Cubs – Games 3&4


Here’s a new post for the second half of a four game series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.  Mike Bolsinger is the starting pitcher tonight.  Why?

Alex Wood is on the disabled list with sore muscles and perhaps a problem with his pitching elbow.  Kenta Maeda still has swelling in his pitching hand after getting hit with a batted ball in his most recent start.  Ross Stripling is in AAA, in order to conserve his innings count.  Hyun-Jin Ryu has had a setback on his path back to live MLB pitching.  Brandon McCarthy, Brett Anderson – who are those guys, again?  Oh yeah, they’re hurt too and nowhere near to returning.

So Bolsinger goes tonight, then Julio Urias will likely start tomorrow’s early day game (starts at 11:20 PDT/ 1:20 pm CDT / 2:20 pm EDT).


47 thoughts on “Cubs – Games 3&4

  1. Lineup (annotated)

    Kike 2b – I hope he has learned to hit again
    Turner 3b
    Seager ss – makes a lot of sense to let the kid hit against Lefty Lester
    Kendrick 1b – Gonzalez gets a rest day
    Trayce rf – Puig has a sore hamstring – 2015 all over again!
    Joc cf – hit some homers, buddy!
    Ellis c
    Crawford lf – see Puig above
    Bolsinger p – starting rotation is currently Kershaw, Kazmir (hope for no taters), pray for rain, pray for rain, pray for rain.


  2. Funny, the Front Office has a billion employees…but there’s no room for Alex Guerrero on the roster. As far as eating contracts, why not keep Guerrero and eat Crawford’s? It’s not like the Dodgers couldn’t use a bat every now and then. Whatever. Not really passionate about it one way or the other.


  3. Just have to get used to the fact that we are rooting/hoping for a mediocre team to somehow win us a championship. Ain’t gonna happen. This team as currently constructed is nothing special.. And, no where near a WS contender.

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  4. Not with the pitching in the state it’s in and the offense can’t consistently outscore anyone. I certainly agree the club isn’t anything special right not, though the FO, all 500 of them, must be wearing out their brain cells coming up with ideas. I’m hoping they hit on a couple of good ones. Like coming up with a front line starter instead of depth.

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  5. We’re all gonna follow ’em whether they stink or not.

    Yes, that includes Kahli too.

    Beginning with the second coming of Urias today…

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  6. Funny comments about the many front office folks who we assume are working day and night trying to figure out how to make the Dodgers better. Unfortunately this brain power has not figured out how to get the current roster to hit, especially with runners on base. Nor has it figured out how to find enough pitchers who can go more than 5 innings and can stay healthy.


  7. Now that the Vagiants game is over, MLB has this game on now. The Hillbilly Bum went through the Braves like shit through a goose today. Three 2 run homers did them in, with the Hillbilly getting one of them. 😦


  8. Julio at MLB school today:

    Lesson 1 – It’s hard to get MLB hitters out.

    Lesson 2- The Dodgers offense isn’t going to help you.


  9. Ironic that a Dodger team that has been hitting home runs the past few weeks is getting pounded by home runs today. In fact, the Dodger pitching has been good the first three games of this series.

    Still not sure what to make of Urias. He does show some promise but there is little about these two starts that makes one think he will be a superstar unlike the first few times I saw Kershaw when he came up to the big leagues.


  10. I think I read somewhere that Urias had an astronomically high ERA in AAA last season. If that be the case he sure figured it out. Hopefully he’ll do the same here. Plus, he has the potential to improve not only as the season goes along, but in upcoming seasons too.

    Give him time.

    As Kershaw said, ” Urias has 5 quality pitches, I have 3.”


  11. It’s always a bad day (for us) when the Giants win but it’s a lot worse when we counter with a loss. The Dodgers have to find a way to stop giving up all those home runs.
    Well at least we didn’t get swept.


  12. If this 2016 squad is going to compete and play into the fall. They’ll have to do it by becoming gritty. Sure they need some help at the deadline, but they need grit and determination to get to the deadline alive.


    • Things happen to teams along the way. What’s hot today can become cold tomorrow. Ya’ gotta keep fighting like you belong!


  13. hey the good news of this game: Hatcher! check his work today. getting blown by the cubs shows where the dodgers are at, take 4-7 from Mets, but the dodgers need more to get past Cubs. There is a calvery out there but when Dre, Ryu, SVS etc come , lets hope the dodgers dont fall to far

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    • Basically the problem is that Friedman SUCKS. He’s been highly overrated, and that’s to his benefit in attaining his position with a major market ball-club at a huge salary and a bevy of highly paid equally useless yes-men in the Front Office – none of them have produced SHIT for results in the performance department. Ultimately it comes down to the Guggenholes, who should have stayed with financial investments and out of baseball. All they know about baseball can be summarized in one stuck up their ass.


  14. Jhall, the ladodgerreport article pretty much sums it up. Pretty hard to get excited about the team now. Things turn and change, we can only hope the giants don’t get away in the mean time.


    • Anything is still possible. Their roster could be DL ridden in the days to come. Pence is already leading the way in that aspect.


  15. The Giants play in St. Louis while the Braves play in Dodger Stadium. You would think, all other things being equal, that we could pick up a game on the Giants this weekend. However, we know that this year’s Dodgers are not equal. At least Kershaw is pitching tomorrow.


  16. I didn’t see the following complaint on the ladodgerreport. Kershaw needs to start every five days without exception. So far, the Dodgers have sent him out every sixth day half the time, every fifth day half the time.

    When you have the greatest pitcher on the planet, you should make the most of it. Send him out there every five days, for crying out loud.


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