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  1. New post so it loads faster – Lineup tonight:

    Utley 2b
    Turner 3b
    Corey ss
    Kendrick 1b
    Joc cf
    Trayce lf
    Grandal c
    Puig rf
    Crawford dh


  2. So they bring up Bolsinger to give a 5 man rotation some rest? That doesn’t make sense on so many levels. First, the guy’s only had two rehab starts and pitched a total of 8 innings at OKC. Second, he’s not hat good to begin with. Third, you’ve got Urias, who’s ready to pitch in the majors. And if they are, why worry about starting his clock? They know his up for good next year anyway. Lastly, why does a 5-man rotation need extra rest? Defies logic.

    Bully was in full meltdown mode again last night, but why bother looking for help there? If they’d had a lockdown pen his season they could easily have another 5-7 wins.

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    • Because if another arm breaks they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      Zac signing elsewhere at the last minute may have thrown a wrench into management’s plan

      Maybe he really didn’t want to play with Puig again.

      Then Chapman getting in trouble threw another wrench into they’re plans. They should have signed him anyways. This is L.A. lots of people make mistakes and continue to make headlines. Why couldn’t a ballplayer?


      • I’ve read Urias doesn’t have the stamina built up to pitch the rest of the way???

        I think he is not just the top prospect, but a marketing ace in the hole as well.

        Team circles drain…Vinny retires…Come see Urias join the other kids…Yadda, yadda, yadda…


  3. Every win now is a must win since the Dodgers are slipping away from the Giants and have the Rockies to contend with, for the moment. Tonight Stripling will be fighting to remain in the rotation, as it looks to me..


  4. Agree about the BP, a solid one and less concern about SPs. I thought dodgers were going to 6 man rotation because Maeda just cant handle every 5th day. Then reading this morning it is Stipling or Bolsinger to stay. Urias wont see Dodger stadium till September, he is being groomed just like Kershaw was. This year in the minors is important to get his endurance up, better to do that vs minor league hitting and games that dont affect a world series run ( yep, excuse my optimism)rather then bringing up now and getting clobbered by major league hitting.
    If I could isolate one problem child in the BP it would easy to fix, but Hatcher, JP, Baez, all of them bums are just inconsistent. one day they look like they belong; the next they think it is a little league field.

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    • You can trade Kike anytime…Carl has to get hot before the trade deadline in case some cash strapped club decides to take a flyer.

      We can probably get the second coming of Ian Thomas if things pan out right.


    • My back hurt so bad one day doing drywall that I had to call for a ride and crawl to the car. After 2 weeks of chiropractic adjustments I was as good as new.


    • Without Gonzalez, this offense is even more of a dud.
      Jeckyl & Hyde bullpen is a crap shoot. Hatcher & Howell should get DFA’d. As far as starters go, other than Kershaw, we all have to be in Gump mode, never knowing what we’ll get. Maeda is fading. We never know which Kazmir or Wood will show up. Stripling has a lot of difficulty finding the strike zone, and always hits the wall in the 5th.
      At this rate, this team will be lucky to be above .500 by seasons end.

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  5. Right now there’s only 3 players on the whole team I’d keep – Kersh, Seager and Kenley. This team is nothing but garbage and kids, so why not take out the garbage at the trade deadline and let the kids play everywhere? Its not going anywhere anyway.

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    • The Front Officed with all their many brains, actually have done a horrendous job. Like Beav has said, either rebuild or go for it and spend the money. This team is pathetic. They went on the premise of depth in the starting rotation. Great. Now we have 5 or 6 guys on the payroll that can’t get it done. What good is depth if they all suck. And, they decided not to fix the bullpen which sucked last year. I guess I just don’t get it. Right now, I give our current Front Office and ownership a big FAIL. I think they suck.

      Beav, I would keep Kiki and Trayce…

      The way it is going now, we should be big time sellers at the deadline…


      • By the way, Go Cubs!!!!!

        Hey, if we can’t get it done, I’m rooting for the Cubbies…Anybody but the G’nats or Mets…. Or Diamondbacks or Marlins.

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  6. The only thing that’s keeping me positive is the Dodgers have been on a roller coaster since who knows when.


