Colletti’s Team


Who on this team was brought in by Ned Colletti?

Corey Seager
Adrian Gonzalez
Justin Turner
Scott Van Slyke
Andre Ethier
Joc Pederson
Yasiel Puig
Clayton Kershaw
Kenley Jansen
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Ross Stripling
Julio Urias
JP Howell
Yimi Garcia
Pedro Baez

Who came in after Ned Colletti got demoted/promoted/pushed aside?

Yasmani Grandal
Chris Hatcher
Austin Barnes
Kike Hernandez
Chase Utley
Howie Kendrick
Trayce Thompson
Scott Kazmir
Kenta Maeda
Alex Wood
Brandon McCarthy
Brett Anderson
Mike Bolsinger
Luis Avilan
Louis Coleman
Chin-Hui Tsao
Adam Liberatore
Joe Blanton
Casey Fien

Who was on the team or in the system before Colletti?

AJ Ellis


87 thoughts on “Colletti’s Team

  1. Didn’t Ned also bring in Blanton and Tsao? I think we could start a new category in Jeopardy. I’ll take Twice Made Mistakes for $100 Alex. He was brought in at the trade deadline to be a starter, the other was banned from baseball in Taiwan for betting on games. Who are Blanton and Tsao? Right, go again. Twice Made Mistakes for $200. And the answer is, “He parlayed half a good season into a 3 year contract. Who is Matt Guerrier. Oh no I’m sorry. The question – Who is Brandon League?

    Seeing that song on the right by perumike… good gawd, was that really 8 years ago?

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  2. This is the first time I’ve seen Urias pitch and he does leave the ball up quite a bit. He should be able to correct that with good catching and coaching.

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  3. Happy with the win but another anemic night for the offense. I understand why Urias is with the big club but management was right to keep him in the minors during Spring training. He does not seem ready but at least he seems to be comfortable on the mound. We can only hope he has a high ceiling.


  4. A lot of zeroes on the box score. Utley’s average is starting to fall and couple of the regulars never had much of an average to begin with. We’re not in bad shape, everything considered, but a couple of things are going to have to start falling in place to contend. Obviously, we need another starter from somewhere, and the veterans, Joc included, are going to have to hit. The BP hasn’t been that bad lately, except now that I’ve said it, they’ll get hammered tonight.


    • Things don’t look too good as far as the offense goes but the rest is keeping up with the Giants and the wild card. The kids look good, so I’d say this team is doing rather well, at the moment.


  5. There’s a lot of talk that Jonathan Lucroy can be available in a trade with Milwaukee. I think the Dodgers should send Grandal and a couple minor pieces (one could be Puig) to Milwaukee for Lucroy.

    Grandal is good when healthy, but he’s not healthy often. When he’s playing and not healthy, his bat really drags down the offense. Grab Lucroy, put him in the batting order amongst Seager and Thompson, drop Turner to the 6-8 part of the batting order, and the offense will be much more productive.

    Now, if only we could get one of our 2009 all-star starting pitchers to get healthy and pitch – McCarthy, Ryu, Anderson, anybody?

    At least Urias did improve from Game 1 to Game 2 to Game 3.


      • Think of where they might be..
        if they hadn’t reshaped the order. Kersh would of most likely faced tougher opponents?
        Not that he’s not the best hurler on the planet, just that he doesn’t always get the best support.


    • Im gonna give you credit for admitting that they’ve become a team. You couldn’t of done this two weeks ago. 😉


  6. I turned the game off in about the seventh. They were tied.

    Just watched the ending. That was a power swing. It looked Winfield-ish…


  7. Lineup

    Hernández SS
    Turner 3B
    González 1B
    Thompson CF
    Van Slyke RF
    Kendrick LF
    Ellis C
    Barnes 2B
    Maeda P

    1. Turner is still high in the lineup – he should not be higher than #6.
    2. Why does a 22 year old superkid all-star, rookie-of-the-year, MVP candidate Corey Seager need a day off, especially when he has a day off tomorrow?
    3. When will Kike start hitting again? Do we trust his glove at shortstop?
    4. Kendrick manning the outfield again?
    5. Why is slow Adrian in Trayce’s way? Get outa my way, old man.

