Dodgers in Toronto


The Dodgers are in first place as they begin their three game series in Toronto.  Actually, the Dodgers are tied for first place with the Giants, and with the Rockies.  All three teams are currently .500 teams, and they all lead the Padres by 2 1/2 games and the Diamondbacks by three games.

The Dodgers will try to change that by throwing Kenta Maeda (3-1), Clayton Kershaw (3-1), and Ross Stripling (0-2) at the Blue Jays, who are also a .500 team.  Toronto will counter with Marcus Stroman (4-0), R.A. Dickey (1-3), and Marco Estrada (1-2).  The Blue Jay offense is led by third baseman Josh Donaldson and outfielders Jose Bautista, Michael Saunders, and Kevin Pillar.  Catcher Russell Martin and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki are definitely under-performing with their bats this year.

Meanwhile, the Rockies and Giants will be completing their four game series this weekend.  The first game of that series featured a thirteen run fifth inning.  That game was played not at Coors Field but at AT&T Park.  Poor Vin Mazzaro now sports a 63.00 ERA.

By winning the Blue Jays series, the Dodgers can put at least one of the Giants and Rockies behind them in the standings.



92 thoughts on “Dodgers in Toronto

  1. Lineup

    Utley 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    Gonzalez 1b
    Puig rf
    Grandal c
    Kendrick dh
    Pederson cf
    Crawford lf

    (Maeda p)

    Funny that Carl is #9 in the lineup today.


  2. Bolsinger, Ryu, and McCarthy are working on coming back from disabled list, likely to appear in that order. Bolsinger could have a rehab assignment next week, the other two will be later.

    Meanwhile, Urias pitched a six inning no-hitter for OKC this week.

    Help is on the way for our starting pitcher rotation. Dunno about hitters, though. Waiting for Ethier.


  3. Disappointing! Here I was counting on an MLB TV broadcast, but noooooo! These commies have the Red Sox – Yankees game on instead. . 😦


  4. Buck Martinez was just talking about Maeda staying away to right hand batters to avoid home runs. This during Batista’s AB.


  5. One minute they are saying how great Blanton has been, getting out out a jam with one pitch. Next time I tune in, I see he gave up a game winning three run homer. Oh well, that’s baseball.
    Like Tru, like that they fought back.


  6. How many regulars do the Dodgers have hitting over .300? How long is Puig gonna be a run-of-the-mill .245 hitter? Turner at .261 is a big let down too. Kendrick and Crawford aren’t doing anywhere near a solid job. With the league leaders hovering around .500 ball. Now would be a good time to shift gears…

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  7. The ICU Doc just came around. They’ve been monitoring me due to the bronchitis I’ve been battling, leading up to the surgery. He says I’m doing well enough to go to a normal post-operation room today.

    My belly hurts pretty good though.

    When I woke up they had my hands tied to the bed so I wouldn’t take the breathing tube out…I was having trouble navigating my phone to get the game. Through a series of base signs…I was able to convince them into untying me. Luckily I get great reception on my smart phone…so I’m looking forward to watching the Boys win today.

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  8. IDK what to make of the BA differentials between road & home games with this club.
    Usually for most teams, they do better at home, but not this bunch.


  9. Kersh is a warrior!!
    High pitch count, but still goes seven strong!
    I’d say it’s time to cross the fingers & toes for the 8th. . .


  10. I watched the game in my parlor (living room) today and didn’t have access to a computer.
    Great game, we need more of them, like this one.
    Maybe more pitchers like Kershaw, I should say.

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  11. I’ll spare y’all the photo. But they just changed my dressing. I have a hole about 3 inches wide, 6 inches long and 5 inches deep where my belly button once was. You could sacrifice virgins in this thing. They left it open and put a sponge vac in it.


    • I actually think that would be a mistake. He’s being groomed as a starter. Relieving is a whole different ballgame and I think it will screw him up. If they want to bring him up to take Wood’s or Stripling’s place in the rotation, that’s a different story. There are other guys down in OKC that are relievers that are doing well. They should be the ones they bring up.

      Personally, I’d send Hatcher down to AAA and release Howell altogether, but what do I know? What I do know is that this FO doesn’t even have as much a clue as Ned on how to build a bullpen.


      • I felt the same way when I read he was being brought up to be in the bullpen. I’m sure he’s only going to be in there for a short amount of time and ready to replace someone in the starting rotation.


    • They look pink. I noticed every other game on, all players are wearing something pink, especially socks. Even the HP Ump has on a pink mask on the Rangers – Tigers game. Must be either a breast cancer, or mothers day thing.


  12. I was curious and looked in the store at the Dodgers site and there are jerseys with pink lettering for Mothers Day. For Memorial Day there will be camouflage letters and numbers. Anything to sell more product.


  13. Wow! Great catch by Utley. He’s been playing like he’s in the prime of his career. And the young guys are learning a lot from his scrappy and gutsy play.

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  14. This is the first game I’ve seen on Sportsnet LA. I’m using TeamViewer to connect to my mother’s computer and watching it from her computer on my smartphone. It’s not perfect, it misses a few frames, but very watchable.

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  15. Great win today. Nice hitting from Joc, Howie, Grandal, and Seager. Great catch by Utley. Great 4 out save by Kenley.


  16. If Baez truly is the eighth inning guy now I think it will benefit the bullpen in knowing what their roles are. Its the same mistake Donnie made for 5 years. Bullpen guys are a different breed, and I think when everyone knows their roles it settles the whole pen.

    Dodgers vs. Met pitching – over/under 6.5 runs for the series?


  17. I watched the first four innings then had to leave and returned home and happily saw that the Dodgers won and just became happier watching the Giants lose. It’s good to be tied for first place as we take on one of my hometown teams tomorrow night.


    • It’s good that you sleep. I think it means you’re very relaxed and have a lot of faith in your doctor. You’re not worried about anything.

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      • My doctor is super nice. They say he is very good at his skill as well. The nurses have all been super too. They switched me from Morphine to Percocet and the Percocet puts me to sleep. I feel better now than when I walked in here on Friday. I just have a huge Crater where my belly button once was. It’s rather pain-less though. Not bad at all.

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        • The respitory and occupational therapist took me for a little walk earlier. I was moving pretty swiftly too. They gave me their stamp of approval to go home. I still have a few hurdles left though.

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          • As long as you don’t have any bleeding from your wound, you’ll be alright. That was the only problem I had after one of my operations and luckily I had someone at home to dress it after I got home. The bleeding continued for a couple of weeks.


  18. I just watched the Mets win and they’re also in first place in their division, albeit alone with the Nats losing to the Cubs. As always for me, it will be an exciting series.

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  19. Bullpen guys do need to know their roles but they also have to perform. Should they keep those roles if they continue to struggle? The manager only has what he has.


    • In as much as I think a set line-up performs better. But yes, the players still have to perform. And no, they didn’t give Roberts much to work with.

      The point I was awkwardly trying to make is that I think we’ll get a bump in effectiveness from the bully if Baez and Blanton and Coleman et al. know their roles rather than, “hey you, get in there.” Being effective is a different story.


  20. I knew we had to play the mets at some point. Last year is a memory, that I hope doesnt open up revenge tactics on the Dodgers, to lose Utley would be really bad. I dont know, this homestand looks really tough, Im glad the Dodgers bats arent sleeping anymore because they need to be alive vs these Mets.


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