No Vinny (yet) No Blackout – Enjoy Folks!


Kershaw and Colon – Rubbergame

Play Ball!


28 thoughts on “No Vinny (yet) No Blackout – Enjoy Folks!

  1. Okay! This is kinda funny. I lost my satellite signal (just as that ball sailed over Jocs head) and my phone is blacked out.


  2. I read how Doc stated that the team wasn’t playing as a group.

    I know Beav stated much the same a while back, mentioning something was amiss with a team snapping selfies. I too said they needed to come together like that Fucking 88 team as Gibson describes them.

    I’m a bit younger than most on here, and the 81 team is probably my favorite. Finally putting it all together after so many heartbreaks. Plus they did it against Steinbrenners Yankees.

    I can’t remember how good that team was during the season? I seem to remember it being said that the 88 team didn’t really belong? (Strike year was it not?)

    I guess what I’m getting at is two-part. What year sticks out in your mind and why? Plus I’d say anything can happen between now and the last pitch thrown in 2016.


  3. The ’81 team took advantage of the strike shortened season but I always felt the ’77/78 teams were better. However, the ’88 team had some magic; still looking for that to happen.


    • Now he’s got a lead, I wouldn’t be surprised if he brings in Coleman or Blanton for the save after that stunt.


  4. Dave Roberts should thank Gonzalez for this one. Dodger hitters made this game tougher for Kershaw. But two out of three (and a win on national TV) against the Mets in New York is a job well done.

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  5. Roberts should have used Kenley for a 4 out save. He hadn’t pitched since Wednesday. And why is Puig batting 5th. He sucks. Kendrick starting over Thompson is another questionable move by our novice manager. So far, I am not impressed with Roberts. I think the FO installed him as their puppet yes man.

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  6. Typical Kershaw game, even though he wasn’t around for the win, he was there in spirit. AGon pulled us though as he’s done so often and Kenley put the icing on the cake. Most Met fans quietly observed.


  7. No doubt, it’s going to be another tough series in Chicago. Without Kershaw, it’s going to be hard to avoid a sweep by a team like the Cubs, but, I know, we have to play the games before I draw this conclusion.


  8. Happy Memorial Day


    I sure amy glad to be an American.

    I sure am proud of all of our soldiers.

    Mostly though, I sure am thankful to those who gave their all.

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  9. I’m kicking back watching a little baseball today. I’m currently watching the Braves rack up runs on Samardzija.


  10. Just a quick update on my status as far as recovering. My wound is healing fairly well. I have a small spot that may be infected (Doc will check me out on Wed.) It was over 12cm deep and has closed itself up a bit. It currently stands at 4cm deep. In about a week I may be able to ditch the vacuum I have attached to me stomach.

    It’s been a long 66 days since that 1st surgery. Pain wise it hasn’t been that bad at all. Being unable to do much and being cooped up inside is wearing thin however. It could be worse though, so I’m thankful.

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  11. I’m hopeful crash will continue his valued and appreciated work by posting a new thread. If he’s unable to do so I will throw a new one up at game-time.


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