Ready or Not

ready or not

Ready or not, here we come!  Who is ready for the regular season?  Who is not?  I’m just going to do this one off the top of my head, so tell me who I missed.


Clayton Kershaw

Kenta Maeda

Alex Wood (I guess)

Carlos Frias

Zach Lee – maybe he should be included in the “not ready for prime time players” list

Kenley Jansen

Chris Hatcher

JP Howell

Louis Coleman

Joe Blanton (believe it or not)

Yimi Garcia

Pedro Baez

AJ Ellis

Austin Barnes

Adrian Gonzalez

Chase Utley

Corey Seager (I hope…)

Justin Turner – hey, JT, save some hits for the regular season!

Carl Crawford

Trayce Thompson

Kike Hernandez



Scott Kazmir – has some aches and pains, including some mystery abdominal issue

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Brandon McCarthy

Brett Anderson

Frankie Montas

Luis Avilan – not injured, but not pitching very well

Jamey Wright

Yasmani Grandal

Howie Kendrick

Andre Ethier

Joc Pederson – his body is ready, but is his swing?

Yasiel Puig – a recent add to the injured list?  (hamstring, that’s never a nice word to hear)

Alex Guerrero – and yet, he will likely be on the 25-man squad.


88 thoughts on “Ready or Not

  1. I’m remembering the team from the 50’s when I got introduced to the Dodgers. I can’t remember anyone from the regular lineup who was ever laid up for any length of time, with the possible exception of Campy, and that, of course, was a special tragic situation. What is with the players today? I would think that conditioning and medical services available today would be far superior to what they had back then. I would like to call today’s crop a bunch of pussies, but that’s certainly oversimplifying. So what then?


    • 1. They don’t have the same motivation as in the 50’s – because they are paid too much.
      2. The Friedman group seems to be attracted to injury-prone players. I think the theory is that injury prone players are cheaper, and they can be rehabilitated. This theory doesn’t seem to be working out too well.


  2. They were tougher back then. Crash has pointed out they are paid too much, and they certainly are, plus I think management looks on these players as investments that can’t be allowed to be seriously injured. Can’t throw inside, can’t collide with the catcher, can’t block the plate, can’t take out infielders. The players back in the 50’s, and I’ll say up until the mid 80’s, were tougher, a different breed of cat.
    When does the hospital turn you loose, D4?


    • Maybe tomorrow? Although, I’ve thought about walking out sooner. You know before they pile more regulations upon me…the new pain meds are lowering my oxygen levels. So they’ll probably make me use oxygen at home. Which I don’t want? As I was typing this they gave me a new walker to take home.


      • D4: I am no doctor or anything close, but here’s my unsolicited advice: Stay in the hospital until the doctor says to go home. When you get home, make a followup appointment with your doctor ASAP. Try to wean yourself off the paid meds as soon as you can. Follow your doctor’s advice.


    • It looks like Friday will be the day I get to return home. I received more alarming news today though. My youngest brother is in worse shape than I…he has malenoma and a very young family. This is what my father passed away from at the age of 49.


  3. How about we move Alex Wood to the “not ready” category? After giving up four runs on two homers in five innings, his Spring Training ERA sits at a lofty 6.43 along with a WHIP of 1.50.

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  4. Today’s lineup looks almost like regular season:

    Crawford lf
    Puig rf
    Turner 3b
    Gonzalez 1b
    Utley 2b
    Hernandez ss
    Pederson cf
    Ellis c
    Stripling p

    Of course, it could use a little more of Seager, Grandal, and Kendrick.


  5. Avilian can go, I like Trayce thompson much better than Carl Crawford in Left. Dont like the puig hamstring thing, well that goes for every injury this Spring. and Carl Crawford will follow soon.
    It going to be a slow roll to the first place standings, I hope it does roll that way, otherwise the whole season may be just one long waiting game, watching the padres, snakes and gnats revolve around above the Dodgers in the standings.
    If you treat the players like pansies then your dugout grows pansies. Need some Kirk Gibson enforcing in the dugout to stop the whining.
    After reading about Jamey wright, he already had his good luck to stay in the majors that long!


  6. It certainly does seem as if players of past eras were “tougher” but much has changed over the years. Before free agency, arbitration and guaranteed/long term contracts, an injury could cost a player his livelihood. With fewer teams in the majors, jobs were more scarce. Today’s players are more secure and with more teams desperately trying to fill rosters with quality players so seeking treatment for injuries is good for everyone. We should also factor in advances in medical science and training techniques that allow players to come back from injuries that years ago would have ended careers. Of course this does not explain the rash of injuries suffered by Dodger players and I am guessing the analytic geeks might be looking into this in hopes of developing ways to prevent certain injuries.


