Getaway Game


Tonight’s game starts at 6:10 pm PDT.  Kenta Maeda will be pitching for the Dodgers.  I know the following statistics are from a small sample size, and we’ll never see anything like them the rest of the year.  Yet, they are compelling, and are presented just to celebrate a 2-0 start to the year.

Pitchers:  The average WHIP (Walks plus Hits divided by Innings Pitched) for the 2016 Dodgers pitchers is currently 0.444.  The ERA is obviously 0.00.  The ratio of strikeouts to walks (for the whole squad, not just Clayton Kershaw) is 10.50.

Hitters:  Batting Average .307, On Base Percentage .369, Slugging Percentage .480, On Base Plus Slugging .849.

Fielding:  Zero Errors.


40 thoughts on “Getaway Game

    • That’s okay with me. so far, Roberts has kept the lineup pretty much the same. What a relief for the players to know they will play.


  1. Nice games last night over all…Kazmir really surprised me….Pads are a aaa team according to my friend at wrk who is a Pads fan lol….Gnat series should tell us what kind of team we really got lol


  2. Surprise! Surprise!

    Chase Utley 2B
    Corey Seager SS
    Justin Turner 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez 1B
    Yasiel Puig RF
    Carl Crawford LF
    Joc Pederson CF
    A.J. Ellis C
    Kenta Maeda P

    Gotta love a consistent lineup.

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      • Against Bumgarner, we’re likely to see Kike Hernandez leading off and playing 2B. Scott Van Slyke will be in LF. Not sure whether Trayce will platoon with Joc in CF. The rest of the lineup should stand as is.


  3. Wow! I expected to win Opening Day, but boy, this is a fun Dodgers team to watch so far. That being said, here come the evil ones. Let’s hope the Dodgers can bring this same team to AT&T!


  4. WOW!! What a nice start to the season. This team has a much different feel to it with Dildon gone and Roberts running the show. It feels like he is actually in charge. With Dildon it felt like the inmates were running the asylum. Kudos and congrats to Maeda on his awesome major league debut. Hope he can keep it up.
    I am very anxious to see how we do against a good team like the Gnats.


  5. Have to remark on the fabulous, even historic start to the season. It is so refreshing to see practically everybody overachieving. I know it can’t last at this same level, but great seasons seem to be built like that. Still doesn’t make me like the Guggenholes or Friedman, but I’m fully behind the team when they play like we know they can.


  6. Maeda was the guy I wanted to see, and I was impressed, now factor in Padres, and well Ill take what we got. First Dodgers HR of the year hit by rookie from nippon league who is a pitcher. Wow. I like his stuff , even though his Fast ball barely gets over 90mph. Everybody seems to be a clutch hitter, even crawford.
    I hope this carries over to SF today at 130! If there is one team I like the Dodgers to beat is the gnats, predicting rain for friday/ saturday, so hope the games get played.


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