Padres @ DS


The Padres are coming to town!  The Padres are coming to town!  Will they be good for what ails the Dodgers?  Can the Dodgers take care of business against the Padres at home, similarly to the first series of the season in San Diego?  Can the Dodgers right the ship after being rent asunder by the Marlins?  Stay tuned this weekend (if the Dodgers are available to you on your TV screen).

What is the real story behind Dee Gordon’s Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) suspension?  He says he does not know how the drugs got inside his body.  Perhaps someone slipped it to him in a drink without his knowledge.  Likely story.

Did he decide that he needed “help” after his 2014 season, when he did well in the first half, only to tire in the second half?  How much of his 2015 season including his league leading batting average was due to PEDS?  How much of his new $50 million contract was earned due to PEDS?  How much of $50 million should be returned to the Marlins.  The Marlins only save $5 million due to the 80 game suspension.  What kind of player will Dee be if he doesn’t take the PEDS when he returns?

How much of the Marlins sweep against the Dodgers is due to the use of PEDS?  Why did not the MLB suspend Dee before the Dodgers series?  Too many questions.

Let’s get back to the Dodgers winning ways with a series at home against the Padres.  Up in the rotation are Alex Wood, Ross Stripling, and Clayton Kershaw.


97 thoughts on “Padres @ DS

  1. Can’t win many ballgames with a team that can’t hit and a bullpen that can’t pitch. There’s not one guy on this team capable of putting the team on his back ala Kemp in his heyday and carry them for 2-3 weeks. Frustrating, because on paper these guys should be scoring some runs. As it is, this team is virtually unwatchable (in a whole different way than the TV fiasco) with a bat in their hands and one of the most boring they’ve put on the field in years.

    The team that 7-8 GMs have put together too is a damn sight less than you’d expect even from Ned, and its quite disappointing to me that they don’t commit fully to either winning now or rebuilding.


  2. There’s always Gunsmoke reruns Beav…I’ve been tuned in every day now for weeks. I used to think Dodge was a town full of old tyme midgets…until I Googled James Arness…He was 6 foot 7.


  3. Thanx, crash. You’re right, it will be interesting to see how Gordon does when he returns.
    I just read an article where Dusty Baker compared his Nats to the ’77 Dodgers. It went on to read about how Ron Cey carried the team through April, giving them a big lead over the Reds. We don’t have a guy like that now.


  4. Great bunch of hitters we’ve got.

    Well, to boring again for me. Think I’ll go watch some reruns of Gilligan’s Island. They have more chance of being rescued than this team does.

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    • I worked with a big dude named Swamp Thing when I was overseas. He was from Florida, and had a strong resemblance to Lurch.


    • The house I live in was originally built in 1895. It was one room at the time and all lava rock. I now call this room my own. I think it is haunted and for some odd reason the dog won’t come in here. He also won’t go into the basement.


    • I’ve only seen a coupe of weird things. Back in the 90s I first moved to Oakhurst I was sitting in the hot tub looking at the stars and noticed a perfectly triangular trio of lights. Way too high to be a plane, but moving too fast and the wrong direction to be satellites. Never saw it again.

      Only other odd thing was when the wife and I were driving past White Sands coming home just after dark. Don’t remember if it was the park part or the missile range. I think it was the park. Anyway just on the other side of the fence was a small pool of what looked like your stereotypical glowing green atomic waste like in bad B movies.

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      • It was always a big event when they’d do a night test track run at Holloman. We’d always try to get a ‘high’ vantage point.


  5. One would think that Roberts would’ve learned by now that Hatcher doesn’t belong in anything but a mop up roll.

    Guess its time to hit it. Good catching up with y’all.


  6. If you’re going to stink the place up, you might as well be thorough. That’s the entire team. If I were manager, I’d be hard pressed to keep putting Hatcher out there in the eighth. Do we even have an alternative? You could shake things up and put someone else out there, but right now it would be making a change just because something different needs to happen. Coleman?

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