Opening Day – Dodgers at Padres


It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!  Well, at 4:05 pm PDT (7:05 pm EDT), that is.  The first game of the season is Vin Scully’s last Opening Day broadcast.  Clayton Kershaw will be on the hill, pitching to AJ Ellis.

Here are our win predictions for 2016.  Get yours in over the next week or so, and we’ll include it in the list.

Dodger4life 100
trublu4ever 92
koufax1963 92
vl4eccjr 91
The Beav 90
griz 90
JhallWally 89
zonadodger 88
oldbrooklynfan 87
kahliforni 86
crash24now 85
dodgerstrigirl 84
messagebear 82

Go Dodgers!



29 thoughts on “Opening Day – Dodgers at Padres

  1. Tyson Ross (R) is pitching against the Dodgers. So what’s the prediction for a lineup today? A fair number of lefties. Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez seem to have the 3/4 slots locked down. The big question for me is “who will be the leadoff hitter”? Roberts has been trying out Crawford there, and batting Corey Seager eighth. Seager is one of the top three hitters on the team (including Turner and Gonzalez). I would go with:

    Seager ss
    Crawford lf
    Turner 3b
    Gonzalez 1b
    Puig rf
    Utley 2b
    Pederson cf
    Ellis c
    Kershaw p

    Robert’s actual first lineup of the year is due out about noon today (PDT).


    • Actually I’d try to trip up Crawford while they’re doing their outfield warm-up runs and see if I couldn’t put him on the DL – shouldn’t take much to do that. Is that too much to ask to improve the team performance?


  2. If Carl must play (and I wish he wouldn’t) I’d bat him 8th. And, yes Seager needs to be up near the top of the lineup.


  3. Opening Day Lineup for The Dodgers

    Chase Utley (L) 2B
    Corey Seager (L) SS
    Justin Turner (R) 3B
    Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    Carl Crawford (L) LF
    Joc Pederson (L) CF
    A.J. Ellis (R) C
    Clayton Kershaw (L) P

    Okay, I’ll be the first to say it. It’s a little bit bizarre to have a 37 year old who stole 4 bases last year leading off the lineup. I guess that will happen when you don’t have a natural lead off guy on your club. As long as Chase can get on base and set the table for Seager, Turner, and A-Gon, then I’m okay with it. Tru gets her wish of having Carl lower in the lineup.


  4. I think Roberts will let Joc bat low in the lineup until he is both comfortable and batting consistently. I wouldn’t move him up again until he can show he can handle things consistently for about three months.


  5. What will Dodgers’ starting rotation look like in the postseason?


    Either Kazmir is gonna have to be damn good or both Ryu and McCarthy are going to have to springboard off their surgeries and be damn good.


  6. Hey blue bum bloggers: It almost time for Dodger Ball! First game full of hope, well, then there are the injuries, which makes the Dodgers only getting stronger as the season goes. I like the line up, for what we have, I hope Joc has both completed is rookie break out and sophomore slump in his first season, and will be ready to rip the ball. Hey I will give the Dodgers 92 wins this year. Im really excited, there are some oddities, like elder lead off batter, but Hey, Chase Knows Baseball! Only one Lefty in the Bull pen and my biggest surprise is stipling getting the #5 nod. All this is temporary I hope. GO Dodgers!


  7. Wow! kershaw, utley gonzo, turner, even puig! all hitting, Trayce in for crawford immediately! I like the mix of young and veteran! It will be different tomorrow. hey D4 how you doing?


    • Hey Koufax…I’m doing good. I’m really sore these days though (kinda feels like someone punched me and broke a rib), the numbness around the incision is beginning to wear-off. I’m on my way back to the Docs office to have my staples removed in just a bit.

      That was a well played game to open the season.


  8. I had to laugh at the d-backs box score this morning. I’m really quite tired of hearing about Greinke grabbing his hat and heading for Az. Seems like no one in the media wants us to forget that.
    More importantly, I couldn’t have been more surprised by the game last night. Who were those guys in the Dodgers uniforms?


  9. A fantastic start to the season. Kershaw pitched s superior game – one walk and one hit spread over seven innings. I don’t know where that offense came from, but give us more of that.

    First place!


  10. Let’s hope they saved some runs for today. The Opening Day game was great for the record books and something to treasure but as we all know it just amounts to one victory.

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  11. Howdy Dodger faithful!
    Wonderful way to start the brand new season off by pounding the Puds!
    Very refreshing to see Kershaw get some awesome run support.

    As far as predictions go, other than Kershaw, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the rest of the starters at this time.

    91 wins.

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