  7. I agree the FO has not showed themselves to be wunderkind, but they did get us Thompson. That might get you a D- if the person doing the grading was in a good mood. Now that he’s here, Kiki is a keeper. Just don’t look at what they gave up to get him.
    And it always comes back to pitching. Perhaps Maeda returns to early season form and we get the good Kazmir for awhile. However, if Ryu and McCarthey do not return or prove to be ineffective, we’ll probably remain at the .500 level. And that’s not considering the lack of a 7th and 8th inning guy in the pen. It’s no longer early, but there is plenty of time to get this headed in the right direction. I hope so, ’cause we seem to be wasting Kershaw’s prime years.


  8. Kershaw wants a ring. If I were him, I’d be looking forward to the first available time to opt out. He could go join the Cubs in 2019 and help them win their first World Series in 110 years.

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  9. I agree that Howell and Hatcher aren’t doing anything you’d want to write home about. Neither is anyone else in the bully though. So kicking them to the curb wouldn’t accomplish all that much. These two need to get it together. They can both perform better. Now if the whiz kids at the end of the yellow brick road can find a valued arm to replace them with. We’d be talking about a realistic opportunity in letting them go…

    This team lacks focus…
    This team lacks drive..
    This team isn’t very good at the moment.

    This team is akin to a bunch of Cowboys trying to drive cattle from Oregon to Kansas without a good trail-boss. The herd needs to be a tightened up. If it were me, I’d be in search of a tough, gritty veteran who still had value with the bat, and excelled in the way of no nonsense, nose to the grind-stone, get-r-done or get out attitude.


    • Chase Utley is your man. Last night he scored three runs mostly through grit and determination. He is a no nonsense guy. I don’t know if he’s able to kick Turner and Puig in the ass and get them in gear. And Grandal. And Howie. And Adrian. And Kike. And Hatcher. And just about everybody not named Kershaw.

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      • Utley has been doing a fantastic job as a player and a leader…I agree. I’m talking about someone a little more on the vocal spirited side to assist him though.


        • The clubhouse has been missing Juan Uribe ever since he was traded. The front office should send Hatcher and Howell and Alex Guerrero and a bucket of balls to Cleveland in exchange for Uribe.

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          • Juan Uribe isn’t a long term savior, although he just might be able to energize this ball club. I would still rather see someone a little younger though. I have no one in mind as I don’t follow the entire league.


            • If it wasn’t for oldbrooklynfan, I wouldn’t even know where the team was in the standings. All I’d know is this team is playing like they deserve to be in the middle of the pack, with the possibility of heading lower.


    • If a pitcher lacks control to hit his spots and execute a game-plan, he’s relying on luck. We hear them say they’re out there putting in the work, but you can say that about every ball club I suppose. Some execute and some don’t. Last night Hatcher gave up a dinger in a pressure situation to a guy who hadn’t hit one before by placing a pitch up in the wheelhouse. It was kind of like the drunk guy playing darts in a bar that bounces one two feet left of the board. Give us a fucking break! We deserve better!

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  10. I try to be optimistic at the start of every game but, this team is so inconsistent, I end up throwing F bombs most nights. On paper, we should be ahead of the Gnats but, alas, we are not. They can score 1 or 2 runs and win a game….we for the most part, cannot. I still think with some luck and whittling of the dead wood, we can make a run at the playoffs. We shall see what, if anything, the FO has in store for us.

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    • Not to say your wrong tru…but with the addition of Cueto and Samardzija the Giants have a good solid front three. What do the Dodgers have? The best pitcher on the planet, then damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!

      The Giants have a manager that has a proven record. Who has a penchant for getting his team to snap out of a slump and come alive. What do the Dodgers have? A rookie manager who is well liked, but comes without any track record at all.

      If Ryu and or McCarthy can return healthy. The Dodgers front line will improve. That’s a big if though.

      In past years it was the Dodgers with the solid front line, yet the Giants would somehow manage to compete. Will the 2016 Dodgers somehow find what it takes to compete? (Like you I hold out hope, I still believe they can) Although, they sure haven’t shown anything to date that says they will.


      • It’s too early to throw in the towel…but if one was trying to be prophetic by predicting the eventual outcome…smart money says to stick close to the linen closet.


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