Dodgers @ Padres – Game 2


The Dodgers manhandled the Padres yesterday by a score of 15-0.  But as oldbrooklynfan said, that’s only one win.  A win tonight would guarantee that the Dodgers win the first series of the year.  Unfortunately, Clayton Kershaw cannot pitch in every game.  So we will see what Scott Kazmir can offer.

The offense was able to put up four crooked numbers on the scoreboard without the help of even one home run.  Chase Utley, Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig, and Joc Pederson all had multiple hits.  Who will have the first Dodger home run of 2016?

Here is tonight’s lineup going against James Shields (R).  Game time is 7:10 pm PDT (10:10 pm EDT).

Chase Utley 2b
Corey Seager ss
Justin Turner 3b
Adrian Gonzalez 1b
Yasiel Puig rf
Carl Crawford lf
Joc Pederson cf
Austin Barnes c
Scott Kazmir p

Holy Mackerel!  Great ghost of Don Mattingly!  That lineup is almost the same as yesterday.


24 thoughts on “Dodgers @ Padres – Game 2

  1. Austin Barnes is the only new face in the lineup (other than the pitcher), and he slots in at #8 just like AJ Ellis did yesterday.


  2. Will players actually know their roles this year? I know we are usually slow to give out compliments here, but I’m getting to like Dave Roberts.


  3. Scott Kazmir, having played his whole career in the AL until tonight, brings in a .115 career batting average (3 for 26 during his eleven year career).


    • He started off slow. Now that I look at his stats, he could not have significantly improved all Spring. Let’s just say he had a terrible spring.

      Started 5 games, pitched 16 1/3 innings, gave up 25 hits, 12 runs, 10 earned runs, 5 walks, 16 strikeouts, .347 batting average against, WHIP of 1.84, ERA of 5.51.

      Pretty damn shitty. But hey, look at those strikeouts!


    • I agree with crash it is nice to see you VL. I’ve been having a texting match with my daughter about taking my grandson fishing this week. So I kinda missed most of what’s been going on…I looked up and seen the score and how well Kazmir has been throwing. Nice 🙂


      • Hey D4!
        It’s quite a pleasant surprise to see how well Kazmir did tonight considering his dismal spring. I think he could have gone another inning with such a low pitch count.


  4. If memory serves, the boys started out with two straight shutouts against the Pads to open the 1974 season. 8-0, 8-0. Let’s hope this team is as good as that ’74 club.

    Headline next morning in the Harold Examiner after the second shutout was, NO IMPROVEMENT 8-0. Why do I remember that? Must have made an impression on me.

    Third game we won 9-2.

    Looking for Maeda to do his thing tomorrow. Gotta beat up on these bad ballclubs.


  5. I was impressed by Puig’s triple last night. His first at bat opening day was not good, made me think of Andruw (POS) Jones, and it made me wonder. But last night while Shields was pitching him inside, not giving him much to hit, he pulled his hands in next to his body and still had the strength to drive it over the center fielder’s head for his second triple of the season.


  6. It was kind of a shock to see almost the same lineup last night. I can’t remember the last time that happened two night’s in a row. Kazmir was unbelievable with his outstanding performance. There’s a long way to go but it’s nice to get off to a good start.


  7. I was impressed with Kazmir, hope he can keep that up through October! The BP is even getting the SOs, and if the Dodgers can have lights out BP, that would be great. I think Joc needs to assert his CF authority about calling fly balls, I saw Puig calling for it, but that does not mean he should. Joc yell it out, because Puig might do some damage if a collision occurs. Carl Crawford got an RBI hit.! wow?Tonight is Maeda, who I am interested in. all sorts of different takes on him.Ill wait and see, or maybe just read, depending on things.


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