Dominator in the Desert

The Dodgers fight to retake the West continues in Arizona.


After winning only one game of a 3 game series up North against the division leaders. The Dodgers rode into the Arizona desert last night. Where they will attempt to restore justice.

Game 1 should feature Mike Bolsinger against Zach Greinke.

We’re all too familiar with Greinke’s gunslinging skill-set. So, I’d say it’s fairly safe to assume that it’s gonna take something that has been amiss this season for the most part. Such as a bugle call charge from the entire Dodger Calvary to overtake the Snakes. Not only tonight, but the next two games as well. If they plan to avoid notching up another mark towards their 2016 Tombstone.

What are your thoughts on the series?

Can the Boys avoid being bitten by the Snakes and maintain pace?

O.K. Corral or Tombstone…

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday or Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck…

You make the call…






73 thoughts on “Dominator in the Desert

  1. Different city and opponent but so far nothing has changed. Guys get on base and there they stay. I am sure the players are just as frustrated but they are the only ones who can do anything about the situation.

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  2. If it wasn’t for Seager, this team would be sucking hind tit in the division.
    I’ve done my part. My All Star votes are maxed out for getting him in. . .

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    • Show me anything that FAZ has fixed so far – FAZ and his highly paid minions are the problem.
      Oh, and the Guggenholes, but I’ve said that all along.


  3. The Dodger site talks about Greinke being a thorn in the side, but I say B!@@#$%T!!! He’s no more a thorn in the side than the little leaguer down the street would be. The right thing was done by not signing him and WHERE ARE THE GOD DAMNED BATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That same 12 year old kid could produce more than these guys. Year after year of this crap.

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  4. Will Venable excel?
    Will Venable suck?
    Over and under?

    Dumpster Divers, L.L.C.
    A. Friedman, PODO
    (President of Dumpster Operations)


  5. Just when I think there is nothing left to say, I am proved wrong. Funny how we were all wondering about how the Dodgers would compete with this pitching staff. Except for Kershaw, there were so many questions. While it could be argued the pitching has not been great (again, except for Kershaw), it has not been quite as bad as we expected. The Dodgers had a lot of options to improve pitching but chose not to trade any high level prospects or spend a lot of money on higher profile free agents.

    The real problem is the offense, so should we now be talking about trading high level prospects for someone who can hit and play defense? If the Dodgers were not willing to “sacrifice” the future to obtain valuable arms, does it make any sense to do the same thing to get someone who can hit, if in fact there really is someone out there? Not so sure this will be any easier than going after pitching, and in fact, I believe it is more difficult.

    I will say I am tired of hearing about all the bad at bats and all the work the Dodgers say they have done to address this problem. But what else can be said about a team that continues to miss so many scoring opportunities? This has been a problem for the Dodgers for years. Championship teams win close games; they find ways to win.

    The good news is the Dodgers were in a similar position this time last year and ended up winning the division. The Giants also seem to struggle offensively. So it is possible for the Dodgers to turn things around. Let’s hope they do it soon.

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  6. Venable has had plenty of experience on mediocre teams, so he should fit right in with this bunch.
    Actually looking at his recent record with the Phillies minor league club before being released from there, Friedman is striking a new level of underachievement.
    FIRE FRIEDMAN and all who report to him.


  7. Yea , what is this nepotism in baseball, friedman gets kazmir, roberts likes venable, coletti gets schmidt, is this some good brother thing, venable may only be here till puig gets back?, poor Barnes back at OK, and there we tie it all in with the theme of this series


  8. The boys uncharacteristicly have given away two runs tonight but hopefully have not given up another pitcher. Amazing Maeda was able to make a play.


  9. Signing Venable makes me wonder if Ethier is further away from coming back than we thought. However, not much of an upgrade over Crawford except for the defense.

    I think they should put Grandal on the DL and keep Barnes.


  10. I know Messagebear is against the Wild Card and so is everybody else, but if that’s the only outlet or inlet to the postseason, what’s the difference?,


    • My problem with the wild card Brooklyn is, why play the season? You play 162 games to win the division only to have some second rate team who didn’t play well enough to win be able to get hot at the end and waltz in, sometimes staying hot enough to win it all. It makes playing the entire season moot.

      Only solution is to add 2 more teams and play 8 4-team divisions where only the division winners get in.

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      • In baseball the Wild Card is equivalent to the $13 beer.

        It increases profit margins.

        I have no real problem with this though.

        I also wish they’d make the rules the same for both leagues.


        • I don’t think a wild card team necessarily has to sneak in. A team can hold a wild card sport all season. It’s just the best two second place teams. The bad thing about it is one loss and you’re out.
          Sometimes the wild card team has one of the best won and loss records of the final 10 teams.
          Nothing to be ashamed of.

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    • What’s the head to head record since Goldschmidt has been facing the Dodgers?

      I’m thinking if they win most of the time anyways…why walk him?


  11. The Dodgers have the lowest BABIP in the Majors (.269), 27th-worst team batting average (.232), 25th in OBP (.307), 28th in slugging (.377) and 24th in wRC+ (88). While some bad luck and shaky bullpen performance in high leverage situations have contributed to their stale season so far, the offense has dragged down the team especially in one-run games.

    As of June 15th.

    Faz has failed……The eggheads don’t have a clue how to construct a championship ball team…

    I would DFA Friedman and Zaida for assignment…. They suck..

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  12. Our pal crash has been missing in action the past few days…I trust all is well.

    I’ll go ahead and change the thread as soon as I get some chores done up in here…

    (If there’s already one up by then, that’s fine with me.)

    If anyone out there has anything they’d like to see become topic in a post. Let me know. If anyone would care to script such a post, again let me know, and we’ll see to it that that becomes a reality.


  13. I remember Gagne’ was rough and tough when he came into a game. Jansen is very calm on the mound. Two different personalities, same result.

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  14. Just thought I’d throw this out there as well. My surgeon released me yesterday to resume my normal activity, within discretion of course (I probably shouldn’t become a piano mover or sheetrocker again anytime soon). I still have some healing left to do, but it’s become closed up enough that it doesn’t require any type of dressing.

    This was my first trip to the hospital for any type of surgery and having two somewhat major ones done in 45 days was trying.
    I took photos of the hernia operation the day after (it was a hole about 6 inches wide, 6 inches deep and 6 inches long as well, the first nurse could stick her entire hand inside) then put my smartphone next to it yesterday now that it has almost closed completely. What a difference. The human body is an amazing thing.

    The most difficult part of the ordeal was being laid up and relying on other folks to assist me. I’m thankful for them all, yet glad to be back on my own two feet, doing for myself.


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