The Reds Are Coming


What have the Dodgers come to?  A team that cannot beat the Angels unless the greatest pitcher in the world (Clayton Kershaw) is starting.  A team that cannot beat the Padres unless they go seventeen innings.  A team that cannot hit.  A team on which the closer cannot seal the deal.  A team on which one Yasiel Puig does not know to advance to third base on a bunt to the third baseman.

At least today, Dave Roberts will hand the ball back to Clayton Kershaw and let him do his thing.  Why Clayton didn’t start yesterday’s game is a good question.  Clayton has the chance to once again prove that he is the stopper.  But what happens on Tuesday, and Wednesday, and on every day that Kershaw does not pitch?  Clayton Kershaw and pray for rain, rain, rain, and rain.

Sorry for the downcast post.  Perhaps that’s what we get when the team is losing more than it is winning.


77 thoughts on “The Reds Are Coming

  1. I gotta ask oldbrooklynfan, “Does this team remind you of the Hapless Mets of 1962”? Okay, maybe the 2016 Dodgers aren’t that bad. But they do seem to lack direction.


    • If you are referring to the loss after loss after loss, it was getting to feel like they’d never win, I get your point. It did get to look like they were looking for new ways to lose.
      Let’s hope we finally turned the page and start playing better.


  2. On a note of optimism, it was nice to see both Justin Turner and Howie Kendrick going yard yesterday. If only the offense could hit consistently.


  3. Nice work crash…

    I fell asleep just as the game was beginning yesterday. I woke up in the 15th inning. I have no clue what happened other than we won.

    And that’s perfectly okay with me.


    • All I have these days is my phone, so trying to throw up a quick thread is challenging due to all the typing errors and navigational hazards I encounter.

      If you need a break just let me know…given enough time I can post something a little more in depth.


  4. I figured the game was lost yesterday when they loaded the bases with no outs and two batters later walked away with nothing.

    It doesn’t appear this team responds to anything. Might as well have left Mattingly at the helm of this wretched mess. What I’m slowly coming to realize though is that maybe Donnie and Big Mac weren’t as bad as I thought and that no one can coach this squad. I don’t know if the vets on this team just aren’t leaders or if the young guys just don’t listen. Maybe a lot of it IS Puig, I just don’t know.

    What I do know is that the FO are the ones who built this pile-o-shit so they don’t get a pass, not by a longshot. This team defies everything advanced metrics stands for.

    I also know that this team is at a crossroads and can go either way, and June is going to tell which way that is.

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  5. Frankly I’m kind of scared this crappy pitching is contagious. Maeda looked good for a minute and now his ERA is growing in a scary way. Jansen has had a couple of tough outings. I think Kershaw is too tough between the ears to let whatever this is going on happen to him, but I’m still concerned. The pisser of this is the BP showed some life yesterday, but they may not show up at all tonight.


  6. What hurts most is the giants were playing a good team, the Cubs, a chance to gain some ground, I thought, playing the madres, but NO, the giants took two from the cubs. The dodgers couldnt take two from the cubs, not now.
    and Yes Kershaw will lose a game again, I just hope not tonight.


  7. Drum roll please: The Dodgers have stolen exactly………….10 bases and have been caught 9 times, tying the Mets for 28th place out of 30 teams. The worst? Orioles, with 6 SB. That’s quite an NL team you’ve built there, Friedman & Co.


  8. That should read Friedman & Shitco. Just how many one time has-been Front Office top officials do we now employ – doing what? Current capability score – ZERO. There should be a decent retirement home for all that (valuable NOT) brain trust, not a major league Front Office paying outlandish salaries. I bet the Guggenheims don’t carry such dead wood in their corporate investment business.


  9. We should not be too surprised that this team is displaying similar characteristics to last year’s team considering the roster. It seems we hope players will produce rather than expect it, perhaps with Kershaw as a big exception. I think all the players are working hard and trying; it just seems most of the time they are not able to adapt to the shifts or the game situation at the time. A managerial and coaching staff change has not made a bit of difference, at least not that we can see.

    However, even if I am not surprised I am disappointed. So far all the brain power in the front office means nothing. The other day there was an item in the paper that said Greg Maddox was in town for personal reasons and spent some time on the field. He is a front office advisor and he is not even in Los Angeles on a regular basis? There is not one player hitting over .300, the starters typically struggle to get past the 5th or 6th inning (except Kershaw) and the relievers are a crap shoot. I am not one normally so negative but it is hard to watch this team.


