Go Dodgers!!

The Yankees may of been Pedro’s Daddy, but the Giants damn sure weren’t ours!!

This ain’t no fantasy. This is the future!!!



53 thoughts on “Go Dodgers!!

  1. Dear Mr. Turner.

    I was not conscious during your recent home-run. Could you please hit another one. Preferably during the “Early Bird Special” at a “Time Warner” participating “Sizzler.”

    Thank you in advance -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


  2. I keep track of the games on game day, so I don’t really get the whole picture while the games are in progress. I’ve been concerned about Turner more than others as he’s been hitting third, but he apparently has been hitting line drives that aren’t falling. So that part is good, but I was looking at last nights line up with Joc (.222) batting 6th, Grandal (.189) 7th, Kiki (.207) 8th. Kind of disturbing.

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    • It’s my belief that Kike needs to be involved. He’s active and moves all over the field. He’s a good young utility player, for this young team. He’s a good clubhouse guy too. They said last night that his batting has improved as of late. Turner just needs to find his groove, ya’ know,

      …he’ll get there.


  3. The hitting on the Dodgers is terrible. It went unnoticed last night as Cueto has that effect on team hitting. But of late only seager seems to have an eye on the ball, although after last night, he may be suspect also. The Dodgers got lucky last night. also Bochy didnt craft a good in game management, small ball in couple of those situations and the gnats would have had their lead.
    GO Dodgers Please start hitting, its getting pretty scary when Kershaw has no wiggle room for error or has to go get the hits himself to win, there arent any other Dodger pitchers that can do that.

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  4. I think they’ve started to gel a tad. Before, Utley was the pace setter. I’m not sure we have a pace setter any longer. In so much, as the team is getting more involment from other key guys. Mainly, the youngsters in Seager, Thompson and like I said, Kike has turned a page…Pederson is smiling, he covers CF well and (my money says) he’ll be competing with these guys too. Barnes is up to give Grandal some relief. Grandals stick will benefit. The pitchers ( Anderson will slot in nicely once healthy) have made adjustments as well. With Utley and Kendrick getting some rest, their endurance should prosper. Not to mention the baby of the bunch, has good stuff on the hill. He can only get better and that may come sooner than we believe.

    Being gritty, and determined never hurt anyone…remember the Young Guns (What we’re their names again? 16 sounds familar.) They did a lot with less, then became highly competitive. And don’t tell me it was cause of Manny…Manny was certainly a pace-setter, but they became a team after that.

    I could go on, and on, and on…

    These guys are beginning to enjoy the work night again…



  5. Casilla balked at least 4 times in the 9th. He doesn’t always come to a complete stop for a full second. There is always some type of movement.


  6. That’s one that got away. Not the greatest base running and Jansen didn’t have anything tonight. A couple of positives, though. Beat ’em tomorrow with the kid pitching. Not that long ago Kershaw was the kid, now he’s the man. Maybe some of this will rub off on Urias.


  7. I have not seen Kenley much this season but it seems he seldom gets the easy 1-2-3 inning. The front office had a reason for going after Chapman this past off season. Perhaps it was because the Dodgers do not want to pay Jansen what a new multi year contract might cost, perhaps it was something else. What do you think are the chances he will be a Dodger next season?


  8. lbirk, Dodgers don’t like to pay pitchers, especially relief pitchers, lots of multi-year cash. Entertaining game tonight. TV is a really cool thing, a great invention. Seems the Dodgers are either too young, still learning…or past their most productive years and sliding down. The only player in his dominant prime is Kershaw.


  9. lbirk, At the rate Jansen is blowing saves, I wouldn’t want to give him any kind of a contract either. We’ve got a long way to go and he can get things right, but unless he improves I don’t see him getting much. I forget, though, at times how much money these guys have and how they like to throw it around (away?).
    I don’t see any closers waiting in the wings, so if Jansen leaves they’ll have to go out and buy another one.


  10. All of the sudden Jansen is timid towards throwing strikes. Trying to get ahead of the batter with an above the shoulders, first pitch fastball in my opinion leans towards something being amiss.

