Cards @ Dodgers

St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers
(Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

This weekend is an important one for the Dodgers, who are currently tied with the Giants for first place in the NL West.  The Dodgers will be playing the ever-tough Cardinals, while the Giants travel to Arizona.  Staying even or better with the Giants means beating the Cardinals two or three times.  The pitching match-ups for this series (no, Kershaw will not be pitching this weekend):

Michael Wacha (2-3) vs. Ross Stripling (0-2)  – Ross can get it done, but will need help from both the offense and the bullpen.

Carlos Martinez (4-2) vs. Scott Kazmir (2-3)  – Ummm, doesn’t Kazmir have some lingering issue that requires him to go on the DL while Julio Urias comes up to take his place in the starting rotation for a few weeks?

Mike Leake (1-3) vs. Alex Wood (1-3) – Keep your fingers and toes crossed, folks.

Meanwhile, a few words about the great one.  Clayton Kershaw has consistently improved himself every single year that he has been in professional baseball.  Just when you thought he couldn’t be any better than the prior year, he does it again.  His WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) in 2008 for the Dodgers was 1.495.  He steadily marched that down to 1.228 in ’09, 1.179 in ’10, and 0.977.  After plateauing just a little bit, he then further reduced his WHIP to 0.857 in ’14 and 0.881 in ’15.  I guess that wasn’t low enough for Clayton.  His WHIP this year sits at an astounding 0.726.  That means if he pitches nine innings, on average he will give up just six hits and maybe (or maybe not) one walk.  To put that in perspective, the all-time single season record for WHIP (minimum 162 innings) is 0.737 (Pedro Martinez in 2000).

During this short season (2016 so far), Kershaw leads all Major League Baseball Pitching in WAR (Wins Above Replacement) 2.7 games, WHIP 0.726, Walks per nine innings 0.581, Innings Pitched 62, Strikeouts 77, Complete Games and Shutouts (2), Ratio of Strikeouts to Walks 19.25, and FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) 1.48.  FIP is kinda like ERA, but it’s corrected for things like:  Carl Crawford is too slow to get to balls that drop for hits but should be caught.

How does his career compare against all active pitchers?  Clayton is third in WAR at 49.6, first in ERA at 2.40,  first in win-loss percentage at 67.6%, first in WHIP at 1.0215, first in hits per nine innings at 6.67, second in K’s per nine innings at 9.81, first in home runs per nine innings at 0.54, and first in FIP at 2.58.  It just goes on and on.

I’ll bore you with just one more stat.  Kershaw is chasing down three historic figures (two hall of famers and one can’t miss hall of famer) to post the all-time low career WHIP.  Here’s how he’s doing so far:

Addie Joss 0.9678 (pitched for Cleveland from 1902 to 1910)
Ed Walsh 0.9996 (pitched from 1904 to 1917, mostly for the White Sox)
Mariano Rivera 1.0003 (reliever extraordinaire for the Yankees, 1995 to 2013)
Clayton Kershaw 1.0215 (2008 to current, DODGERS – yeh, brah!)



72 thoughts on “Cards @ Dodgers

  1. The anemic hitting Howie Kendrick with his .188 batting average is leading off, giving Utley some rest.

    Howie 2b
    Corey ss
    Justin 3b
    A-Gon 1b
    Puig rf
    Joc cf
    Trayce lf
    AJ c
    Stripling p

    Why not Joc or Trayce to lead off? At least they know how to handle the bat.

    Meanwhile, our friend Carl is MIA. A sign of good things to come?

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  2. I am not complaining about this line up, Utley gets rest day-well deserved, Utley has been a surprise to me!
    Kendrick will get his act together and yea Carl is out and Trayce is in. Its the Cards, Play Hard! GO Dodgers!

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  3. It’s good to listen to Scully. One of the best things about him and there are many more, is when he tells stories of days gone by. He really brings back memories of my childhood as a young fan when he mentions the players of those old days.

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  4. And Kenley puts out that little fire. . .
    Such a pleasant surprise the offense showed up tonight, even though it got some help from sloppy defense. Beggars can’t be choosers. We’ll take them however we get them. .

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  5. Love those runs.
    Turner hasn’t done much lately, but some of the others that haven’t done much are starting to hit and I think Turner will too.


  6. I misssed last nights game, but I see puig with a 3 hits,kendrick with some good swings, and blanton unable to close it out, Thank you Kenley. Of note though the BP has been pretty solid of late. Which brings me to todays game, Kazmir!, The one well paid starter that hasnt been worth the money, or even half that money, this is what I would like to see change: Get Kazmir to pitch well, NO HRs, go deeper in the game.


  7. I see Carl is in lineup tonight…with an iffy pitcher like Kasmir…we need all the offence and defense possible…CC possesses neither!


  8. Oh, I been flying… mama, there ain’t no denyin’
    I’ve been flying, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’

    Seekin’ a row of three…


  9. After viewing the new Dodger Lyrics Flashback song…one wonders if Kahli could churn another tune out about the Guggenheims? I’m fairly certain as to the story he would tell, I just wonder what song he’d choose to tell it through???


  10. Couldn’t quite put the lid on this thing, but a spectacular performance from Kazmir tonight nonetheless…and the offense plates 5 runs to help throw up a win.

    Good job, boys…


  11. If Randy Wood can’t pull himself together and give his team a chance to win when he pitches…He should change his name to Alexis Embers, throw on some pole soul and work it elsewhere…


  12. Well, there’s things I am and there’s things I’m not
    I am a smuggler and I could get shot
    Ain’t going to die, I ain’t goin’ to get caught
    ‘Cause I’m a flyin’ fool and my aeroplane is just too hot
    I’m a treetop flyer, born survivor



    • I am so happy that the FO did not address the bullpen…. Our bullpen last year pretty much sucked. So our GM brain trust of I don’t know how many any more decides to just stat with the same group..

      Am I missing something. I guess I don’t get their advanced metrics.. So far, I think FAZ sucks…..


      • Yup, bully shit the bed again. They’ve been shitting the bed for years, but no one in the FO seems to grasp that.

        Shows how much better of a prospect Seager is than Joc or Puig. He’s making the adjustments to the adjustments pitchers have made on him. The other two don’t have a clue on anything but a fastball down the middle.


        • Puig is capable of making adjustments, because he hit everything when he first came up. His problems are mainly mental if you ask me. Joc is a different type of hitter. Corey made adjustments quickly in the lower leagues as well. Corey has a very bright future if you ask me.


  13. Those spinners Blanton was throwing up there allowed the Cards to put the game out of reach. Still, there were a couple of positives to take away and a series win against StL is always good.

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  14. Quite a managers free for all, there with blanton coming, pinch hitters coming in, you know getting beat by Molina does not upset too much, dont like it, but Molina is a guy I respect, who does what he has to do, and he did. I was happy not seeing Molina in the starting line up, OK they scored on our BP, up to that point the BP has been pretty stingy.
    Did you like how they profiled Turner using the Tee on ESPN? and How about the analysis of puig’s batting stance? I wonder if the Dodgers put any creedence on the former Pros analysis of the Dodgers?


    • I didn’t see the segment about Puigs stance. I did see the Turner thing though. I’m not a hitting guru (after Little League I lost interest and focused on other aspects of my game). I have no idea what the good or bad is when trying to hit the ball out in front like Turner does? I would agree that the bat speed is at it’s maximum out there though…


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