Mattingly Returns


The Miami Marlins are coming to town, and they are bringing their new manager, Don Mattingly.  This is the first time Mattingly has appeared at Dodger Stadium (at least in public), since he parted ways with the Dodgers.

So far, Mattingly’s Marlins are just 6-11.  Interestly, they are an even 3-3 with the Nationals, who lead the NL East with a 14-4 record.  The Marlins also took two games out of three from the second-place Mets at Citi Field.  Yet this same Marlins team was swept at home by the last place Braves, and dropped two of three to the Giants.

In my humble opinion, this is a four games series in which the Dodgers should win at least three games.  That goal seems achievable given the Dodger starters of Stripling, Kershaw, Kazmir, and Maeda.


30 thoughts on “Mattingly Returns

  1. I’m still stoked about Puig’s 95 yard throw to nail Story and Kike’s catch to preserve Maeda’s chance of getting a no-hitter. How do you add Crawford back into that outfield?


  2. Hey, any team can knock another one, I know the Marlins, Nationals and Dodgers are all working with a new Manager. I caught a bit of the Marlins as they were here playing the gnats; they look like they could beat something, I just hope its not the Dodgers. Puig may become a wrecking ball this series. just for fun it would be nice to have Hanram, kemp and dre all in the Dodger dug-out to “wish” Donnie a “welcome back”.
    Honestly, Yesterdays win and how it was done still has me high, Hope I don’t come down tonight.

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  3. We have our best chance to win whenever Kershaw pitches. I’m starting to feel the same way about Maeda. The other 3 games seem like they’re up for grabs.

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