    Other than my above comment…I’m not so disappointed in the teams performance (well maybe I’m a tad bewildered by that awful swing with the bases loaded by Joc) that was horrendous. (The defense could have been a little more fluid as well). All in all though, it was a battle of grit, that a historically gritty, home team won.

    I still say if the balk would have been called on any number of Casillas pitches in the 9th. Good chance the outcome ends in the Dodgers favor.


    • Look at the tape…Casillas was very inconsistent with his pause and then delivery. It was at times all continueous and at other times the pause was seconds longer.

      Pay attention in the fucking dugout!

      At the very least if it was brought to the attention of the umpiring crew. A nervous hurler, gets even more rattled!


  11. I wouldn’t want to see the Dodgers fall to 5 out and I’d sure like to see them get back to 3. We don’t play the Giants for a while, so I think it would be great to leave as close to them in the standings as possible.
    I guess everybody feels the same way.


    • You never want to go backwards regardless of the time of year. You always want to better the Giants on any given day.

      This squad has made improvements since Opening Day. They’re playing better overall as a unit. Are they where they need to be…Probably not yet. Can they improve even more? Most certainly. There’s a lot of baseball still to play. There’s a lot of things that can still happen. Some that will result in positives and others that wont.

      The heading of the blog (thanks to our buddy crash) says, “We call ’em as we see ’em!”

      I’m seeing improvement.


  12. There has been some improvement. Turner is hitting some line drives that are falling in and the BP has been steadier. the bottom third of the lineup made some contributions and Grandal could have made more if he wasn’t getting screwed on several of those called strikes. When we quit doing funny things on the bases and Kenley gets back on track, we should be OK. Maybe not great, but decent.

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  13. I’m gonna guess that our young hurler will expose his ability to make valuable adjustments tonight. I sense this will be his best outing yet.

    Just a hunch.


  14. Urias isn’t helping his pitch count out. Hopefully soon he’ll learn to trust his stuff and the defense behind him


  15. Bochy said that his guys were having difficulty catching up to the Urias fastball. He also mentioned the fact that Urias had a good curve. 54 pitches after 3. He looks a little more refined and even seems to be disappointed when he throws a bad pitch.


  16. It took 21 Gint sticks for Urias to make a mistake and give up a run.

    Good outing from the kid. As he continues to make adjustments and learn the ins and outs of pitching at this level, he’s gonna blossom.


  17. Ironic Urias has his best outing so far against the Giants on the road. Perhaps the start time helped him but he still leaves the game losing.

    I would think management did not want to use Urias this early in the season and especially in the road situations. He seemed to handle these starts with poise. Hopefully he has a bright future with the Dodgers.


    • You could see them schooling him in the dugout during his outing against the Rockies. I believe being around the veterans has been most beneficial. Just my guess.


      • I remember them talking about using Urias in the bully where they could get him acquainted and control his pitch count easily. As luck would have it the bully sorta straightened themselves out and helping the front line became a pressing matter. Just another guess.


        • What a ride Urias has had too. I mean most were worried about bringing him up too soon…they brought him up alright. Then threw him to the wolves, (so to speak) in New York and Chicago. If that wasn’t enough his next start was his first at Dodger Stadium in front of family and fans. Tonight he showed his mindset in the way he handled the gritty Giants.

          Tip of my cap to him.


  18. That was a great start for Urias until the last pitch. Brandon Belt, who was badly fooled by a curve on the first pitch, was able to reach the down and away hanging slider and power it out of the park. He looked unbalanced in the replay, but put a charge in his swing.

    Where are they now?
    First round draft pick Jason Repko, who is mostly remembered (by me) for crashing into the right field wall and injuring his ankle and crashing into Raphael Furcal in a spring training game and putting him on the disabled list for over have the season, is still playing… for the York Revolution of the independent Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.


  19. Repko was gamer, just a little short on enough talent to stay in the bigs. He sure wasn’t afraid to run into things.
    I think the club house guy should sneak in there , steal all the bats and burn them. Start over.


  20. The old achillies’ heel, weak offense, has as we all know, bitten the Dodgers again. If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be 5 games back.


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