Wrigley Field


Dodgers play the Cubs today on Memorial Day at Wrigley Field, the second oldest ballpark in the MLB.


48 thoughts on “Wrigley Field

  1. Puig has been mostly solid on defense this season but it is his offense that has me concerned. He started the season looking good but has reverted to the over anxious undisciplined hitter we have seen since the latter part of his debut. However, with Ethier and Van Slyke on the DL, Puig will continue to be in the lineup.


  2. Okay. I’ll admit I had low expectations for this game with them coming in on short rest, but the offense was just downright pathetic today!. . 😦


  3. I’m guessing espn has something in their contract with mlb making it possible for them to dictate which games they get to show and the time they show them. The night game in NY followed by yesterday’s game put the Dodgers at a real disadvantage and I think they probably had nothing to say about it. Does anyone know for sure how this works?


  4. Griz, I do not know for sure how schedules are made but from what I recall of articles about this subject teams do get to make requests. However, I am quite sure they have little or no say about start times with regard to nationally televised games. I would think the players do not like Sunday night games much as Sunday is usually a get a way day for many teams but we will never hear teams or players complain about it. Wasn’t it a few weeks ago when the Dodgers had four or so games in a row, each with a different start time?

    It does not seem fair to the players to have these difficult travel schedules but as we all know, the TV gods sometimes rule the roost, unless it is a local cable channel trying to call the shots.


  5. Andre Ethier has not yet been cleared for baseball activities. He will not be playing when we originally thought he would.


    • Elbow for Wood, which means after he finally started pitching better he gets to have a TJ. But then, wasn’t that warned when he was acquired that his delivery had the makings of a TJ written all over it?

      What is it with this FO and acquiring high risk starters? Even Ned didn’t do this bad. His guys never were worth a shit, but at least they could take the ball. Couldn’t do anything with it once they had it, but at least they took it.

      And I see Guerrero was finally DFA’d. How many of Ned’s leftovers do we have anymore? Crawford. Andre. AGon.

      Lord I hope the FO decides to sell at the trade deadline. No use trying to save this corpse of a season. If I may play the coroner, I think it was homicide by the FO. I had really hoped that the guy who was able to put together a team in TB that successfully competed in the AL East with the likes of NY & BOS could come here and really put together something, but I was sorely mistaken.

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      • We’re still in it my brother. I think the FO will be seeing it that way. I don’t look for them to sellers. In a way I wish they were. But I don’t think we have much of interest except our young prospects. That kind of defeats the point. I don’t think we would have any takers on the older players on our roster. The only person that would trade for Crawford is Ned and he is still in our camp.

        I would shop Puig. I don’t know what we could get right now as he really sucks.. But, I would unload him in a heartbeat for a good haul of prospects.


  6. Ok, I will say it: most of us hoped the Dodgers would not be no hit today let alone outlast Arietta and get a win. That is why we keep watching.

    Good to see the other side suffer a loss when its ace starts a game.

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  7. Seeing the demise of Guerrero, the sliding back of Puig, the suspension of Olivera, whom we signed and traded to the Braves, I’m going to raise an issue that I think deserves consideration. All these Cuban players and probably many more come out of a regime where winning at all costs is probably the norm. What then are the chances that the Cuban program has been sustained for decades by use of PED’s? Before we signed any of our guys, did we test them for enhancement drugs? Is it possible that once they’re under MLB with restrictions against certain drugs many of them can no longer perform at a level we would expect based on their Cuban team performance?

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  8. May was a pretty good month for the Dodgers. Now let’s see some more of the same in June. Maybe even catching the Giants.


  9. Lineup (annotated)

    Kike 2b – I hope he has learned to hit again
    Turner 3b
    Seager ss – makes a lot of sense to let the kid hit against Lefty Lester
    Kendrick 1b – Gonzalez gets a rest day
    Trayce rf – Puig has a sore hamstring – 2015 all over again!
    Joc cf – hit some homers, buddy!
    Ellis c
    Crawford lf – see Puig above
    Bolsinger p – starting rotation is currently Kershaw, Kazmir (hope for no taters), pray for rain, pray for rain, pray for rain.


  10. Not the line up I would put in to win vs Lester. Utley would be in, Gonzo would be in, Crawford would be out. KIKE or Kendrick would be in Left, if Puig is feeling stiff. Trayce come up with a big game


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