Mattingly Game 2


How can we let this guy beat us?

That is all.


38 thoughts on “Mattingly Game 2

  1. He’s baaaaack.

    Chase Utley 2B
    Corey Seager SS
    Justin Turner 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez 1B
    Yasiel Puig RF
    Yasmani Grandal C
    Carl Crawford LF
    Joc Pederson CF
    Clayton Kershaw P

    At least we are not suffering with Kendrick in the lineup.


  2. oh my did the marlins just throw the game away? Kershaw all the way!
    you know its a financial thing with crawford….let him play, do something or Trayce or Kike are ready to go. yes let the best play between the chalk lines!


    • Pretty stagnant offense so far this home stand. . . 😦
      Deja vu all over again. Either they get hits, but can’t score, or just pathetically weak like tonight.


  3. I’ll say this…Kershaw, for as dominant as he can be, can also–every now and then, especially playoffs–lose it faster and with more devastation than any other great pitcher I’ve ever seen. This one’s on Clayton. He was breezing with a three-run lead in the 6th. That’s a game he usually wins. But it’s early, right?


  4. Back from Denver where the Dodgers won the series. The Dodgers are back home too, where they are not winning against the Marlins. When I saw the final score I assumed the pen had blown it again. After all, we had a three run lead with Kershaw on the mound. I was never down on Donnie and I’ve wished him well, but this was a crappy time to improve.
    The game I saw in Denver was well played, except the throw by Seager that led to a run. Ellis’ dinger was impressive. We had a pretty cool angle to watch the ball leave the park, you could see immediately it was going to go. Much of the time I would focus on a player between pitches and not follow the ball. You couldn’t tell by Jansen’s reactions if he had thrown a ball or a strike. He never changed his expression at all. Just took the ball and pounded the strike zone.
    Hatcher is going to be a big problem if he stays where he is. He’s like Tomko, good velocity, but can’t locate his pitches.


  5. Last night’s game was like a sword through the chest, just missing the heart. It really comes to show you how fast we can go from heaven to hell. It shows how vulnerable the Dodgers are when Kershaw comes down to earth before he finishes one of his brilliant starts. One thing I hate most of all is losing a game started by Kershaw. Now all we got to look forward to is Kazmir, who hasn’t looked very good so far. Tonight’s game is definitely a must win game to avoid slipping in the standings and Mattingly’s crew having something to really look very, very good, especially against the Dodgers.. .


  6. Need something to get rid of the fish smell at the ravine! Kazmir is the game I thought the Dodgers would lose. wow when was the last time kershaw got the loss with a lead in the 6th. 3 runs at that, this game just brought back play-off nightmares with Philly and Cards. So kershaw is human, I knew that, but didnt want to believe it.


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