  7. Today’s lineup:

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Trayce Thompson (R) RF
    3. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    4. Scott Van Slyke (R) LF
    5. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    6. A.J. Ellis (R) C
    7. Rob Segedin (R) 3B
    8. Charlie Culberson (R) SS
    9. Clayton Kershaw (L) P


  8. I’m back at home. I see the game against the Halos will be rebroadcast at midnight on MLB Network. I’ll try and catch it.


    • True. But, the pitching was okay and, even better, loved how Roberts pulled JP after throwing 2 lousy pitches! Donnie would have left him in there until they scored 3 or 4 runs.


  9. I’d say that we’re setting up Kersh’s game on Monday to be a “must win” situation, because if he were to lose, or even have a no decision, we may not have another game that we’re favored to win until game five or six into the season. In fact, I would say that every time Kersh pitches sets up the same scenario.

    I’ll be the first one to say “Fire Friedman; Fire Zaidi; Fire whoever brought in Friedman and Zaidi”.


  10. Well Vinny and the Boys are officially in the house (my house and hopefully soon, all of yours as well). I stayed up to watch last night’s game on MLB Network. Although, I didn’t focus all that well, kinda like Seager on the dropped fly, or better yet, Hatchers entire performance.


  11. Roster updates – Alex Guerrero is on the DL (whether it’s a phantom injury or otherwise, it’s hard to say). Frias and Stripling are the only two in contention for the 5th starter.


      • I think that depends (interestingly) on the health status of Grandal and Kendrick. If both Grandal and Kendrick are on the 25 man roster on Opening Day, then the decision is whether to keep Trayce as the 5th outfielder, or use Austin Barnes off the bench. Kike Hernandez would be the fifth outfielder as well as backup shortstop.

        Trayce’s chances improve if either or both of Grandal and Kendrick start the season on the DL. Both Trayce and Barnes bat right-handed.

        Austin Barnes has shown off his batting skills, but has tailed off recently. Joc Pederson’s bat has come alive, making it less likely for Trayce Thompson to be used in a center field platoon.

        For these three, the spring training batting stats: BA/OBP/SLG/OPS
        Barnes .212/.339/.442/.781
        Tracye .208/.240/.403/.643
        Joc .291/.350/.455/.805

        The 25 man roster is due Sunday morning at 9 am PDT.


        • I doubt Barnes sticks because they’ll want him catching everyday in OKC. From what I’ve read, Trayce has hit in some tough luck.

          I’m just hoping Crawford slips on a banana peel…

          Where’s Kiké when you need him?!!


  12. Tonight’s lineup

    2B Hernandez
    RF Puig
    3B Turner
    1B Gonzalez (L)
    LF Crawford (L)
    C Ellis
    CF Pederson (L)
    SS Seager (L)
    P Maeda


  13. Roster updates:

    Ross Stripling is the fifth starter. Carlos Frias cut.

    Yimi Garcia and Pedro Baez both make it. Last reliever to be either Louis Coleman or Luis Avilan (my bet is on Coleman).


  14. Looks like Grandal will be on the DL to begin the season. That would put Austin Barnes as the back-up catcher, and probably we’ll get Trayce Thompson as the fifth outfielder.


  15. Trayce Thompson battling Charlie Culberson for the fifth bench spot. Charlie’s hitting stats this spring:

    Charlie has played a fair amount of MLB at 2B/3B/SS/LF


  16. Hope they aren’t planning on batting Seager 8th. Its obvious this team’s going to have the same trouble scoring runs it always has. Why waste one of the only good bats hitting in front of the pitcher?


    • Me too. Are you noticing that lefties are playing against a southpaw?! Wow! I think I’m going to like Dave as manager….just hope we can produce for him.


  17. After haphazardly watching 2 games so far. I’m ready to commit to winning 100 games this season. Whomever is the scorekeeper? Mark that down.


  18. I don’t know what to make of this club. I don’t see them starting to gel as a team until mid July/beginning of August. Up til then I don’t even know if these guys can play .500, though I would hope they could at least do that. I also don’t see the Gnats or Snakes running off and hiding either. Put me down for 90 wins, though I don’t know why.


  19. Put me down for 89 wins. I’m not impressed with them so far. An awful lot of question marks, even before all the injuries. So far, I’m witth Bear. I am not impressed with FAZ.