  10. I can’t imagine where this team would be without Kershaw.

    Great offensive performance again tonight. Its amazing to me they haven’t been shutout more than 2-3 times. It really should be more like a few years ago when they got shutout 17-18-19 times and scored like 2 runs or under in damn near half their games.

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  11. I never did think Donnie or McGuire were that bad. When McGuire was in StL, that team managed to hit as I recall. I really don’t see why year after (insert your favorite swear word) year the Dodgers struggle for runs. I don’t think it would make any difference who managed this team, were it Walter Alston or Mahatma Ghandi.
    It would be really interesting to know Kershaw’s innermost thoughts about this. The kind of person he appears to be will want to be loyal to the only organization he’s known, he’ll never want for $$$, but will he get tired of this and look for an orginization where he can win that ring?


  12. Yesterday was the halfway point between the beginning of the season and the All-Star game. (23W – 23L)- 45 games left until the break.


  13. I know we scored a measly run in the 1st inning…but, we should have put at least 3 on the board…..get with it guys!


  14. I dont know what tp make of the bolsinger pull with two outs, but he got us to the 6th, avialian did his job, and we move on, but seriously this line up should be getting more runs from hitting, lets go dodgers!


  15. Much is being made of Puig’s lack of hustle this morning, which has been problem at times, that and his attitude. I think there are too many distractions for a guy like him, like sticking a camera in his face so he can play with crackers instead of paying attention to the game. Maybe he should just sit for awhile? Send him to OKC for a month? Hard to say. But…
    the biggest take away from last night was Turner’s 3 RBI’s. Obviously, we need consistent production from that spot and here’s hoping he’s rounding into shape.

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  16. And, note to FAZ, you need to do something about the bullpen.. Send Hatcher to the minors or packing. He sucks. It’s time to start dipping into all those talented prospects you’ve been stashing away. What are you waiting for? This team as constructed now sucks..

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  17. I just read this morning why Puig was taken out of the game, Vin may have mentioned it last night but I missed it, if he did. I was concerned that he inured himself on the slide into home, when he scored. I’m relieved to know that that wasn’t the case.


  18. I like Robert’s move, if Puig thought he had a HR, then he needs glasses, or no matter what you run to first and you can start your HR trot after touching first base. Benching him immediately was the best thing for the team. He now must learn: Hustle. Now lets see what kind of motivator Roberts is.

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  19. As far as I’m concerned, Puig’s had enough chances to “get it.” He’s worse than trying to housebreak a puppy. I agree with Wally – send his ass down to OKC for a couple weeks or a month until he learns to play the game from start to finish.

    I’m also of the opinion that Hatcher should join him until he proves he can pitch effectively. Hatcher is this FOs Brandon League – throws hard, but can’t get anybody out. Baez could use some time in OKC too. Have all three pile in the car and Avilan can drive them.

    Tsao and Crawford just need to be DFA’d, period.

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    • I cannot imagine Crawford being on a team that includes Ethier, SVS, Trayce, Joc, and ??Puig??

      You’ve got two lefties in Ethier and Joc that can smash the ball. You’ve got two righties in Trayce and SVS that can smash the ball. Then you’ve got head-case Puig. Then you’ve got no-glove, little-bat Crawford.

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  20. What got into Kazmir tonight?
    He didn’t serve up any taters & got all those K’s. . .
    Yeah, I realize it’s just the Reds, but isn’t this his first start without giving up any dingers?

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  21. I fell asleep a few times last night. The final time with one out in the top of the 9th. I take it the Boys put up a “W”.

    Outstanding night for Kazmir!!

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  22. G’nats are hot now, but they will cool off. Just got to stay close. Gonna come down to our late season matchups. We are going to have to beat them head to head to win the division. They are a good team. Right now I don’t think we can hang with them.. But, still a long way to go and I don’t believe the team we are seeing right now is the team we will be going into battle with in August and Sept. If it is, we may be screwed. Howevever, I think the brains up top will make some moves at the trade deadline. We just have to stay somewhat close until our injured players get back and the trade deadline. We’ve got a great young core.

    Please release Crawford when Ethier comes back….

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