Designated Hitter


Not only are the Dodgers travelling across the country, they are playing in an American League ballpark. That means they will be allowed to use a designated hitter this series. I wonder who Dave Roberts will pick as his designated hitter. I’m guessing that in the first game, against a left handed pitcher, AJ Ellis will catch and Adrian Gonzalez will play first base as usual. That sets up Yasmani Grandal to be the designated hitter. For a catcher, that’s practically like having the day off.


65 thoughts on “Designated Hitter

  1. D4 – Get well! Keep yer innards inside yerself until Friday, when ya get all stitched up nice n good.

    Good luck Friday!


    • Thanks crash…I seen the surgeon yesterday. The skin is stretching which is causing the bleeding. Its been under control the past few days. Yes, Friday is the day, followed by a 5 day stay.


  2. Lineup

    Kike DH
    Puig rf
    Gonzalez 1b
    Turner 3b
    Kendrick 2b
    Trayce lf
    Ellis c
    Pederson cf
    Culberson ss

    (Kazmir p)


    • Read about that earlier. He must be a malcontented brat. If you can’t conform & abide by the rules, it’s adios!
      This youngster sounds very full of himself.


  3. The testing thing is odd, they take tests during Spring training, but dont reveal results till May? That is what happened to Manny in 09. Im sure they could get results sooner than this. It really puts a strain on the roster and line ups when all of sudden you have to juggle just when you got a settled a starting line up on the field come May. NOT referring to Dodgers here, just most normal teams.


  4. With the Giants loss, it should make this game more interesting. Well it should relax us a little more.


  5. I didn’t have Web access last night. I see the team scored some runs.

    The whole steroid thing irks me. They should just tear up any contract they have. Make them start over. Plus a hefty suspension!


  6. I was thinking the same thing when I saw kahli’s post. Mediocre team, some good stuff, some bad stuff. Just putt-putt through the season and go home. Of course they could catch fire and tear off a big win streak and stay hot. It happens, but nothing so far to indicate that it will.


  7. It’s May 5th, hard to guess what the rest of the season will be like. Wood was fantastic if you leave out the homers. The offensive slump hopefully will end ASAP. I’m not an optimist, but I also don’t think we’re out of it yet.

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  8. Was thinking about it this morning…

    They handed Mattingly the keys to a Ferrari. He took it around the block a couple times and parked it back in the garage. They handed Roberts the keys to a used Escort, gave him a gas card, and expect him to go coast to coast.


  9. First month assessment, IMHO, I like them, they dont give up, they score some late inning runs, whether it wins or not that shows some spunk I havent seen. Pitching will hopefully get better, add Ryu, I would set wood to the BP, but I bet stipling gets the call to AAA. if ryu comes back?, same for Anderson or McCarthy.
    Hitting, right now, is bad, but really I think Kendrick and grandal are still needing their Spring training. I really like this Trayce Thompson guy, I dont know what to do with Joc, if doesnt stop striking out, Thompson can go to L or C, and when Dre returns, and he will, put him in there as long as he hits. I am also seeing Gonzo not being gonzo, but I can let that slide for awhile.
    Bullpen: crap, might as well draw straws for any inning but the ninth. That needs to tighten up and become shut down BP. Many kudos to Utley, who is completely surprising me with his play, I suppose come August, he may tire.


  10. Man, 7:00PM starts really give me a chance to catch up on some sleep along, off course, with these off days. Thinking of you Dodger4Life. Stay well.

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