27 thoughts on “GO! BLUE!!

  1. In the name of Clayton Kershaw I say, “Nice Win Kid!!!”

    Best supporting Dodger goes to the somewhat chubby guy behind the plate…You Da’ Man!!!


  2. I always knew I was a quart low, but two quarts is probably pushing it…I’m in the waiting room at the E.R.


  3. Wow, a shutout and the only RBI. If not for Kershaw, Friedman and Co. have a 7-game losing streak. But that’s what you get with a cut and paste pitching staff. And this sabermetric crap? Maybe the hitting would come around if the same line-up was out there for a solid two weeks. But that’s not how the Guggenheim/Friedman Dodgers approach winning baseball. Gotta play match-ups and percentages……………………….. Heck, almost glad I’m not watching any of this.


  4. i hope this is the worst losing streak of the season, but with mets and cards coming at us next homestand, im concerned? muster one fing run, rbi hit by the pitcher, this is, yep. pathetic!


  5. I think these guys will be banged up after a cross country flight, 5 games on turf and another flight across the country.

    I’m going home after they stop the bleeding.


  6. I may be a little scarce for a while…Mom threw my bloody basketball shorts into the washing machine along with my Galaxy S6…It currently sits in a bowl of rice, but who knows??? ($2,000,000 E.R bill followed by the loss of an $800 cell phone)

    On a brighter note…I’m now wealthy enough to declare bankruptcy, plus I’m alive…(neither of these were a given just a short time ago)


  7. Thanks Koufax!

    Prayers are always appreciated. They were able to get the bleeding under control, so come Friday the Doctor will fix me up. I’m looking forward to being healthy again.

    Yep a win was very enjoyable 🙂

    I’ll get another phone soon if mine can’t be revived? (It’s sitting in a bowl of rice!)

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  8. Some have wondered what management is doing, and even questioned if it does know what it is doing. I offer this opinion: Andrew Friedman made clear his vision of the Dodgers after he was hired. He said his greatest fear is waking up some day with a roster full of players 32+ years old. The Dodgers would no longer rely on big name free agent contracts and work to build from within. He did not say he was giving up on trying to win with the roster he inherited. So yes, I think he is continuing what former Dodger GM’s and ownership has tried to do by never admitting to rebuilding. I have no issue with this strategy.

    The big question is can they make it work? Currently the Dodger future is resting in the hands of Joc Pederson, Corey Seager and Yasiel Puig, at least at the major league level. The present rests in the hands of Clayton Kershaw, Adrian Gonzalez and to a lesser extent, Justin Turner, Grandal, and perhaps to an even more lesser extent, Andre Ethier. Everyone else is a filler. I suppose we could add Maeda to the future since the Dodgers signed him to a multi-year incentive laden contract. That does not mean the other players have no value but they have to perform at a very high level to make it all work.

    The most obvious problem is the lack of pitching depth or dare I say quality on the major league roster. We have all heard about the talent at the minor league level but there seems to be a huge reluctance to tap that talent, at least so far. The other problem is the inconsistent play of Puig and Pederson and the still unknown quantity in Seager. All three have shown a lot of promise but all three still have not established themselves at the level the Dodgers need. Will this happen? We will have to wait and see but so far the results for Puig and Pederson are not encouraging. Puig started the season strong offensively but has reverted to his form of last season. Pederson still has not found the swing needed to produce consistent at bats and Roberts (or whoever it is that sets lineups) has continued the idea Joc should not be in the lineup against lefties, similar to what we saw after the All Star break last season.

    The fact that other teams in the division are also struggling should not be of much comfort. We all know winning the division or securing a wild card spot only to lose in the first round of the playoffs is not acceptable. The Dodgers still continue to put fans in the seats at Dodger Stadium and they probably will still do so if the team fades down the stretch. However, with all the brain power in the front office, fans have a right to expect much more.


  9. Ibirken: Your assessment is sound.Patience is necessary as a fan, manager and player. When I look back at the play-offs in the last 3-4 years, it was our ace kershaw that got bit by the 7th inning HR or Grienke last year( and Ill add a team brain fart on a walk and a caught foul ball), my point is that the highest paid, and most productive ones on the team seem to choke in the play-offs.The inconsistent hitting of the Joc and Puig types or the missed cut-off throw or baserunning gaff, didnt lose the games, didnt help I agree, but that damn 7th inning HR has done the Dodgers in, every freaking play off series, going back to the 08,09 season with the phillies. and those HRs were hit off Cy young type pitchers. Oh and yea we can get in to a poor BP, that cant support a one run lead, therfore the starter must remain in. and our 2016 BP may be suspect again.


  10. Just not sure how all this mixing and matching “everyday” players leads to any offensive consistency. Pick a line-up. I know, I know, I’m living in the past. But it sure worked for a century.


  11. Off to SLC to see one of our favorite guys, Marty Stuart and hoping the other road trip gets off to a good start. Dusty Baker was always apprehensive about the first swing through the east and so am I.

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  12. I hope everybody enjoyed the day off, tough to drop into second place with the Giants winning last night, but I’m sure the boys are ready for the Rays. Just gotta start hitting with RISP.


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