Giants @ Dodgers


Pitching matches for this weekend’s series against the Giants:

Friday: Bumgarner (1-0, 3.27 ERA) vs. Kershaw (1-0, 1.20 ERA)
Saturday: Cueto (2-0, 4.50 ERA) vs. Kazmir (1-0, 5.40 ERA)
Sunday: Samardzija (1-0, 3.38 ERA) vs. Maeda (1-0, 0.00 ERA)


109 thoughts on “Giants @ Dodgers

  1. Here’s a new post for the Giants series.

    Beav and Koufax – Maybe some of the starting pitcher pieces will be converted to reliever pieces, at least for this year. Frias can pitch from the pen. Bolsinger could be a long guy, he can never go more than five innings anyway. Maybe Wood will be converted to a reliever at some point, especially if Ryu or McCarthy come back as a very good starter.


  2. So the folks came back from my brothers place in Utah. Apparently my little brother attended an auction, cause they also came back with a signed Kirk Gibson Jersey…(88 MVP) – He had it wrapped up in green and yellow paper with a card that said…I hate the Dodgers! Go Oakland! When I opened it I seen the front and wondered why he chose AGon, then said…it’s too small…after turning it over I said…it fits Gibby though…Awesome!

    I’ve never owned a real jersey 🙂

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  3. Well I lucked out & found the game on MLB TV. Bad thing is that asshole Costas is on the broadcast.
    Mute time!! Got Vin on the radio broadcast, and it’s actually really close to what I’m viewing.
    Go Dodgers!


  4. Pederson is a waste. It would be one thing if he hit like Kemp and struck out a lot, but when you hit like Ellis and strike out a lot, it doesn’t cut it.

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  5. Im smiling! gnats gave us alot of runs, but I appreciate hatcher coming back soon, and putiing the work in, perhaps the soon to be birth was heavy on him, now we got a decent 8 inning guy? Kike cant say enough, lets get two on saturday !! Go Dodgers!


  6. Strange game tonight with all the errors, wild pitches, hits and runs with Mad and Kershaw on the mound. Not sure what Kike had for pre game meal but he crushed those home runs. Puig looked awful at the plate but hopefully this was just an off night for him. Glad to have the win in the first game of the series.


    • Thanks Griz!
      Alpine – He is employed by IM Flash. It was an auction held by the Angels AAA team. I think the company is one of the Bees sponsors and holds functions there every year?


  7. Lineup

    Chase Utley 2B
    Corey Seager SS
    Justin Turner 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez 1B
    Yasmani Grandal C
    Enrique Hernandez LF
    Joc Pederson CF
    Trayce Thompson RF
    Scott Kazmir P

    Begin Puig Prognostications Now.
    1. Day off, previously scheduled
    2. Day off, because he had a bad day at the plate yesterday
    3. Unknown injury
    4. Unknown misbehavior, on-field
    5. Unknown misbehavior, off-field
    6. Kike has the hot hand, Puig has the cold hand

    The team says #1, but is it?


    • I have a little groin strain too. Hyun-Jin Ryu and I should shoot a Ramen commercial together.

      Annyeonghaseyo Doctor!!
      Eol-eum eol-eum agi!!

      What Hyun-Jin Ryu means to say, is that his Ramens are cold! Doc!

      From now on have someone warm his Ramens before he attempts to pitch. Got it! We will put Kapler on right that!


  8. Wow! Two Dodger games in a row on MLB TV! With tomorrows game on ESPN, it’ll be the first complete Dodger series in forever it seems. Good to hear Vin again!

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  9. Last night was painful enough listening to Krud and Jon Miller, but at least Miller was tolerable. Tonight it’s Krud and Krap! Can you please just call the game and stop analyzing every f*cking pitch/play as if the fans are idiots?! I don’t need you telling us what you think your players are thinking, and I certainly don’t need you thinking you know what our players are thinking. This just drives me completely insane, but since I share a household with a Giants fan (and there’s no Dodgers feed due to blackout), I’m forced to this damage to my ears,brain and nerves! With that said…..Go Dodgers! 🙂

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  10. Well sheeeeit! Leadoff double wasted. 😦
    I hope the hitting coach takes Joc to school, and works with him.
    Let’s hope Maeda brings his ‘A’ game tomorrow.

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  11. I don’t even bother following the game when Kazmir’s pitching. Its pretty much an automatic L.

    Joc’s worthless. There have got to be at least league average OFers available. Joc needs to be optioned back down to AA. Whatever Mattingly and McGuire did to him last year “fixing” him, its irreparable. I can’t stand anyone who K’s as much as he does. Nothing good comes from a K. Just put the damn ball in play.


  12. I see that Ryu is having a tough time coming back. Setback after setback. I hope this doesn’t continue. We need him to replace Kazmir, at least that’s what it looks like right now, to me.


  13. Not a very good start for Maeda with his control & command problems.
    He’s not missing borderline pitches. He’s missing by a bunch. I hope he reels it in quickly. . .


  14. This offense isn’t displaying that extra bounce in their step. It’s like they’ve already conceded that the Giants are the better ballclub?


    • Yes, it look like Maeda had trouble with his command, but then he straightened himself out and the result was fantastic.


  15. In regards to Pederson, according to Matt Duffy, it’s too hard to think about mechanics and hitting at the same time.


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