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Tonight the NY Mets come into town to start a four game series.  The Mets may have some lingering animosity towards Chase Utley, after his rule-changing slide of last year into Ruben Tejada.  Ruben is now playing for the Cardinals, but such things in baseball live on as a life of their own.  Chase Utley’s on-base percentage may improve just due to getting hit by a pitch or two.


66 thoughts on “The Slide

  1. The Mets, Last October I thought we could beat them, This May, hope we dont get swept, I pray!.
    Besides the Cubs and Nationals, The Mets seem to be best of Class, This will be a great challenge, to see where the dodgers rank. If the BP fails, then we really havent done anything during the off season.


  2. I think it’s more the fans you have to worry about in the case of Utley. Also I think the fact that Tejada is gone lessens it. But WDIK.


  3. It’s bad enough to have sub par pitching, but when you add on defensive blunders, you tend to have even lower expectations. . . 😦


  4. This season overall [so far] has been lackluster. Vinny is the only reason I’m still awake. Kazmir at least kept the game somewhat winnable…that is…if our Boys could score runs.


  5. Kazmir gave up too many runs, it’s true, but he kept the mets within striking distance if anyone cared to get a clutch hit. We basically have two pitchers that can consistently win a game given only two runs.


  6. What a debacle. So-so team and no Vinny. As the days slip by and I lose touch more and more with the Dodgers I’m left to ponder just how this ownership group could, in good conscience, drive this franchise to such a point of mediocrity and abandonment of Vin Scully. Astounding and mind boggling.

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  7. The Diamondbacks have won four games in a row (including three against the Braves). Now the NL West is a pack of mediocrity, with the Dodgers and Giants tied for first at .500, and the Rockies and D-Backs just one game back.


  8. Lineup

    Utley 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    A-Gon 1b
    Grandal c
    Joc cf
    Puig rf
    Carl lf
    Wood p

    The “new regular” lineup? Features Grandal and Joc at #5/#6, with Puig and Carl lowest in the lineup.


  9. This is depressing having to listen to the Mets broadcast lunchmeats on MLB TV. I was hoping for Vin.
    I feel the same about Ron Darling as I do about Joe Morgan. . .


  10. Until the heart of the batting order starts to hit consistently, bunching the hits, runs will be hard to come by, but last night was encouraging. Maybe we should keep this Thompson kid awhile.

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  11. It’s been hard to stay awake with the pills and the play. I listened to Vinny with my eyes closed last night. I did catch the replay of the walk-off by Thompson. I’m beginning to really like that kid.

    I’m going home later today. Was supposed to go home yesterday, but my supplies never arrived.

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