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Today is Vin Scully’s last Opening Day broadcast at Dodger Stadium.  We probably thought it would never come, but Vin yesterday repeated that this will be his last year broadcasting for the Dodgers.

As the Arizona Diamondbacks come to town, here’s hoping the Dodgers get back to their winning ways.  Today’s lineup against left hander Patrick Corbin:

Kike lf
Puig rf
A-Gon 1b
Turner 3b
Kendrick 2b
Trayce cf
Seager ss
Ellis c
Maeda p




63 thoughts on “Home Opener

  1. Howie Kendrick activated, Micah Johnson optioned to AAA OKC.

    Yasmani Grandal activated, Scott Van Slyke put on the disabled list.


    • Three catchers on the 25-man roster. With Kendrick coming back and Barnes available for 2b, Kike moves to the outfield. Today’s bench features Grandal, Barnes, Pederson, Utley, and Culberson.


  2. I’m looking forward to the game today.

    Apparently all the straining associated with the last surgery has caused my hernia to tear open even further, so that’s where my new pain is from. I have another open surgery scheduled for next Friday. This will require about a 3 day stay in the hospital.

    Go Dodgers!! Go Maeda!!


    • D4 It appears the black cloud that lingered over me after last season’s end made its way over to you. 😦
      I got pneumonia which escalated to double pneumonia which knocked me on my keester for quite a while. Then just as I’m getting my strength & stamina back, just to add insult to injury, I get shingles!
      When it rains, it pours!
      Get well!


      • I’ve had pneumonia before VL. That does kick your ass. I’m glad you survived all those ordeals. They were supposed to fix both the gallbladder and the hernia laparoscopicly last time. Only they couldn’t find the gallbladder. So they had to open me up, then after taking 5 hours to clean the mess up from it disintegrating. They thought my lungs and heart needed a break. Speaking of black clouds though…my mother in law put a voodoo hoax on me a while back…it’s been kinda gloomy ever since.


      • That kinda what the doctor said and why he was shaking his head…it’s still too early to go in laparoscopically. He said we could do it this Friday…but I told him I’d make it another week. The folks will return home from my brothers soon. So I’ll have somever help.


  3. Wonderful pre game ceremony honoring Vinny and some of the great moments he has called with so many of the participants there and others on video including Hank Aaron and Gibby. About the only thing missing was Vinny saying “It’s Time For Dodger Baseball”.

    On a personal note, I had the privilege of attending an event at UCLA last night honoring Dave Roberts, a former Bruin. The program was MC’d by Eric Karros (another former Bruin) and included comments by the current athletic director and the current and former baseball coaches. All spoke so glowingly about Roberts but it seemed genuine. I am glad he is the manager. And, I was fortunate enough to catch up to Roberts as he was leaving the event with his family and he graciously signed a ball for me.

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  4. Yea, but if the same guy was always suspect we could rid the dodgers of that misery (JP Howell?) but Baez is lights out one game and then throws one up in a close game another day, goes for hatcher, Yimi, all of them not named Kenley


  5. yeah, 3-0 on goldschmidt, just walk him and move on, dont give something he can drive. and 2 strikes on castillo and cant put him away. SSSI. Puig Gonzo and Turner better do something


  6. I don’t get this FO. They try and do something to help the bullpen in landing Chapman, but when that fell through its like they gave up and just started bringing in leftovers. The bully’s been this teams Achilles heel for the last several years. It should’ve been addressed aggressively and instead it was addressed the old Ned way – throw a bunch of shit against a wall and see if any of it sticks. Change the c to an n and that’s what they got, same as Ned.

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  7. I dont mind a swing at the first pitch, but geez I would hope the batter (Chase, kendrick) would hit it safe, rather than being patient and seeing the pitchers stuff a bit more, especially in the 8th, with RISP in a 1 run game. and those two guys I called out are vetran leadership


  8. Aren’t going to win many games either scoring 2 runs against a team’s third best pitcher and mostly crummy bullpen.

    And where is our team’s power?


  9. Including today’s fiasco:

    Starting pitchers – 2.57 ERA
    Bullpen – 7.48 ERA

    Same Shit Different Year. What the hell.


  10. Talked with my sister, the turn coat d-backs fan, and according to the fans in AZ, their team couldn’t find their ass with both hands. That’s what our crap BP lost to today. It’s early, blah blah blah, but management really ought to consider an overhaul. Year after f*****g year of this crap.

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  11. Looking around at different sites this morning, no one is happy or impressed in the least with the bull pen. I know I’m not.


  12. Bullpen or anything else, I’m just totally unhappy with the Front Office, and of course the ownership behind it. I’m sure that we have the highest paid Front Office imaginable, and they are collectively the biggest bunch of has-been overpriced bastards imaginable – some of them hiding behind that newly-found metrics or other statistical garbage. In my mind the whole problems stems from the unfortunate ownership by the Guggenholes, who all ought to be lined up and shot at sunrise if not sooner, along with Bud Selig, of course. To be perfectly honest, I’ll probably never approve of anybody selected for the Front Office by this ownership group. Having a .500 season won’t surprise me, and that’s the level we’re currently at. Under the Guggenholes it won’t surprise me if we continue at that performance level forever.


  13. I agree the bullpen could do a lot better but the offense didn’t give them much room to work with. We have to start scoring runs when we get good starting pitching.
    We can’t let the Giants get too far ahead of us.


  14. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this team wasn’t built to win this year.

    Or next year.

    Or in 2018.

    They won’t say it, but they’re rebuilding period, and its going to take another two seasons after this to both rebuild and shed the rest of the lousy contracts and old farts. At best this team will compete over these three seasons. Its strictly Kersh & Maeda and see ya laeda for now.

    I do have hopes for 2019 though.


  15. OK, here’s comes my broken record. To shut out most of LA on Vinny’s last televised opening day is a crime that the baseball gods can not and will not overlook. No way this organization wins anything this year with that kind of pox upon their house.


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