The Rockies are coming to town, five games back of the Dodgers, and eight and a half games behind the first place Giants.  Just a word about the picture above.  I really don’t want to see Justin Turner on deck behind Corey Seager any more.  At least not until he has proven that he can reclaim his hitting form of 2014-2015.

Corey Seager hit 62 home runs in four minor league seasons.  He has already hit eighteen home runs in the majors, four last September and fourteen already in 2016.

Starting Pitchers for the three game series at Dodger Stadium against the Rockies:

Tyler Chatwood (6-4, 2.99 ERA) @ Mike Bolsinger (1-2, 4.20 ERA)
Eddie Butler (2-3, 5.65 ERA) @ Julio Urias (0-1, 9.39 ERA)
Chris Rusin (1-4, 4.62 ERA) @ Kenta Maeda (5-3, 2.84 ERA)





30 thoughts on “Rockies

  1. New post celebrating Seager’s home runs and wishing for Turner to be demoted in the line up.

    Kids are cool, old guys drool.

    Except for Chase.

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  2. Lineup – not exactly what I was hoping for, but hey the kids are at #2 and #3.

    Turner 3b
    Seager ss
    Thompson cf
    Gonzalez 1b
    Kendrick 2b
    Hernandez lf
    Van Slyke rf
    Ellis c
    Bolsinger p

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    • They’re wasting Seager batting him second. He should hit 3 or 4 period.

      Then again, this line-up is pretty much a joke, so why the hell not?


  3. Hopefully Turner will turn (no pun intended) things around at the plate. The Dodgers are much better defensively when he is at third although Kendrick has played well there as well as left field. .


  4. Seems whenever this team scores more than 10 runs in a victory, the following game the offense always slumbers. . . 😦


  5. Didn’t expect much from this line-up, but one f-ing hit? If SVS and Hernandez are the best OFers you can put out there, then you aren’t going to win many games. These guys sure know how to build on a winning streak, however modest it may be. Well, you put garbage in you get garbage out.

    And Bolsinger? Is he really the best you can do? The guy f’ing sucks and always will.

    This team is so flawed it isn’t even funny. Even Ned’s teams didn’t have this many holes. And by holes, I mean of the ass variety in the FO.

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  6. The little guy, is the red headed kid above in my profile pic. The second kid resembles me, only taller, and can already hit better.


  7. Boise will be tipping the scales near 100 degrees today and tomorrow. I ain’t got nothin’ to do, but drink.

    And write a song…


  8. Lineup request (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS)

    Utley .268/.352/.405/.757
    Thompson .270/.352/.548/.900
    Seager .283/.340/.526/.866
    Gonzalez .280/.362/..395/.757
    Pederson .226/.325/.440/.765
    Grandal .192/.305/.375/.680
    Hernandez .214/.289/.379/.668
    Turner .223/.322/..326/.649


  9. Turner’s OPS by Month: April .654 May .699 June .367

    Turner’s OPS the last 28 days: .585

    Turner’s Slugging Percentage by Year:
    2014 .493
    2015 .491
    2016 .326

    Come on, Doc, you just cannot leave this guy in the #3 spot any longer. He’s a black hole in the middle of the lineup.

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