Angels 2+2


The Dodgers start a home-and-away four game series (2 and 2) with the Angels tonight.  Going into the series, the Dodgers are one game behind the Giants, while the Angels are in third place, five and a half games behind the Rangers.

The starting pitchers in this two-and-two series are:

Matt Shoemaker (1-5) at Kenta Maeda (3-2)
Jared Weaver (3-2) at Clayton Kershaw (5-1)
Mike Bolsinger (0-0) at Nick Tropeano (1-2)
Ross Stripling (1-2) at Jhoulys Chacin (1-2)

Some of the Dodgers offensive performers simply are not performing so far this year. The following shows each player’s BA/OBP/SLG/OPS for 2015 and 2016:

Justin Turner  .294/.370/.491/.861 versus .240/.324/.331/.654
Yasiel Puig   .255/.322/.436/.758  versus .234/.276/.380/.655
Carl Crawford  .265/.304/.403/.707 versus .196/.240/.283/.523
Kike Hernandez .307/.346/.490/.836  versus .194/.284/.319/.603
Howie Kendrick .295/.336/.409/.746  versus .202/.235/.213/.447


50 thoughts on “Angels 2+2

  1. ESPN said that Puig was very still in his batting stance. IDK whether that’s good or bad. All I know is he was hitting well early this year, but has slid backwards to where he is not making solid contact with the ball, similar to how he was not hitting last year. Turner has not gotten into his groove all year, and I don’t know why Roberts is sticking with him as the #3 hitter. The number 3 hitter is supposed to be your best, most solid hitter. At this point in time that is either Seager or Utley.

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  2. I’ve had the game on, but have been on the phone with my daughter. I seen the runs cross the plate, but thats about it. 65 pitches with one out in the 4th isn’t good though…


  3. I’ve never understood all the hoopla over Baez, other than he throws hard. Which by itself ain’t gonna cut it in this league.


  4. When Puigs swings and misses the ball completely. He resembles Charles Barkley trying to smack a golf ball. It’s just an ugly ass swing!


  5. The game was winnable until the bullpen (Baez) imploded againl. When you score six runs, you should win. Maeda took a tough lose. The bullpen lost this one…

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      • I gave Grandal a little slack in the write-up because his OPS was over .700 at the time and he has recently flashed some power. But I was not happy with his performance last night, especially his last at bat when he struck out on a pitch that virtually seemed to bounce before it got to the plate.

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  6. I may not want to make a decision on the basis of just one game, but after last night I am more than ready to have Trayce be the regular left fielder without a platoon.

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  7. Trayce is not only hot right now he looks like a ballplayer going in the correct direction…I agree he should be playing. The rest of these guys need to maintain better focus and begin to look like ballplayers headed in the correct direction as well. It takes a team to continue winning.

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    • Like I said Puig looks the Charles Barkley of baseball at the plate. Truth be told though…none of these guys look confident/dominate at the plate…


  8. I agree. Trayce in at LF, I can give slack to Puig and Pederson. The reason I give them slack is because they are to be the future of the Dodgers. Puig has been hitting the ball hard, close to a HR or at least double sunday, but great catch by piscotty took that away. Joc, just wishing hoping and praying that he turns it around, but there is Kike around to replace either of them if that progression fails. I just dont know how much longer to wait, that is why Roberts is the Manager. also there is nobody better defensively on the team in CF and RF. My major concern is Gonzo?? He took himself out of the game! there must be some serious pain. So kendrick will be at first? better than sticking him in LF! In the near future SVS and Dre will return, then the OF will be really crowded, and someone will have to get sent down, so then what?


  9. Making a little progress with the lineup – Seager is now #3, Joc and Trayce are numbers 5 and 6 (up from 6 and 7) – the young guard takes over?

    But wait!! Why is Hitless Howie batting cleanup? Yes, Howie has a three game hitting streak. But in 98 plate appearances this year, he has just one extra base hit (a double).

    Utley 2b
    Turner 3b
    Seager ss
    Kendrick 1b
    Pederson cf
    Thompson lf
    Puig rf
    Ellis c
    Kershaw p

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  10. Weaver’s soft tossing is throwing the Dodger hitters timing out of sync.
    They probably haven’t seen pitches this slow since high school.


  11. Its a rare treat to have a once in a generation talent on your team. Kersh is doing things few if any have done before. 2-3 more years of his “usual” production guarantees a first ballot HOF, and I believe when all is said and done that they’ll be measuring all lefties to Kersh.

    I think this team will be fine once they cull out the old dead blooms and some of the talent that’s in the minors gets their chance. That’s what I think Roberts was hired for, not to lead this transitional crew to glory, but more so the young blood that’s coming. Meanwhile he gets his feet wet managing 2-3 years during the transition.

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  12. I’ve always thought and said a good team should be able to score 5 runs and the staff makes that stand up. Of course that will not happen every night, but it seems as though that is starting to happen more often.
    Thinking back, I formed that opinion in ’77 or ’78 during a hot streak, so that idea probably isn’t realistic, but the more often it happens makes me think we’re headed in the right direction.

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  13. The kids are playing. Remember when we use to clamor for that when, Kemp, Dre,etc were younger, What I like about Roberts is he very patient and supportive of his team. Whether backing up seager when multiple errors have happens or hapless hitting (name any player) Roberts is there supporting the player, being positive. It must be fresh air in the club house compared to the previous former Yankee skippers in there.

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