, then used an abbreviation to propel her club forward. I was done, I had no value after that. Which is what began the thought process of where they’d eventually end up,


  9. Glad Justin Turner showed up tonight. Folks, we all all frustrated watching our Dodgers continue to struggle offensively. The pitching has not been great but it has not been all that bad if the boys could help out the pitchers. However, I think what frustrates us more is watching the Giants continue to win with an offense that also struggles. They are winning the close one run games while the Dodgers are not. We can always hope that a win like tonight is the start of a big turnaround.

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    • That was a nice, fun walk-off win last night. Justin’s performance was outstanding. This is what the fans pay to see.

      Smart money says, “This type of excitement and play will be short lived.”

      This team just doesn’t have the go-nads to produce consistantly.

      It’s hard to be successful winning one run ballgames, when you only score two runs birk.

      They’ll be sellers at the deadline, not buyers.


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