    Anyway, I will be hoping for the best.


    • I have to agree with you brother – not impressed with anything so far. I guess though I didn’t expect to be. They won’t come out and say it, but considering the personnel moves and the 100% reluctance to trade any prospects, this team is in rebuild mode and I really don’t expect to have a contending team until 2019.

      That said, here are my player predictions:

      Kersh 21 wins, Maeda 14. Nobody else gets to 10.

      Seager 16 knocks, Puig 19. AGon leads the team with 20, maybe 22. Joc gets to 17-18.

      Hard to figure how they get to 90 wins, but I’m relying on Roberts’ intangibles to get ’em there.


  20. Criminy, these assholes can’t even hit against the Angels pitching staff. Why is it year after year this team can’t hit for shit? If this is the offense you’d better change my prediction to 75 wins. I already know these jerks can’t field.


  21. The Guggs have shown enormous arrogance since arriving on the scene…Friedman not so much. Hate to see Roberts having to find a puppy in all this dog s**t but an organization reaps what it sows. Band Aid starting pitching, so-so bull pen, broken-down PVLs, and kids finding their way. They’ll be damn fortunate to reach 90 wins. 86 wins will put them 10 games over .500 for the season. Sounds about right with the current roster.


  22. Gleaned this from TBLA:

    Starting pitchers (5): Kershaw, Kazmir, Maeda, Wood, Stripling

    Relief pitchers (7): Jansen, Hatcher, Baez, Garcia, Howell, Blanton, Coleman

    Catchers (2): Ellis, Barnes

    Infielders (6): Gonzalez, Utley, Seager, Turner, Culberson, Hernandez

    Outfielders (5): Crawford, Van Slyke, Pederson, Puig, Thompson

    Does this sound like a team trying to contend, or one in the first year of a rebuild?

    They can say what they want about winning now, but if its not the latter I’ll eat my nonexistent Dodgers cap.


    • Seeing a team makeup like that, I bet Ned is somewhere with a shit eating grin on his face. Even he couldn’t top this for futility, but then I’m inclined to put all this on the Guggenholes not knowing what the hell they’re doing in baseball.


  23. I’ll have to admit I was not impressed with the series against the Angels. First thing I’d do is unload Carl….he cannot play the position anymore…..pitching kind of sucks right now too….however, tomorrow is when everything counts and, we shall see.


    • 3 runs in 3 games against the Angels pitching staff is worse than pathetic, I don’t care who’s playing.

      Crawford is done. Can’t hit, can’t run, and definitely can’t field. Why the hell they don’t just see if they can restructure the rest of his contract ala Andruw and cut the guy? Late cuts from other teams you could pick up an OFer better than him.

      Being rebuild, year 1 though I’ll just pull for guys like Seager, Stripling and Barnes and hope in the next two years some of the other young guys amount to something.


  24. Here is the 25 man roster for opening day:
    Pitchers: Kershaw, Kasmir, Maeda, Wood and Stripling
    BP: Jansen, Hatcher, Howell, Blanton, Baez, Garcia and Coleman
    Infield: Gonzalez, Utley, Seager, Turner, Hernandez, Culberson
    Outfield: Puig, Pederson, Crawford, VanSlyke and Thompson
    Catchers: Ellis and Barnes
    On DL: McCarthy, Montes, Anderson, Bolsinger, Ethier, Grandal, Guerrero, Kendrick, Ravin and Ryu


  25. The series with the Angels didn’t impress any of us. About the only encouraging thing I saw is they did not count. I don’t think we’ll really know anything for sure until May, after we’ve had a chance to see this edition for a while. I started to think about my predicted win total (90) for the season, but I’ll optimistically stick with that number.


  26. Interesting that the few articles I have read predicting this season have the Dodgers making the playoffs and losing in the first round. I agree this team will have to overachieve to produce 90 or more wins. I also believe management is walking a
    fine line between “rebuilding” and competing
    with an eye more toward the future. We have to assume that the current veterans on this team not named Kershaw or Jansen have little trade value and we have already seen management’s desire to not give up draft choices with regard to signing free agents. I hope Dave Roberts will somehow work some magic to nurse this team and get more out of the players he has.


  27. Win predictions so far:

    D4Life 100
    Trublu4ever 92
    Beav 90
    Griz 90
    JHallWally 89
    zonadodger 88
    oldbrooklynfan 87
    kahliforni 86
    crash24now 85
    MessageBear 82

    Other predictions?

    Opening Day is tomorrow! Woo hoo!


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