Maeda and Crew Try and Right the Ship



Otherwise it’ll be off the planks ya’ go…

Avast, ye mateys, we got a sinking ship of losers that can’t hit straight.  Now off the plank ye go!  You first, Mr. Puiggy!  Now Hatcher!  Now Baez!  Now Grandal!  Now Howie man!  Now A-Gon be gone me lad!  And Utley!  All ye old farts that kinnit hit get outa hier!

Rebuild this ship me mateys!  Bring in the youngsters and let’s be goin!  Follow young Corey’s lead, he’ll show ya how to hit the ball!


Have Fun & Rally On

Won 2

Rally On…

Julio Urias got the job done in game one of the Milwaukee Brewers series.  He was not helped by one Pedro Baez.  He was helped by one heroic catch by Joc Pederson.  Now it’s fellow rookie Brock Stewart’s turn to show us what he has got.

From yesterday’s fun:

griz said:  “At this rate they’ll have to let Ned out of his closet so he can resume dumpster diving.”

Beav said: “I still wish they’d throw in the towel and go whole hog into the youth movement though.”

JhallWally said:  “I’d like to give our FO an enema. They are full of shit.”

messagebear said:  “I’d settle for two good prospects; one who can actually hit for some power and preferably be a catcher, the other a starting pitcher who’s not had a Tommy John surgery already and isn’t on the verge of one.”

koufax1963 wrote a song:  

Id like to see the dugout in harmony
No squabbles with Puig to see
No injuries, swollen knee and all are pain free
On the bench Turner can jaw at Grandal
But on the field somebody has to call for the foul ball
The Dodgers as a team are not living the dream
Although FAZ is trying to make it seem
We all know this is not the real thing

lbirken had a lot to say – see yesterday’s post for his discussion of the front office and the 2016 Dodgers.

messagebear told the front office where to get off

jhallWally said “3 for 14 with RISP. UNACCEPTABLE!!!And unsustainable if you hope to contend for a playoff or championship…”

he added “Why is Baez still on this team. The dude sucks like a Dyson…”

Meanwhile, I’m not sure what the lineup will look like with Joc Pederson taking a rest day or two or four to let his bruised shoulder heal up.  I think (unless I didn’t count right) that puts us at zero able-bodied left handed hitting outfielders.  Get well soon, Joc.  Get well soon, Andre.

‘Twas nice to see Grandal get two RBI’s yesterday, but he still went 0-5 with four ground-balls (one for a double play) and a strikeout.  This dude is not right.  We traded away Matt Kemp and we got a catcher who hits .178.

Anyways, good luck to the Dodgers and good luck to Brock Stewart!  May he get his first major league Win and his first major league hit!  Follow Julio’s lead!

Move Over Julio, Here’s Brock Stewart


Julio Urias is no longer the New Kid on the Block.  That title now goes to Brock Stewart, who will get his first major league start on Wednesday in Milwaukee facing the Brewers.

Brock Allen Stewart was drafted by Dodgers in the sixth round of 2014. He was originally drafted by the Mets in 2010 in the 40th round straight out of high school, but Stewart elected to go to college at Illinois State University.  He started out as a third baseman.  The coach of the team was his dad, Jeff Stewart.  Brock converted to a pitcher during his senior year of college (2013/2014 college year).

After the Dodgers drafted him in 2014, Brock pitched okay, but not great in 2014 and 2015 in the minors (WHIPs of 1.544 and 1.358, respectively).

In 2016, Stewart sports a WHIP of 0.826 and has rocketed up from A+ to AA Tulsa to AAA OKC. He’s a right hander, and Geez we know we don’t have many good right handed starting pitchers, so here’s looking forward to his first MLB start in Milwaukee on Wednesday.

Tepesch Mode


Everybody else is either hurt or a known poor pitcher (Bolsinger), so the Dodgers call on Tepesch Mode for a spot start tonight.  He will try to:

Meanwhile, the offense will go off on Jameson Taillon, a rookie right-hander who has given up four dingers in his first three major league starts.  Look for Corey Seager, Justin Turner, and Joc Pederson to all go yard.

Buy or Sell?


After a six game winning streak, including a sweep of the Nationals and Puig’s gallop around the bases, I am in a quandry as to the buy or sell question for July 31st.  Should the Dodgers use the trading deadline to pick up some more prospects, or should they fill the known holes and go for playoff success in 2016?

The holes they are a-plenty.  Let’s start with the starting rotation.  Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher on earth, but he only goes at most once every five games days.  Kenta Maeda has become a reasonable facsimile of a trustworthy #3 starting pitcher.  Scott Kazmir, if he could stop throwing gopher balls, is another #3, or is he a #4?  Julio Urias rounds out the four-man rotation, but will the FAZ Front Office keep him in the rotation for the rest of the season.  Wait, was it four men or five men?  Uh, yeah, five man rotation, so who is the fifth?  Bingo, we got a problem.  Right now, FAZ seems to think they can fill that hole with broken promises and guys on the disabled list (Ryu, McCarthy, Anderson, et. al.)

Bullpen – Jansen (see Kershaw).  Hatcher – how the heck did he get Bryce Harper out last night?  Let’s just say Hatcher is unreliable.  Ditto Pedro Baez.  That leaves us with Louis Coleman (not bad), Joe Blanton (the ageless one), and Adam Liberatore (not bad).  Did I forget anybody?  Did somebody say How?  Or was that Howell?  JP Howell?  Who is he?  Is he still on the team?  Last time he pitched was June 17th, and he has logged 4 1/3 innings this month.  Sports a 5.06 ERA for 2016.  So I count roughly three holes in the bullpen.

Defense – not bad, so let’s move on to the offense.  Hit and Miss.  Where are the holes?

  • First base – the old man with the bad back no longer delivers the butter ‘n eggs.
  • Second base – the old man is slowing down, visibly aging this season.
  • Catcher – Grandal is not often healthy, Ellis is not often hitting
  • Right field – Puig can’t deliver the hits reliably
  • Left field – a hole currently partially filled by Kendrick and/or Thompson

Maybe Andre Ethier will come back and fill all the offensive holes with a thirty game hitting streak and monstrous home runs.  Maybe the Easter Bunny will appear on the Fourth of July.

Then again, the Dodgers are only 5.5 six games behind the Giants.  After a six game winning streak, the excitement of the 2016 season is growing.  So what say you?  Buy or Sell?