Bullpen Blues


The 2016 Dodgers bullpen has started the year poorly.  No blame is attributable to Kenley Jansen, but the other six pitchers in the bullpen have not done well.  Over the first eight games, the bullpen has pitched 21 2/3 innings, given up 25 hits, 16 earned runs, five home runs, and eight walks.  Their ERA of 6.65 ranks 13th of 15 NL teams.  Their WHIP of 1.52 ranks 13th of 15 NL teams.  JP Howell has been the worst of the bunch, giving up six hits and six earned runs in just one inning of work.

The following table compares this year’s bullpen to Dodger bullpens of the past fifteen years.  The WHIP Rank and ERA Rank are in relation to the National League. “Top Relievers” show the “Closer”, then other relievers with a large number of innings pitched.

Year  WHIP WHIP Rank   ERA    ERA Rank  HR/9 IP  Top Relievers

1999   1.47             8             4.37             8                1.1      Shaw, Mills, Masaoka
2000  1.37             2              3.76             1                0.9    Shaw, Herges, Adams
2001   1.42           15              4.70           15                1.3    Shaw, Herges, Carrara
2002  1.27             4              3.59             5                1.0    Gagne, Carrara, Quantrill
2003  1.05              1              2.46            1                 0.6   Gagne, Mota, Quantrill
2004  1.29             3              3.06            2                 0.7   Gagne, Sanchez, Mota
2005  1.41              7              4.42          11                 1.0    Brazoban, Sanchex, Carrara
2006  1.35              5              4.12            8                 1.0    Saito, Tomko, Broxton
2007  1.25              2              3.82            5                0.9    Saito, Broxton, Seanez
2008  1.26              1               3.34           2                 0.7    Saito, Kuo, Wade, Broxton
2009  1.26              1               3.14            1                 0.7    Broxton, Troncoso, Belisario
2010  1.35               7               4.07         11                 0.8    Broxton, Kuo, Belisario
2011   1.33             13                3.92         14                0.7    Guerra, Guerrier, MacDougal
2012  1.26              6                3.23           4                 0.7    Jansen, Belisario, Wright
2013  1.29              8                3.49           9                 0.8    Jansen, Belisario, Howell
2014  1.31             11                3.80          12                 0.7    Jansen, Wright, League
2015  1.28              8                3.91           11                 1.0    Jansen, Nicasio, Garcia, Baez
2016  1.52             13               6.65           13                 3.3    Jansen, Coleman, Baez, Garcia


67 thoughts on “Bullpen Blues

  1. Tonight’s lineup against Rubby De La Rosa

    Chase Utley 2B
    Corey Seager SS
    Justin Turner 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez 1B
    Yasiel Puig RF
    Yasmani Grandal C
    Howie Kendrick LF
    Joc Pederson CF
    Alex Wood P


  2. Nice post Crash. Thanks!!

    Glad you’re feeling better D4 and hope your next round of surgery goes well.

    Really not expecting to win tonight with Wood starting and our bullpen. Hope I’m wrong.

    Go Dodgers!!


  3. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised Wood actually put in a quality start going seven.
    Time to cross the fingers & toes, and hope the bullpen doesn’t implode. . .


  4. The bullpen held up tonight and the starting pitching was good as well. I must say I got a bit concerned when Turner got hit on the hand; we cannot afford to lose any more players.


  5. Woo-Hoo, win streak!! I am surprised how well Wood pitched. I did not expect much from him. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

    And, the G’nats lost. Double bonus last night.

    Very anxious to see how Stripe follows up his great start the last time out.

    Go Dodgers!!


    • I have another open surgery scheduled for next Friday…it will require about a 3 day stay in the hospital. We’re trying to give the last incision and procedure time to heal. At the moment I’m wearing an abdominal wrap and for the most part bed ridden so as not to tear it even further, which would then require emergency surgery. Next Friday they will cut me open, push the hernia back into place and place some mesh over it to keep it in place…recovery time is probably about 4-6 weeks?

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  6. Roberts being creative last night, Kendrick to Left, Jansen for two innings of work. and Wood dug deep and delivered. Nice to see Agon get on the HR list, tied with Maeda now! Ha!


  7. I agree with griz – Roberts has no faith in the bullpen other than Jansen. Time for some changes. Cut JP Howell. Bring up Liberatore. Send Baez to AAA, bring up Jharel Cotton. I don’t know what to do with Hatcher – what do you do with a guy that grooves a pitch to Goldschmidt?


  8. Wood surprised me and pitched a decent game last night, but his lack of strikeouts is Stults-esque.

    The lack of power on this team is alarming. Pretty much what we expected out of them last year after they traded Kemp.

    I’m afraid Roberts is going to have to be VERY creative this year with what he has to work with.


  9. Be afraid of the bullpen tonight. Be very afraid. After Kenley pitched 1 2/3 innings last night, he’s not likely to pitch tonight.


  10. and we need to save Kenley for the gnats!, cause he will be on call this weekend, so the bats better wake up so we dont need a closer. The bats need to wake up not just for tonight, but for the Season!


  11. I thought Kenley was very gracious in saying he has no problem with a 5-out save…that he’d even be willing to go 6 outs, that he’s all about winning….but that at some point the pen needs to get it’s s**t together. The reason I say gracious is that this is his walk year and mega millions are hanging in the balance of a healthy (stress the word healthy) arm.


  12. I hope Turner is out of the lineup due to a scheduled day of rest and not due to an injury to the hand caused by the hit-by-pitch.


  13. I don’t expect Stripling to pitch like this all the time, but it would sure be nice if he could hold the fort until the cavalry arrives.

    With Kersh and Maeda going in the Gnats series, it sure would be nice to take 2 of the 3.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. As vl4 pointed out, Jansen shouldn’t be ready tonight. Good thing a couple of pitchers in the pen were effective, but Jansen will not be able to stand this type of work load all season. The BP will have to step up, obviously, sooner the better. When I say BP, I don’t include Jansen with those other guys, at least not right now.


  15. well this post was about our stinking BP, and well after the game last night, the BP is starting to smell much better. Lets take this stuff to the gnats tonight. Kenley will be ready, although Im surprised he was used last night. Roberts still being creative with the line up, I like it; because the Dodgers won. This stipling guy could push some other pitchers off to trade, is he really that good.?


    • I think Stripling is definitely better than Lee, and I think he has a little higher ceiling as well as a higher floor than Lee.

      That said, Lee’s first two starting on OKC have been outstanding. If he keeps that up and Wood founders at all it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets a shot. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see him be a trading piece at the deadline.

      Cotton got lit up the other night. Urias though K’d 9 in 5 shutout inning in his only start.

      They’ve got some pieces if they keep developing.


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