Julio Urias, LA Dodger


Julio Cesar Urias, age 19 years, 9 months, and 14 days, will be the starting pitcher against the New York Mets tomorrow, Friday, May 27, 2016.  Not to be too hasty in making comparisons, but other notable left handed Dodger pitchers made their debuts:

Sandy Koufax, age 19 years, 5 months, 25 days
Fernando Valenzuela, age 19 years, 10 months, 14 days
Clayton Kershaw, age 20, 2 months, 1 day – what a slacker! [calm down, you know I love ya.]

Julio Urias was discovered during the same June 2012 scouting trip that landed Yasiel Puig. The Dodgers paid a $450,000 signing fee, most of which went to his Mexican team, to sign Urias.  He has spent three and a third seasons in the minor leagues, averaging a 2.78 ERA and a WHIP of 1.081.  His innings pitched were 54 in 2013, 87 in 2014, and 80 in 2015.

Urias has been burning up AAA ball with the Oklahoma City Dodgers this year.  His record is 4-1, with an ERA of 1.10, a WHIP of 0.780, and 44 strikeouts in 41 innings pitched.  He comes into the big leagues riding a 27 inning scoreless streak in AAA.

Regardless of whether this is a spot start, one of a few starts until Ryu is ready, or whatever, this will be an exciting day for all Dodger fans and for one Julio Urias.


64 thoughts on “Julio Urias, LA Dodger

  1. The youth movement is taking over. First Pederson, then Seager, then Thompson, now Urias.

    Step up and play or get out of the way! (I’m looking at you, Carl!)

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  2. It sure gives me and my Dodger fan companions from Think Blue LA something to look forward to on Friday night. I’ll be at all 3 games of the series, as usual.

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  3. Im Shocked, but if wood got hurt, and stipling has to stay in AAA, and bolsinger just pitched, and certainly no one could be moved up. I get it, Urias is here. vs De grom what a challenge, I just hope our bats start hitting. Welcome Julio. If he pitches well, it will make things interesting for the future.

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  4. Please tell me they DFA’d Tsao for Urias’ roster spot.

    Too bad he has to go up against DeGrom. I doubt we score more than a run.


  5. Talk about watching, wouldn’t it have been very timely, and even appropriate, for Time Warner to sell the right to broadcast at least this one game to a public LA station, so that a maximum number of fans could at least see what the fans might consider as a historic start to a new Dodger’s career.


  6. deGrom vs Urias. Here we go. This should be quite a series with Maeda/ Syndergaard tomorrow night and Clayton against Colon on Sunday night. I can’t help wondering how the Dodgers will stand on Memorial Day.


  7. I heard a bit and read interviews with Andrew Friedman about this move and frankly, this guy uses a lot of words to answer simple questions without actually answering them at all. After all the discussions during spring training about Urias potential and the need for pitching and the goal of protecting the young arms, I find it curious they choose today’s game for Urias’ debut but so be it. Perhaps it is a desperation move, perhaps it is just the best alternative to where the Dodgers find themselves today. Hopefully it will be the start of something really big as the Dodgers certainly can use a shot in the arm.


  8. Be cautious about using today’s outcome as a projection or extrapolation of Julio Urias’ 2016 MLB season. Firstly, there are the usual small sample size issues – whether he does well or poorly does not mean that will be repeated in Starts #2, #3, etc. Secondly, because he is still building up arm strength and ability to pitch lots of innings, do not expect him to be in the starting rotation for very long.


  9. Obviously cannot draw any conclusions from Urias’ first inning other then to say he has to be a bit disappointed. Too many pitches.


    • When Grandal and Hunny came to the mound all Urias did was nod his head. He was nervous and pumped (the crowd was very vibrant too). Let him calm down and gain better control.


  10. Certainly did not see a comeback tonight. Dodger hitters should study Utley’s short stroke that resulted in the double rather than Seager and Thompson swinging from the heels.

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      • Change game to league…
        Baez makes me miss Brandon League and his season of no Homer’s allowed. DOH!

        That should be the bullpens new battle cry!!



  11. I can’t help but wonder if bringing Urias up to debut in New York wasn’t just timing, but designed to see not only how he would fare against good talent, but under the duress of a boisterous crowd such as one would encounter in a play-off setting. (Everyone knows having 3 quality arms goes a long ways and currently the team has one).

    Anyhow, I hope he gets another opportunity to take the mound under more subtle surroundings.


  12. Kike has had his playing time severely reduced with Utley and Kendrick, plus the quality play of Thompson. Utley has been a pace-setter on the field, (which may explain why the rest are swinging as if they have an implanted pacemaker) and Kendrick has been roving from spot to spot. Thompson looks to be a future starter, with that future being now. I suppose without Kike it puts a lot more weight on Turners recently repaired knee as he’d become the main back-up at shortstop. Although, Kike doesn’t seem to be getting the amount of at-bats one would assume is paramount to swinging a valued stick.


