Dodgers @ Coors Field


Are we dreading the Dodgers series at Coors Field?  Yes, but maybe that has to do with the rotation order (Kazmir/Maeda/Wood), and not so much about the location.  After all, both teams are playing in the same place.

There is no doubt that the thin air at Coors Field (altitude 5,200 feet above sea level) allows a batted ball to travel faster and farther than at lower altitude baseball parks.  Nothing that MLB does with the “humidor” can totally offset that thin air effect.  The field does have the fences at greater distance from home plate than normal, but that just allows more singles, doubles, and triples.  Also, the thin air reduces the amount of curve on your curve ball.

As evidence of the offensive “shift” at high altitude, look at a couple former Rockies all-stars.  Todd Helton had amazing career offensive numbers (AB/OBP/SLG/OPS) of .316/.414/.539/.953.  His slash line in Denver was .335/.441/.607/1.048.  But when he was away from Denver, those numbers fell to .287/.386/.469/.855.

Troy Tulowitzki was .321/.394/.558/.951 at Coors Field.  But elsewhere he bats .270/.344/.456/.800.

Even the Dodgers have a better offense at Coors Field.  Last year, their overall numbers were .250/.326/.415/.739.  But at Coors Field last year, the Dodgers hit .303/.388/.508/.896.

Which of the Dodgers has done especially well with the bat at Coors Field?  The following are career numbers.

Chase Utley .356/.396/.611/1.007
Justin Turner .367/.426/.531/.957
Adrian Gonzalez .312/.382/.559/.940
Howie Kendrick .375/.432/.450/.882
AJ Ellis .289/.383/.478/.861

Lest we forget, Coors Field has been unkind to the Dodgers in the injury department.  It was here that Matt Kemp ruined his left shoulder crashing into the center field wall on August 28, 2012.


110 thoughts on “Dodgers @ Coors Field

  1. Kazmir has pitched only once before in Coors Field – on Sunday, June 17, 2007, he pitched six innings, gave up six hits, three earned runs, two home runs, four walks, five strikeouts, and won the game for Tampa Bay. The Devil Rays hit three homers, including two by Jonny Gomes and one by Carlos Pena.


  2. Hey folks! I’ve got the grandson today, so I’m late to the party (I couldn’t turn his cartoons off till he went to sleep). What happened? AGon and Seager went deep?


  3. Well, they are at Beav’s over/under per game. We all thought Kazmir would be giving it up, but Hatcher gave up the big one.


  4. PFFFFFTTTT!!! ~ ~ ~ ~ Stinker!!!
    This is what I get for thinking thy could score some runs on the worst bullpen in the league.
    Shoe is on the other foot. . .

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  5. there is some good here, kazmir went deep, jansen got rest, and hatcher really has pitched well till that triple, and puig’s throw to third is classic, jaw dropping replay fodder. we got these guys!


  6. Can’t expect to win at Coors Field when we only score five runs. First inning was nice, but only scored two runs after that. Need to pick up the pace.


  7. It was just me and my grandson watching the game tonight (He conked out with the Maeda exit though). He was clapping too, at what I have no clue. He goes home tomorrow. I’m gonna miss the little guy.


    Nice Win Boys!!


  8. A very nice win tonight in a ballpark that’s never very nice to pitchers. Maeda with another well-pitched game, and the Dodgers getting just enough runs to get Kenley in there! Way to go! Rubber match tomorrow!


  9. This is truly a head scratcher. One would think the Dodgers should be inflicting a lot more damage on the worst bullpen in the league. Go figure. . .


    • I hear Coleman is coming back tomorrow…I’d send Hatcher far far away! Carl may be coming back too,..if Dave wants him.


      • Coleman yes Crawford no

        Given all the amazing defensive plays in the outfield (except for that mental Puig blunder), how can Roberts think that Crawford fits into the outfield defense set?

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      • He’s been a very pleasant surprise so far this season. When they acquired him late last season, he was battered & bruised, and didn’t do much. He’s setting a great example for the young guys.


  10. wow! Last year I would have said “we are done” after Hatchr/puig implosion, and those Dodgers would of proved it to me, This year a new ‘Tude, they are becoming exciting, bases loaded no outs and they get out of it, then blow it, and then Rock It! with attitude.

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  11. I haven’t been paying attention? Has the new managerial change in Florida lifted the level of play for that ballclub?


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