Kershaw vs. Bumgarner


Time for our Ace to stop this nonsense and start another Dodgers winning streak.  Game time is 1:05 pm PDT.

Kike 2B
Puig RF
A-Gon 1B
Trayce CF
Culberson SS
Kershaw P



71 thoughts on “Kershaw vs. Bumgarner

  1. I know Krud & Krap are Giants’ announcers but, I thought Fox Sports was supposed to be impartial! Joe Buck is kissing their asses!


  2. krud and krap have been a bit more respectful to the Dodgers since the gnats WS’s. eliminator gone.! Kershaw doesnt look that sharp to me. and how many ROSPs left on base. Geez the only run by HBP! come on Dodgers lets GO!


  3. lopez was pitching, a lefty, when barnes was announced pitcher switch, what fries me is why he is told to bunt with RISP, unless he was very good at bunting, which was a NOT.


  4. Well Hatcher made a solid attempt to atone for his previous boo boo.
    Hope they can manage a split tomorrow before going into the ravine for the home opener.
    Does anyone else think the big eared bumpkin Madbum resembles a big taxicab coming down the street with both doors open?


  5. That’s winning one the hard way.
    Barnes must be a better bunter than Joc. Didn’t work out today, but I think that must have been it.


  6. A nod to roberts, I was shocked to see Hatcher come in, but like faling off a bicycle, Roberts put Hatcher back in and he got his game going and Hatcher would up with the win. Quite a no die stance the Dodgers took in the 9th, they got to a good closer. I just hope the runners left in RISP changes quickly, that is an old abaltross of the dodgers. Lets get to queto today early and often, if they play, the weather in the bay area is moist


    • Somebody didn’t get the word to FAZ that our bullpen sucked last year and needed a significant rebuild.

      With a lights out bullpen we could have easily taken this series.


  7. Pretty much what you’d expect from this pitching staff. 2 good starters and a bunch of crap, and no bullpen. I have to agree with Wally, if they’d even half-assed addressed the bully this offseason this team could be 6-1. If they’d not gone out for retreads with the starters they could be 6-1.

    Just a pathetic showing if Frisco this weekend. They’re damn lucky they didn’t lose all 4.

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  8. Well what a difference!!
    Kazmir looked great in his first start against the Puds. Offense puts up a nice fat 5 run lead before he even takes the mound this time around. Then he starts of hanging everything up in the zone, pegging the old suck-o-meter. Then the bullpen picks up where he left off. . .
    PFFFFFFFTT! ~ ~ ~
    What a stinker!!!

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  9. First test against solid competition did not go well. Hopefully this is not an indication of things to come. If not for a muffed potential game ending double play the Dodgers lose all four games.


  10. I missed the game today…I spent the day with both my grandkids. One of which (my 3 year old granddaughter) I met for the very first time.

    I did follow most of the series and the series before this one. The pitching staff has some work to do as a whole. The bullpen is a mess and even know the front line began with a bang, they’ll be hard pressed to remain a solid force.

    We have seen some good things such as the way the bats have responded. Utley’s work in the leadoff spot so far is impressive. The lineup as a whole has produced some solid baseball. This area of the team has a different feel than years past. They seem more alert, not nonchalant so to speak, without seemingly pressing. They look to be alive at all times. Two weeks ago we would have all agreed that SF appeared to have a stronger front-line, not just a stronger bullpen. So to say our bullpen was what kept the team from coming out of China Basin with better results is more than we would have predicted going in. I also liked the fire Doc displayed when he was protesting a call or play. He came flying out of the dugout…he looked to be alive as well. It was a frustrating series to watch…but I’m happy to of had the opportunity to do so. Now let’s hope the team can continue to make adjustments get some things figured out and improve upon what is seemingly 2016’s infancy as far as this season goes.


  11. The bad part is, and assuming all goes to plan, we’ve got kid pitchers coming up in the next couple years and no where to play them thanks to the crappy contracts the 7 headed monster FO has doled out for old crap. Kazmir is a league average pitcher at best, so no way he opts out of his contract after this season. We’re already saddled with McCarthy and what’ll be his “comeback” for another 3 seasons. Wood just plain sucks. Ryu may or may not pitch effectively again, but he’s got what, another three years on his contract?
    What I’m dismayed about though is that this FO has the same reluctance to admit they made a mistake and move on, just like Ned.

    And does anyone in this FO know anything about pitching? Wood, Latos, Kazmir, Johnson, Hatcher, Avilan, Peralta, Surkamp, Beachy, Tsao, Huff. Hell, even Ned did this well.


    • I was thinking along the same lines yesterday…other than guys being road blocks…I’m not sure they have enough longevity to block anyone…but this front office has bombed with its pitching acquisitions to date. Ned didn’t do as good, he did better in this area.


      • Padilla, Wright, Troncoso, Belisario…all were good for a while. Wolf was better than anything we’ve yet seen from this brainy bunch.


        • Please allow me to me help you relive the nightmare D4:

          Hendrickson, Tomko, Sao, Baez, Carter, Hamulack, Dessens, Proctor, Schmidt, Loaiza, RoHernandez, JaJohnson, Falkenborg, Sturtze, Sherrill, Milton, Leach, Haeger, Ohman, Lilly, RaOrtiz, RuOrtiz, Taschner, Dotel, Guerrier, MacDougal, Cormier, League, Coffey, Choate, Blanton, Volquez, Marmol, Wilson, Moylan, Maholm, Correia, and I’m sure countless others that got invited to ST.

          Come to think of it though, the current FO is well on their way to duplicating Ned’s feat.


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