  13. Howell in the hell does a guy have his glove come undone (laces) after being summoned to pitch late in a game from the bullpen? My thought-line here is that until the game actually begins this piece of equipment basically takes the place of his right hand, (what the hell do they do in the bully during games? Is there a movie playing? Perhaps a Parcheesi tournament? ‘Cause they’ve all been a little Parcheesi this season if you ask me!) He’s had several innings to do much needed repairs. Howell in the hell does he not notice this? Or does he? And he just shrugs it off as if to say I don’t want to upset the balance of the FO and those sabermetric numbers. ‘Cause we all know if I become too focused and begin to upgrade my performance those numbers will change and as I mentioned, upset the balance of control.


  14. I think we’ve all seen the invitation to vote for our Dodgers 5,000 times for the all star game, or is 10,000.
    The only every day guy I’d feel good about voting for is Utley. Over these two months into the season, he’s the only one getting it done on a consistent basis. I sure didn’t expect that. If he keeps it up, it’ll be interesting to see if the Mets manager picks him for the game. I doubt he’ll be voted in.


  15. Besides watching Urias making his debut in person, it was just another Met Dodger game at Citi Field last night, except for that surprising comeback in the top of the 9th inning. Boy Utley really shut them up.
    My friend True Blue Will and I were just kidding around when the inning started and wore our caps on crooked (my idea) and called them our “rally caps” and as we all know it worked.
    Too bad it wasn’t enough. I was happy to come home and see the Giants also lost.

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  16. I am sure everybody thought Urias would have better results, but he will be in the starting rotation for 2017, and he had some good stuff, and will get better, the leap from AAA to the Show is huge, now Urias knows. Its getting to be a good mix of young and veteran Dodgers. The 9th inning became exciting, give it up to the old guys, as our young core of Joc, Corey and Trayce strike out, if they would of put it in play the Dodgers might of won that game, or they could of hit in to DP to end it. Really the game was the same old stuff, weak SP that cant go in to the 6th, and a BP that cant hold a lead or even a Tie after the team rallys to get Urias off the hook for the Loss.
    I guess what I am saying is Im expecting the young kids to perform in the clutch, but that just went up in smoke for me. Trayce should be in left, when Dre comes around, then let them hit for it. kendrick can go back up Turner (who just hasnt got it yet) or Gonzo. Kike just isn’t hitting.
    Maeda, oh my, I have so many concerns about him, maybe he will surprise me today.


  17. With all the hoopla about controlling Urias innings by using him in the bully. They bring him up to replace a starter that is all but guaranteed to make his next start. In the confines of Citi Field nonetheless…then after the kid performs less than stellar, under severe pressure, they demote him again and call up a recently acquired reject from one of baseball’s lower echelon teams. Just to clarify my use of the term lower echelon. I mean the team with baseball’s worst record.


    • I’ve found that the attitide of a few of my
      Facebook friends, whom have been long time season ticket holders has changed just a tad. They havent been as pee-chee-keen, happy-go-lucky these days….

      I can’t say I blame them one bit either.


    • He got hit in his pitching hand by a batted ball back around the second or third inning. Was having trouble batting. Pitching – he sure did okay!


  18. It was all Dodgers tonight after what looked like for no reason at all ump Adam Hamari threw Syndergaard out of the game. I really don’t think he would’ve thrown at Utley at that point in a scoreless game. I’m sure the NY papers will have a lot to say about that.
    Utley sure showed he can still hit, at least, after Syndergaard was out of the game..
    I’m just hoping the Dodgers have more runs in the tank for Kershaw.


  19. It seems to me Utley elevated his game the last time the team was in New York. He played his entire career in Philly, so these are somewhat comfortable surroundings to him I’d imagine.

    What do they say? “You can lead a horse to water, but it takes a stud to defeat a rival?”

    Now if we could just get a few more guys to pony up and raise the bar. We might be able to overtake the Giants.


  20. After the fireworks last night, we should have something more exciting than usual to watch on espn tonight.
    I think we should enjoy Utley while we can, he’s one of the last of his kind. Too bad he didn’t spend his career in Blue. Syndergaard was trying to hit him, no doubt in my mind. He tried to do it the right way, the ball was down, not around the head, and behind him, hoping Utley would step away from the plate into the pitch.

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    • I agree that he was trying to hit Utley.

      I find it hard to imagine him throwing like my grandma at the carnival dunk tank. (Pony up another dollar Mama Syndergaard, I’m getting a sunburn up here!)

      I also agree with it being done the right way.


  21. If someone would’ve tried to hit Utley on Friday night, especially while the Dodgers were trailing 5-1, I’d believe it. BUT I find it hard to believe it happened in a scoreless game with one of the Mets’ top starters doing it.
    If he actually was trying to hit Utley, I think it was one of the stupidest things I ever saw in a major league baseball game. Are you kidding? The Mets are fighting for first place.


    • He missed the plate by 3 feet.

      Again, how does their best pitcher miss the plate by that much while pitching to a hated opponent, in a game where he isn’t struggling with control?


  22. I just took a peak at the standings. The Dodgers are currently 26-24 which puts them at .520. This win percentage would land them in 3rd or 4th place in any other division in baseball. In the NL West it lands them 4 games behind the Giants. Who incidentally bestow MLB’s 2nd best record.

    With over 100 games left to play, changes in the standings are certain to come.

    Putting up a record of 27-24 after tonight means the team is headed in a positive direction. Even if it’s just for one game. No matter how hard you try all you can do is win one game at a time. Stringing together wins still happens one game at a time.

    Go Dodgers!!


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