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  8. Kendrick and Hernandez need work. Gotta play ’em.

    Seager can use a rest too…

    Kike was fine when he was being used. Use him. He’s young and very versatible…That’s seems to be the demographics. Now let ’em become better than average every Dre players.


  9. How about

    Kike lf
    Trayce cf
    Seager ss
    A-Gon 1b
    Van Slyke rf
    Turner 3b
    Kendrick 2b
    Barnes c
    Maeda p

    Is that so f&&&ing hard?


  10. I bought a 12 pack for the game. It’s been too damn hot to drink beer though. It’d get warm to fast.

    I’m gonna try again tonight.


  11. Never too hot to drink beer, put the beer in the river or refer,
    This line up must be a showcase for a future trade? It certainly doesnt look like the line up to win a game, knowing that tonights opposing pitcher is over 4.0 ERA, and that Price and Madbum are having a shoot out at the phone booth. To pick up a game tonight would be awesome, with the weekend series ahead.


  12. Pudding and beer sounds like an explosion waiting to happen.

    The opposing pitcher is doing well this year away from Coors Field. Last year he was a slacker both at home and away.


  13. Great line-up. Great hitters.

    Well people they’ve done the impossible. They’re taken a poorly constructed team and rendered it even more impotent.

    Kudos to Roberts and Faz for their ingenuity.

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    • Even if we luck out and win this game….right now, we are truly stinking up the joint. And, if we don’t wake up before Friday, the Gnats will bury our asses!

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  14. Again with the lineups. It does not seem to matter; this team just does not hit.
    Meetings, video sessions, different hitting coaches and now a new coaching staff and little has changed.

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  15. I’ve got to say, D4, that the things you post are more interesting than what our team is doing. How’s the stomach?
    At some point the veterans are going to have to step up, earn their millions. The kids can’t carry them everyday, there are not enough of them.

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    • Thanks. I get lonely and bored.

      My stomach has almost closed itself up. It’s on the last little home stretch now.
      I still need to be careful using my abdominal muscles no heavy-lifting. I hope I don’t rock the bass boat too much in the morning.

      I’m gettin’ out of the house finally.
      Heading to the reservoir to seek some fish.


  16. I’m not a great one for making up songs, I mean I don’t put them on here, but that old Supremes song “Where did our love go?”, keeps coming to mind. Just substitute bats for love.


  17. Oh Brother, last night just sucked. Now if the plan was to provide rest, lets see how that works. Because Last nights game was important to win. yes and the next 3 become critical.
    Damn Descalso has been a pain ever since he was with the Cards.
    So now the dodgers will have to deal with Pagan, Posey and company.
    Coming in to Frisco: Kershaw, Kazmir and Urias and hope the Dodgers Hitting finds a way to win


  18. The frightful thing abut this team is that should Kershaw once have a less than stellar game, this team could go sucking for a week and a half.

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  19. Kershaw knows that to win he needs (a) a stellar pitching game, (b) some crazy and amazing fielding plays on and off the mound, and (c) himself to manufacture at least one run.

    The rest of the team can be counted on for bupkis.

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  20. He sort of had that last start. 6 IP, 4 SO, 1 BB, HBP (Norris-P?) and a Balk. and he scored a run on the hit he had.
    He usually comes back strong after a bad outing. I/We/ The dodgers need that Friday Night.


  21. Good thing Colletti is not calling the shots. Matt Latoes was just released. I’m sure Beav would love to see them take another shot at Latoes. LMAO!!!!!


  22. That kid pitcher we drafted – Dustin May, just HAS to make it to the big leagues. A mop of carrot top hair like that HAS to be in the show.

    He and Holmes should make it on their coifs alone.

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  23. It’s Kershaw against a much better offensive team than the Dodgers. The Giants are very patient and don’t swing at anything that isn’t a strike. They have good eyes on each pitch and are taking incredible close pitches.


  24. Once again the Dodger offense makes it tough on Kershaw. I suppose the Giants could say the same thing tonight but they came from behind to tie up the game.


  25. Crash…I know the camaraderie levels are way down on this blog these days. Meaning not much is said in the form of conversation no matter the subject matter, but this was a great post.

    In our more productive days…this would have tilted the comment section.

    Your efforts are appreciated!


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